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Messy yet worth the clean up

I believe that even though the condom is messy and feels like it has some sort of lotion on it, it is the safest condom I have ever used and it gets my vote. I prefer peace of mind and would rather deal with a bit of messy lotion then to go unprotected.
It comes in regular and Magnum sizes The spermicide gives peace of mind. It never broke while in it.
Spermicide makes it extra slippery and feels like large amounts of lotion.
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somewhat useful review
I believe to start with, my favorite part of this condom has to be the spermicide that is used on it. As being someone who takes pride in safe sex and play, this little lovely, latex beauty did the job! It's slick, safe, and usually at a decent price. The only downside to the condom is that the spermicide makes it a little difficult occasionally as it can slip out a little bit easier than normal condoms do and makes a small mess if you are trying to be discreet as it can leave behind a lotion-like coating on anything it has touched, but as a general sense it's not too bad for all the pros you receive in return. Another good point to this type of condom is that, the many times I have used it, I never once had it break during application, sex, and after.

I understand that this and any other condom are not completely break resistant but the extra slickness seemed to aid the breaking problem. I have used over 100 condoms of this particular type, the box says that one in twenty or so may break and none of them broke. That is a big deal to me since I have used normal condoms only to have about 1 out of 10 break on me because of misapplication or otherwise. I certainly recommend this to anyone who has concerns about being extra cautious and to anyone who just wants peace of mind with sex safety. It is a good first condom for any beginner because it gives a little leniency if the person who is putting it on is stretching it in the wrong places.

It's very good for practice for first timers as putting a condom on for the first few times can be aggravating if the condoms keep breaking. I suggest to start off with the spermicide Trojan condom|Trojan-enz® spermicidal lubricant since it does give a little bit of leniency and its very safe as I keep mentioning then slowly move up into another kind of condom if the lotion bothers you. I can't stress safety enough. You can be safe with this condom and still have lots of fun!
As a young 18 year old using condoms for the first time and not taking any kind of birth control. These condoms made me feel a whole bunch safer than using any regular condom|Condoms. In the past, I had used normal Trojans that had broken a few times. This type did not break on me once, and I did use it A LOT, I know its not completely invincible but I understand that even if it did break I had the extra defense of the spermicide. It made me worry less about getting pregnant and I paid more attention to the fun!
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  • Just so you know, spermicide lubricant on condoms - Nonoxynol-9 - is actually associated with an increased risk of STD transmission. So, if you're using condoms for those safety concerns as well, might be better off with one without the spermicide.
  • Rose Unlocked
    I didn't realize that many condoms broke. I haven't had one break yet.. (unless you count the glow in the dark ones we decided would make awesome balloons).
    Cock Wrangler- Thanks for the point about the spermicide increasing the risk of STD transmission!!
  • Yes, I didn't know that, thank you Cock Wrangler. :) After all, I don't know everything and I love to learn. I suppose it's safe to use IF your partner doesn't have STD's :D

    Yeah I have had quite a few break on me, I'm not sure why... it's kind of frustrating. Mostly the regular ones did that to me. It's been about 2 and a half years since I've gotten any so maybe if I'm lucky condoms have gotten better :D but I doubt it.
  • Dame Demi
    Keep in mind, many women also have a sensitivity to Nonoxynol 9, so it may not be comfortable for all users. Glad to hear they've held up well for you!
  • Thank you for your comment, it must be very frustrating to have a sensitivity for something that goes down into your velvet underground. I know it would drive me nuts :(
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