Gold fumed scribble swirl wand - glass dildo by Phallix - review by Airen Wolf

Gold fumed scribble swirl wand

Glass dildo by Phallix

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A Wand for this Witch...

This is a beautiful, easily cleaned, toy. It is perfect for first time users, or those who like a probe with less girth. Even for the size queens among us; it is versatile enough to stroke and tease, though it won't cause any stretching. This toy is discreet enough to be proudly displayed in a boudoir without raising eyebrows.
Easily sterilized and hygienic, beautiful, easy to hold on to
A bit on the slender side.
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I finally did it! After reading all about the benefits of glass toys, I got one. The fact that they are the most easily sterilized toys available, and the most hygienic, was a major attraction to me after the hard time I've had with rubber and jelly toys. Finally a toy I could use without a condom!

The Gold Fumed Scribble Swirl Wand is a beautiful piece of glass. It is smaller than the pictures make it look, but it feels very substantial in the hand. The toy is 7" long and weighs 8 oz. I got the 3/4" size. The shaft has deeply cut grooves in a swirled pattern that are easily felt internally, at least they were for me. They aren't hard to clean afterward. The edges are rounded and don't catch, or hold onto fluids or other debris.

Since the toy is made of glass, lubricants seem to last longer and feel a bit more slippery. You could use any type of lubricant you enjoy; water based, and silicone lubes are fine. The toy is easily cleaned, either by boiling, putting it in a dish washer, or with plain old soap and water followed by anti bacterial spray. As it can be easily sterilized, it can be shared. You would want to sterilize it after each person uses it, before passing it on. For easier play, a condom slipped over the wand can make clean up a breeze.

The toy is not large around, and would be perfect for those who prefer a more slender probe or for beginners. It is a sturdy piece, and the color is fumed into the glass itself, meaning it won't flake off or get cleaned away. The fuming on my toy, gave it a smoky pink cast that, seems to change as the light strikes it. In some lights it looks lovely pink, and in others it looks clear and gold with a pink cast.

The toy comes packaged with a pink velour bag that is soft and thick. It might offer some protection, should you have wooden floors, and will keep the toy from being knocked around in a drawer. Still the toy is Pyrex, which is a very sturdy type of tempered glass, so it can take some moderate abuse. I would recommend checking the toy for chips or cracks, but I don't expect to ever find any in my toy, as long as it is given moderate care.

The knob on one end of the toy is great as a handle, and feels pleasantly different when inserted vaginally. Since the toy doesn't have a double flared base, I wouldn't insert it knob first anally. It does make a good handle for careful play in that area. It is still not flared enough to prevent it being taken into the anus, so careful play is my recommendation. The toy is slender enough that I was able to confidently use it anally, and easy enough to hold, even slick with lube, that my partner was able to use it on me without worrying that it would disappear on us.

Vaginally the toy is great to clench around, and small enough to be able to angle, to stroke the G-spot very nicely. Though I should point out that I am pregnant, and my G-spot is very easy to find right now! The pointed end is rounded smoothly, and without any edges that would cause discomfort to the cervix or inner walls of the vagina. This is a plus, now that mine is so much more sensitive. I had no trouble feeling the scribbles and swirls on the shaft, though they weren't mind-blowing they were pleasant.

This toy is a dream for those of us who enjoy temperature play. Run it under cold or warm water, and the sensations are amazing. It takes a few thrusts for the toy to equalize to body temperature. I wouldn't place it in the freezer or microwave, but that's just because I like more control over how cold or hot the toy is. Freezing or scalding the lady parts is not on my must-do list!
Ok for a flight of fancy: This toy is marketed as a ‘wand’. Now being a fully fledged witch, I have a different idea as to what a wand is! Since it is well known in kitchen (or hedge witch) circles, that tools frequently serve multi purposes, I thought this toy would come in very handy!

It is glass and fumed with gold and vaguely phallic shaped, in short PERFECT! It is just the right size and weight for a magic wand, and because its other use is sexual, how could I argue? We Wiccans are known to be a lusty bunch. So I carefully cleaned and blessed my wand, and placed it on my altar, just in time for a nice get together. The others were impressed at my newest ‘tool’. We all got a huge laugh when one of the guys asked for, and got, permission to handle it and read the etched "Phallix" logo (that is very discreetly placed on the tip of the wand)!
Follow-up commentary
I find as I get farther and farther along in my pregnancy, I find that this probe feels better and better. I am more sensitive thanks to hormones, and the swirls are easier to feel. I find that just the probe alone is enough to cause a lovely G spot orgasm! Cooling the wand with cold water makes it even more exciting.

I am definitely still in love with glass toys! The wand still looks brand new. I dropped the wand in my bathroom and it didn't even chip! This is a very delicate looking toy that is surprisingly sturdy, I still recommend this toy wholeheartedly!
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  • Mamastoys
    This is a pretty toy! Glad this one comes with a padded bag. Thanks for the review!
  • Sammi
    Nice that it comes with a bag - I have quite a few that didn't. This is lovely - good review!
  • Airen Wolf
    The bag isn't exactly padded it's just made out of soft thick pink velour but it's better than nothing!
  • her.royal.redness
    Isn't glass AWESOME?! Thanks for the review!
  • Kinky Kitty
    Thank you! I love glass....almost always my favorite!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I love your experience section. Hehe.

    I must say, the whorls on this are so interesting!
  • TastieStacie
    I want one!!! I love glass toys. they are awesome. Can't wait to get my next. myabe it will be this one. Smile Great review. And the experience section made me giggle. Smile
  • Airen Wolf
    I have to admit to rapidly becomming a fan of glass! The whorls are very interesting and very pretty to look at, I'm finding that I appreciate that so much more than "realistic" penis shaped vibes and dildos.

    Heh I have a weird sense of humor and when I read that this was supposed to be a "wand" I just had to try it! Angel
  • Valyn
    Lol, nice double use!
  • DixieDoo
    love the look of this one!! nice review as well
  • zandria
    Good review, thanks!
  • Beaners
    I too, am becoming a massive fan of glass. Thanks for the review!
  • wetone123
    Thanks for the great review, it made me want to buy it and it has been discontinued! It was so beautiful too!
  • sXeVegan90
    Thank you for the review, it's a shame this got discontinued.
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