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Kimono MicroThin 12 pack

Male condom by Mayer Laboratories

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Yes, You Can Feel It But...

Kimono Microthins do run on the pricey side as condoms go, but they really are an excellent condom. If you are thinking of purchasing these in the hopes that they will mimic sex without any barrier method, alas I must tell you what you probably already know deep down. There is no such thing as a sex with a barrier that doesn't feel somewhat like such. However, Kimono Microthins come the closest to that sensation that I've ever felt, and for me that may be worth the few extra bucks.
Fit a wide range of sizes, durable, thinner than most condoms and very comfortable
Not for those with latex allergies, does not list ingredients for lubrication
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I'm going to say something that as a sex-positive radical feminist progressive etc type, I'm not really supposed to say; I fucking hate using barriers during sex. HATE! Hatehatehate. SO MUCH. And yet? When I have sex with people besides my primary partner? I have to use them to protect both my health and his. Dental dams, I have surprisingly gotten used to. Not so bad if you throw a little flavored lube in the mix and enlist your partner to help hold the sheet steady. Condoms? Since I've started having heterosexual sex, I've grown to have a strong distaste for them. They irritate my labia like no one's business and take a lot of the pleasure out of sex for me, unfortunately.

I wanted to try the regular Kimono Microthins because my experience with the Kimono Microthins Large had been great. Unfortunately, though these did comfortably fit my partner's larger penis, I do sometimes hit it to dudes with less than ginormous cocks. In these cases, I wanted to have the same comfort and security that I felt with the Microthins just...without all the baggy excess and potential for leakage. So these days? I keep my Just In Case II stocked with Kimonos - one large and one regular. You know, just in case!

I experimented with these first with my boyfriend. He found the fit of the elastic band around the base of his cock slightly uncomfortable, but we didn't have to worry as much about it potentially slipping during aggressive rear entry sex (our #1 culprit for condom slippage in the position department!) They fit the rest of his penis snugly but not so much so that he becomes desensitized as with some other condoms. Ideally though, if you are on the larger side then the Microthins large are your best option; the regular Microthins best fit most cocks/prosthetics/toys from small to the larger end of average very comfortably. My partner is about 8" in length and I would estimate about 1.5" in girth, so you can use those as a reference for what I'm considering large here. On a more average cock, these fit comfortably and relatively snugly, with a little more or less baggage depending on who or what you're using it on. It fits easily over any prosthetic/dildo and has enough extra slack that it can be tied under the base - which is my favorite way to prevent slippage.

But you're not reading this for fit information, are you? I mean, if you've worn one condom you've worn 'em all and by now you're used to working with sizing. What you want to know is if Kimono Microthin lives up to its grand claim of being America's Thinnest Condom. So how thin is this condom - and does it mimic bareback sex without a barrier? Sadly, no it doesn't rival unprotected sex in terms of sensation. Yes, you can tell you're wearing a condom when you wear this. However, every time I pull one of these out and slip it on something I am a little weirded out by just how thin they are. There's always a reflexive sense of distrust, the feeling that this has to break because it's so thin and silky. Actually, I've never had one break on me; they're wonderfully durable and flexible. I've stuck my fingers inside these condoms and not even my nails could tear the latex unless I put a serious bit of muscle behind them.

For a condom? These are remarkably thin and still extremely durable and safe for long bouts of rigorous, rough sex. The back of the deep navy blue box depicts a small graph comparing the density of Kimono Microthins to other popular brands of "thin" or "sensitive" condoms. The graph notes the following:

Kimono Microthin - roughly .047 milimeters in thickness
Trojan Ultra Thin - roughly .053 milimeters
Durex Extra Sensitive - roughly .056 milimeters
Lifestyles Ultrathin - roughly .058 milimeters
Overall, the Microthins fit nicely, feel great (for a condom) and are awesomely durable. They are made from latex, so those with allergies will not be able to use these. These condoms are also lubricated and the package does not list the ingredients for the lubricant. For this reason, if you have allergies to materials often used in water based lubricants (glycerin for example) or are prone to yeast infections (which glycerin can cause) then you may want to try another condom instead of this one.

I loved the feel of the Microthin condom. That little bit of extra latex that's shaved off the overall thickness really does make a difference, and you feel significantly less friction between you and your partner. It does create an illusion of closeness that other condoms don't really compare to. Yes, this is obviously still a condom and does feel like one, but so far it's the best I've ever tried regarding thickness and sensation. You can feel a little bit more of your partner/prosthetic/toy like this, and it feels...wonderful.

Do not use this condom with any oil based lubricant as oil can compromise the integrity of the condom and cause tearing. Water and silicone based lubricants will do fine for Kimono Microthins.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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