Crystal rose curved G-spot dildo - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Kayla

Crystal rose curved G-spot dildo

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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A Single Rose for your Pleasure

The Crystal Rose Curved G-Spot Dildo is a good, beautiful dildo in its simplicity. Not only does it make a beautiful piece of art, but it also includes a very subtle curve for g-spot stimulation and a nice, pronounced head for that extra stimulation.
Simplistic design is gorgeous, Curve is nice, Head is pleasurable
Bag isn't padded, Would have liked a more extreme curve
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The Crystal Rose Curved G-Spot Dildo is a Phallix dildo that is very simple, but very elegant, in design. The picture is very accurate to the design of the dildo, and it is, like the measurements state, seven inches long with the head of the dildo being about an inch and a half with the shaft being about an inch. Like all Phallix products, this dildo is made from strong, Phallix glass.

The packaging for the Crystal Rose is pretty basic as well. This dildo comes in the traditional Phallix dildo packaging which is the large, blister-pack type plastic packaging that holds the dildo, a Phallix products promotional book, and a storage bag for the dildo. As the packaging is really large compared to the dildo itself, this packaging is not-at-all suitable for storage. The storage bag included with the dildo is suitable though. However, keep in mind that this storage bag is not-at-all padded, and as such, it won't protect your dildo if you drop it like a more padded storage option would (like the [|Pleasure Pouch].) If you really fall in love with this dildo, I recommend upgrading storage options.

The beautiful thing about this dildo is its simplicity. The shaft of the dildo is made from clear glass, and you can easily see through it. The rose on the end of the dildo is completely attached (in one piece) to the clear portion - except the rose is actually frosted glass instead of clear glass. The dildo has a slightly pronounced head, and it's very smooth with a very slight curve to it. There aren't any colors to this dildo, but I really do love the simplicity of the Crystal Rose.

The dildo itself is interesting during use. I honestly don't like dildos that are too big in diameter, and this one is about an average diameter, so I did enjoy the width of it. The head is slightly larger than the shaft of the dildo, and because of this, you definitely get that "popping" sensation when you insert the dildo, and it feels nice. The dildo I received doesn't seem to have the same curve that the Crystal Rose's pictures on EF, but again, as these are handmade, not everything is going to be the same. However, the dildo head does brush up against the top vaginal wall, and it does feel pleasurable. I can't say that it hit my g-spot, but my g-spot is ridiculously elusive and difficult, so if most average g-spot toys work for you, this one probably will too.

The biggest thing with me, though, was handling the dildo. The place to handle the dildo, as you can see, is where the rose is located. This makes me a bit nervous, and I don't know why. Maybe because the rose is beautiful-looking? Either way, the frosted glass of the rose will not fall off, but I still felt bad man-handling the rose in order to further enjoy the dildo itself. The dildo does hold up to it well, though, but if you have lube on your hands, you will have to pay special attention when cleaning the rose when you finish.

Like all glass, Phallix glass can be warmed or cooled for temperature play. Unlike stainless steel, I love glass because, when not in use, it stays pretty well near room temperature, so you never really get any "shocking" cold surprises when you go to use your dildo. This dildo inserts really easily due to having no texture and being made of glass, and honestly, we didn't use any external lubricant. If you wanted to, though, a very small dab would go a long way in use of this toy because of the material. Just make sure to be careful with it as, while it's sturdy enough not to break during use or regular handling, if dropped on a hard surface, the toy will break into large chunks which will make it unusable. Phallix glass is good-quality glass, though, so there's no way that your glass will shatter during use.

Cleaning this dildo is really easy. Because it's all glass, it can be boiled for sterilization or sterilized with a bleach solution. For regular cleaning, you can use warm water and antibacterial soap. Honestly, the rose grooves don't go too far into the "rose" (no farther than what my fingernails can reach), so you don't have to worry about too much extra cleaning from the rose. This dildo is compatible with all types of lubricant, and it can be stored in the provided pouch, or it can be stored in any type of padded pouch.
Overall, I like the Crystal Rose dildo. Sometimes, the simplicity of glass is the most beautiful kind, and I love the Rose on the end of the dildo. The design is really nice, and it inserts nicely as well. If you are after targeted g-spot pleasure and have a difficult g-spot, this one may not work for you, but for most other people, as long as you enjoy a rigid toy, this one should be a good choice. The rose makes a great handle, and while I feel bad woman-handling it for better sexual pleasure, the dildo will still look gorgeous after use which is what I love.
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