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Rachel's lick-a-lot-a-puss

Restraints by Rachel's Pleasures

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Yes you can lick it but it wont stay

Disappointing overall and not worth it if you're looking for something to hold things in place while you're vacationing down there.
Elastic was nice, entire thing was easy to clean.
Does not work unless woman is still, buckles can pinch.
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useful review
Well, in keeping with the spirit of the his and hers reviews we are going to do a point of view review. My lovely wife picked this toy out for our next review. So we are going to start with her.

For a sex toy, it was small and unassuming, just a couple of straps and some small flap-looking things. I was skeptical but I wanted to try it. My beloved would live in my crotch if I let him, but it would be hard for either one of us to make a living that way. His main complaint is that holding it open, my vagina for those that have lost track, prevents him from toying with his hands. I have never been one to disallow him to toy with anything so I thought that this would be a good addition. For those that have been married or screwed a Neanderthal, basically if you have had sex with a man, watch out for the straps! They feed through like those on a backpack and can pinch the crap out of your inner thigh.

The theory behind the toy is that you affix the leg straps to the thigh and the little flaps hold it open. It takes some practice, but it can be done. So twenty minutes of frustration and pinching later, I was being held open and ready. For this event I had my hands tied above me. What can I say, I like to be restrained. He got to work on me. I'm not sure how good your guys, or gals, might do at eating pussy, but mine is a stud. Now his hands were free to wander over me while his mouth worked me over and it was fantastic. Until I moved. We found that the little flaps are very sensitive to motion and fell off easily. Problem is, if you are getting really good cunnilingus, it's hard to hold still. All of the bucking broke the rhythm and he would stop to put things back. After the fourth or fifth time I told him to stop jacking with it and just eat me. If it worked properly I would have given it a higher score, but because it would not hold me open constantly and was hard to set up I give it a one.

Thank you dear. Now from my perspective the thing did not work at all. It took me twenty minutes to get the damn thing fixed to her. The strap has a buckle (and be careful, it pinches) and mine has a tendency to kick when she is pinched. I learned to over-tighten the straps and use the elastic to hold her open. It was great until I really got into it and she started bucking. Then the straps fell off and all the building work I was doing was interrupted. More and more, I was frustrated as I was really getting her to climax when her gyrations would throw it off. I'm sure there are those women that would just tell her to hold still, and to them I say: you're not getting eaten out correctly.

The toy was not a total loss overall. It did work somewhat for what it was planned for, but we will use it in the future as a bondage toy|Lick-a-lot-a-puss - Restraints by Rachel's Pleasures in general. The straps are good for winching someone down to something like bed posts. The elastic can give a little while not allowing the other person to get out on their own. This give prevents the cutting off of circulation and won't show ligature marks. For those that don't know what that is, it's rope marks. Something that can leave behind clues as to your recent activities with your wife to your mother-in-law when her daughter hands something to her. Trust me, this leads to very hard questions to answer. In the end I give it a one also for failure in its intended purpose.

Between the two of us the average is a one and, to be honest, I'm not sure it deserves that.
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  • I can't figure out how these straps are supposed to hold the outer labia open (need a more visual representation), but it certainly doesn't seem like they are capable of doing so anyway. At least they work as restraint straps!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Can you imagine being in on the brainstorming meeting that came up with that? It's always interesting when a company goes a completely different direction with sex toys, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and it sounds like this time it didn't. Thanks for the review.
  • Miss Jane
    Thanks - I was wondering if this one worked or not!
  • drgnflyluv
    This was definetly a good review to read from 2MarriedFreaks. I especially liked how each one worded the review, funny, interesting and pretty useful. You both seem like you get alot of enjoyment from one another. Keep up the good work!!
  • Crystal_Rose
    Very good review!
  • joja
    Aww. It's so disappointing when innovative toys don't work the way they're supposed to.
  • cherryredhead88
    I wish it would work good... they did have a good idea though. Thanks for the review!
  • gothchick986
    It's a good idea. too bad it's so sensitive. :/
  • Tart
    Very good review!
  • BuckeyeGal04
    Very nice review, Mr. and Mrs.

    We were really hopeful this would work. :-( I'm hopeful that although this review is old and the product is no longer sold on EF that 2MarriedFreaks will see the review and elaborate on how exactly these "flaps" holds the labia back.

    I give a big kiddos for my guy being innovative one night. While in bondage with an eye mask on, he took some rope, wrapped it around my thighs, and tied it to clothes hanger clips. It worked extremely well, but the springs on those clips were really strong and hurt pretty darn bad. So I would love to find a good product that serves this very purpose because I how he eats me and it would be wonderful to make it even easier for him!!
  • Melissa Smith
  • SadoMas
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