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The Stronic Zwei is an innovative new toy concept by Fun Factory. Instead of being a traditional vibrator, the Zwei simulates thrusting motions so you don't have to. Although it's certainly one to consider, take into account the price and design flaws first.
Innovative concept,
For advanced anal users only,
Doesn't really "thrust"
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The Stronic Zwei (German for two) is the highly anticipated second release in Fun Factory’s innovative Stronic line of thrusting toys, the first being the Stronic Eins. The Zwei is designed to be used vaginally as well as anally thanks to the large flare that resembles the hilt of a sword. Due to its large diameter/girth, the Zwei is best reserved for the more advanced anal players.

Material / Texture

The insertable portion and hilt of the Zwei are made of silicone that is firmer than most, but it’s still compressible. The silicone has a matte finish, which translates into a lot of drag. This works in the toys favor as the silicone holds onto lube well and keeps it in place. Anal fans can rejoice that there are no visible seams on the silicone. The handle is made of a strong plastic that also has a matte finish, presumably to allow for a better grip. Despite the matte finish, the handle can be quite slippery if any lube gets on it.

Design / Shape / Size

The Zwei has an asymmetric design that consists of a curved tip and a large bulge towards the base. The asymmetry is along the long axis of the toy and is most noticeable with the large bulge sitting at a slanted angle. The first inch of the toy is only silicone and can flex making insertion easy. The tip curves upward to target either the g-spot or p-spot depending on use. The portion after the tip houses the mechanics of the device and is very firm and not flexible at all. The insertable portion measures 4.5 inches in length.

After the tip, the shaft tapers slightly before widening at the large bulge. Measurements of the large bulge diameter can vary depending on how the measurement is taken. Measured straight across, the bulge has a diameter of 1.75 inches. However, if measured at an angle, as it appears the toy is designed to be inserted, the large bulge can measure up to 1.9 inches in diameter. The shaft then tapers again, but only slightly and there’s not enough of a size differential for most sphincters to grab on to.

The hilt measures 3.5 inches across and is at an angle to match the shaft of the toy. The tips of the hilt consist only of silicone and are flexible. One major problem with the design is that the angle seems to be in the wrong direction when used anally. When inserted, the top portion presses against the perineum. However, the angle of the hilt makes the bottom portion flare away from the body, which seems counter-intuitive.

The handle is a sufficient size for most people to grab comfortably while in use. The three buttons are illuminated but also raised so they can be found easily without having to look. The positioning of the buttons is close to the base of the toy making it easier to control as a solo toy. A partner will have to use two hands or hold the handle awkwardly to manipulate the buttons while inserted. The three buttons are a power on/off button as well as two buttons to scroll through 10 pattern options.

The Zwei weighs 1 lb. which is heavier than most toys of this size. However, the size is reasonably compact and the weight is balanced so fatigue should not be an issue.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Zwei offers ten patterns to choose from including three algorithmic, three constant, three dynamic, and the initial pattern when you turn it on. The patterns are varied enough that everyone should be able to find a favorite. The controls are a little confusing as the toy starts at pattern 4 when turned on. This means that there are 3 patterns accessed by pressing the (-) button and 6 patterns accessed by pressing the (+) button. You also can not continue to press the same button to scroll back to the beginning.

The Stronic series of toys do not have a true thrusting mechanism but instead simulate thrusting by using a powerful magnet to move an internal weight, which in turn generates the back and forth "thrusting" motion. There are no moving parts on these toys. However, that's not to say that the Zwei is not powerful. The motor is able to generate a powerful motion that can make holding the toy difficult. And because it is not vibrating, the Zwei is relatively quiet compared to most motorized toys.

The Stronic line of toys uses Fun Factory's Click and Charge system. The charger consists of a small magnetic disc designed to attach to two metal nubs on the handle. The disc needs to be positioned properly to charge, which is indicated by a pulsating red light. The charger does not seem as temperamental regarding position as with past models. The light goes off when the device is fully charged.

The packaging includes a warning that the magnet may be harmful to pacemaker wearers.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Zwei is waterproof, a thorough cleaning can be easily accomplished using a 10% bleach solution to sterilize the toy after use. For more routine cleaning, a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water should suffice. Because the toy has an internal motor, it should not be subjected to extreme heat such as with boiling water. Water and oil-based lubricants should be safe to use with the Zwei; silicone lubes should be spot tested first to assess compatibility.


Initial insertion of the Zwei is simple with the soft, tapered tip. However, getting the large bulge inserted was tricky for several reasons. The girth is large but was manageable. The first problem was the tapering past the bulge. It really needs to have a greater size differential from the bulge or needs to be longer. As is, the Zwei just wants to shoot out of my ass. The second issue, as mentioned above, is that the hilt seems to be at the wrong angle. Holding it in a natural position with the top of the hilt contacting the perineum, the bottom portion did not maintain contact and a portion of the shaft was not insertable.

Once inserted, the Zwei did not feel exactly like it was thrusting. To me it was more like a throbbing sensation. My guess is that since I had to use pressure to hold the Zwei in as much as possible, it was not able to move back and forth freely. Instead, it moved with my anus resulting in the throbbing sensation.

The other issue I have is that the Zwei doesn't really thrust but instead simulates the motion by a jerking back and forth motion. Any pressure applied to the Zwei will deaden the motion, much like with a vibrator. When I tried to sit on the Zwei to keep it fully inserted, the motion completely stopped.

My wife is not a fan of vibrators but agreed to try the Zwei vaginally for this review. She said it was definitely powerful and she could feel the sensations, but it wasn't exactly a thrusting sensation to her either. This is probably due to the shallow motions it's able to generate. The length of the Zwei also wasn't sufficient for her and the curved tip did not hit her g-spot. The hilt was able to contact her clit during use but did not provide any enjoyable sensations.

I'm torn on my opinion of the Zwei. It is certainly innovative and the closest thing to a thrusting, hand-held toy. However, the current technology limits the size of the toy for advanced anal users only and the motion is not quite there yet. It's certainly a toy to consider, but definitely take the price and drawbacks into consideration.
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  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thanks for the review! It's a shame that this toy didn't quite feel like thrusting to you. I've always been skeptical of how accurate the thrusting it would feel.
  • Mr. T.Newbie
    Appreciate the review as well. Looks like I might skip on this new one.
  • Trysexual
    Thanks for the review...kinda what I expected.
  • The Vixen
    Thanks for the review! I had kind of the same experience with the motion when I tried the Stronic Eins. For me it felt more like a pulsing or tapping sensation, as opposed to thrusting. It seems like the Stronic line is really hit and miss for people.
  • Woman China
    Your review is my first review since returning. And thankfully it was the first! I got an email asking if I would consider writing a review for this guy and I'd get the toy free. I am going to say no and request a different toy! I think that angle thing and the tapering thing you were talking about needs to be solved in version 2!!!
  • Rossie
    Thanks for all the useful information. Really disappointed with the Zwei's performance!
  • lexical
    I must try one of these! Thank you for another excellent review. It's great to see a familiar face Glad you're still around, Kindred!
  • OH&W, Lovebears
    Great review. Answered a lot of questions. Thanks for the great review.
  • C&K0143
    Excellent review. I really didn’t know what to make of this toy but this really gives us a solid idea. - C
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