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Male condom by Australian therapeutic supplies Inc

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Don't taste AMAZING, but they're better than regular latex.

These are definitely worth a try. The price, compared to other condom brands, is very good and the quality is just about as decent as any other brand. Always check for tears, just as you would with any condom, before engaging in sexual play. The colors are really cute, and the flavor makes giving oral sex with a condom a lot more pleasant. A great way to help teens stay safe during oral sex.
Cool colors, Taste is better than others, Free tin and lubricant sample
Packaging is not discreet, You might not get all flavors
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If you're like me, and you try and give your significant other a blowjob while he has a condom on, you probably know that it tastes HORRIBLE. I've tried lubricants to mask the taste with no success, and I've tried chocolate syrup (which is not a good idea for health reasons). Here's a cheap, easy way to get it done all in one shot. It doesn't taste 100%, but it does the job when you don't feel like eating latex for dessert. The Four Seasons Flavored condoms come in 4 flavors: Blueberry (Blue), Banana (Yellow), Chocolate (Clear/White), and Strawberry (Pink/Red).

In your package you will find one small tin, 6 condoms and a free sample of lubricant. The packaging is not discreet, and the cover shows a girl in a yellow bikini top licking a popsicle with the word "condoms" printed directly on the cover. This may be an issue for some, and not an issue for others.

The tin is supposed to be a free gift, and I actually found it really useful. I bought this as an "extra" to my roommate's birthday gift, and ordered another pack for myself. She was really thankful the pack came with a tin because the condoms will be safe inside, and will not get punctured or torn inside of her car/purse/drawer/etc. It's a pretty nice size, and fits inside most jean pockets. You can discreetly store it in a bedroom drawer, car glovebox, or pretty much anywhere. It's hard to bend, so you know your condoms will be very safe. The tin has a black silhouette of a woman on the front, which might give away what's inside.

We both thought we would get at least one of each flavored condom, however I only got chocolate, strawberry and blueberry, and my roommate only got banana and one blueberry. It wasn't too much of an issue, and we easily swapped a few condoms to make it even. However, this can really bum someone out if they hate a certain flavor.

The lubricant sample is very useful if you are traveling, and you can easily keep it in your purse or car. Mine was unflavored, and came in a ketchup-style packet. However, my roommate's came in a little tiny bottle. I found this a little odd, and I was somewhat jealous. Oh well!

The condoms tasted pretty good compared to the kinds you find at the grocery store. The only flavor I wasn't too fond of was the chocolate. It tasted like a cheap tootsie roll knock off, and still had that horrible hint of latex. The other flavors masked the latex taste pretty well for the most part, and tasted a lot like lollipops, Laffy Taffy, and assorted candies. The flavor itself is actually within the lubricant that is on the condoms, so it does wear off within a short while of sucking and fucking. If you're planning to give your partner head, do it first thing and not last thing.

The lubricant that is already on the condoms was just not enough for me, so I'm glad the company included the extra lubricant packet. I personally have trouble getting wet all on my own, and I often rely on the lubricant from a condom for extra help. I tested mine out on a dildo since my fiance is away, and it was a little bit of a painful experience. Once I added some lubricant, it was a smooth ride for the most part.

My roommate's condom actually broke when she used it with her partner. He isn't very large according to her, so she figured it must have been a defective condom... this does happen sometimes, so I suggest looking your condoms over before you engage in intercourse with anyone.

The condom I chose to test out was placed over both the Two Way Bumpy Fantasy by XHale Glass and the Icicles No. 24. Both have quite a lot of texture and potential to bust a weak condom. My condoms showed no rips, holes, etc. after being removed from the toys. I made sure by filling each with water and checking for leaks.

The color of the condoms was really cute. I particularly liked the blue ones because they reminded me a lot of Avatar! The color was very constant throughout the condom, but it did have a small area where the color just didn't mix correctly at the factory. This isn't a huge deal to me, but I thought I would add that in.
I would say this is a good buy. The price isn't bad, the quality is about a 4/5 or 8/10. Flavoring is pretty good compared to other flavored lubricants and condoms, so these sit quite alright with me. Makes a great gift for your newly sexually active teens, and I would probably buy this for my son when he turned 17. The tin keeps the condoms safe, and you can make sure that you always have one in your pocket just in case.
Follow-up commentary
These condoms are great as far as flavored condoms go. Most flavored condoms have that extreme latex taste and it's usually all a girl focuses on while sucking a cock. However, these will leave you with a decent taste in your mouth and best of all, your man can still give you head after sex without tasting the latex.
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  • Linga
    I've only ever tried vanilla flavoured condoms before, and then they really just tasted like lube. These sound really good. Awesome review
  • married with children
    good review, thanks.
  • ToyGurl
    These actually didn't taste too much like lube. Of course you still taste the latex, but not nearly as much as other brands that I have tried. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me!
  • Antipova
    This might be a neat idea for me, I really hate the taste of latex but I can never stop myself from using my mouth anyway! Although, if they're sweet, they might not be good for my flora... does the packaging say what's in the lube?

    And is the included lube water based or silicone based?
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