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Deluxe crystal wand

Double ended dildo by Nectar products

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The Deluxe Crystal Wand is an amazing choice if you want a small-diameter toy to explore your g-spot pursuits. It is a slick surface that's easy to insert, and it hits the g-spot perfectly.
Bulbs are good on one end, Very pinpoint stimulation, Small diameter, Slick, Hits g-spot perfectly
Very pinpoint stimulation
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The Deluxe Crystal Wand is a g-spot wand sold by Nectar Products. The wand comes in clear as well as magenta. This toy is made from Lucite. The toy is double-ended, and either end can be inserted for extreme g-spot stimulation. The toy is about nine inches long, and that's including the size with the curves. The diameter on the majority of the toy is about a half inch, and at the widest bulb, the diameter is a bit less than an inch. This toy can be used for vaginal use, and, because of the extreme curve, also for anal use.

The packaging for the Deluxe Crystal Wand is pretty basic. The toy comes in a little plastic baggie that can't be resealed. Inside this bag is a little velvet storage pouch as well as an instruction booklet. The velvet storage pouch is just a single layer of velvet, but it is a drawstring bag and does a good job of protecting the Lucite dildo. The instruction book is great, and it's a small pamphlet that gives you instructions on how to hit your g-spot, how to use this for anal stimulation, and how to clean this toy. The instruction book highly recommends this toy for prostate stimulation. As a note, the product website sells display stands and small "grip textures" accessories for your dildo.

Lucite is an interesting material. This is one of the few sex toys on EdenFantasys that is made from Lucite. It has the same physical properties of glass, but it's much lighter. This toy require little (or no) lubricant for insertion, and it's extremely light-weight compared to glass. It can't be used for temperature play either. The dildo will be slick once lubricated. Of note: Lucite scratches easily. For test purposes, I hit my Crystal Wand against the table lightly, and it scratched off part of the surface. Be careful with allowing your Lucite dildo to sit around without its baggie for fear of scratching up the pretty purple surface.

This toy actually functions as a double-ended toy. Each side works just fine as a handle for the opposite side. As you could imagine, the side with the bulbs ends up working as a better handle than the plain side, but the plain side works just fine too. Since the toy has some pretty extreme curves to it, it's really hard to not be able to grasp onto the toy in some manner. The curves do end up helping quite a bit.

While others have said that this toy isn't good for experienced users and better for beginners, I'm going the opposite way. This toy has very distinct pinpoint stimulation. As such, a beginner probably wouldn't know where to even begin to locate their g-spot. An advanced user is going to know where their g-spot is and where their favorite place to stimulate it is. I honestly must say that I provided the broader stimulation of the regular Crystal Wand. This one provides great pinpoint stimulation, but I still find myself wanting broader stimulation when using the small, pointed end. The bulbed end does provide the broader stimulation really nicely. In fact, when the bulbed end rubs up against the g-spot, it feels really nice since you can feel the difference in the bulbs on the g-spot.

This toy does take a bit of finesse compared to a straight toy. You will have to make sure to insert this toy with the curve in mind to avoid poking yourself awkwardly. The pointed end on the non-bulbed end can actually be a bit awkward as well since the point can be felt pretty precisely. It varied upon the use though. It seems like, if your g-spot is really aroused, it ends up more painful than pleasurable while it can also be pleasurable if less aroused. Either way, I ended up preferring the bulbed end for g-spot stimulation. I didn't end up using the pointed end much since it didn't provide a broader surface for use. I must say that this toy does end up hitting the g-spot really nicely. It'd be near impossible for this toy to hit the g-spot because of such an extreme curve, but it's like it will find the g-spot with no effort at all. A rocking motion seems to be the best for stimulation as well.
The Crystal Wand is the "sister" toy to this one. The Crystal Wand is much wider in girth, but it basically has the same curves. However, the Deluxe Crystal Wand has a bit more of an extreme curve. Both toys come with the storage pouch and instructions. Both toys have the little point on one of their sides, and both toys are double-ended toys intended to hit the g-spot. Both toys are also made out of Lucite. Therefore, if deciding between the two, the deciding factor is whether you want more pinpointed stimulation/bulbed stimulation or a broader surface stimulation on your g-spot.

Cleaning the dildo is as easy as using warm water and antibacterial soap. It can be sterilized by using bleach to share with multiple partners. It might have a bit of an issue being covered with a condom due to the pointy end, but I haven't tried. It's compatible with all types of lubricant. It comes with the storage pouch, and I recommend using that for storage of the dildo.

I really like the Deluxe Crystal Wand. I don't like it as much as I like the regular Crystal Wand, but if you need pinpoint stimulation to your g-spot, this one works amazingly. I prefer broader stimulation, but regardless, this is a quality toy that ends up being one of the most unique g-spot stimulation dildos on the market. As a sidenote, if you have a condition that makes it painful for you to insert larger objects, this dildo will still allow you to enjoy g-spot stimulation since the diameter is so small.

Note: This review item was provided in exchange for an honest review. Due to a system glitch, it won't show up as such, but I'm letting you know.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Deluxe Crystal Wand, but if I'm forced to choose between the two, I'd still rather have the Crystal Wand anyday. The larger diameter of the Crystal Wand just feels more pleasurable than the smaller diameter of this Deluxe Crystal Wand. It is, though, still holding up fantastically since my initial review.
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