Taffy Tickler silicone twist - dildo by Topco Sales - review by Poppy

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Beautiful & Pleasurable!

The Taffy Tickler, with its naughty silicone spikes, may look like it came from a Hot Topic store, but the pleasure it gives is anything but childish. The texture is indescribable and touched every inch of you completely. It promises to keep you coming back again and again.
Beautiful, textured.
No flex, difficult first time use, can bruise cervix.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review


Use of this beautiful little dildo is pretty straight forward. Because it is so rigid, there is some limit in terms of use; because it doesn't have that flexibility factor. You also need to take care that you do not use the Taffy Tickler too vigorously. The glass material gives it a very smooth and pleasurable feeling, but you could cause some harm to your cervix if you are not careful, and that's not fun at all! As far as when to use this dildo for me it will remain a special occasion toy. Not my day to day choice, but a good choice when I want something special to mix it up a bit.

Material / Texture

The Taffy Tickler is anything but realistic! What makes it so special is that is ultra textured, giving amazing sensations that are hard to duplicate. It is made of glass which makes it super smooth and makes insertion easier. The real treat is the little silicon adornments. I found these very odd at first (especially with insertion!) but once you get used to the feel of these bumps they provide amazing, extreme texture.

Design / Shape / Size

Just looking at the Taffy Tickler gets me going. It is so beautiful and interesting looking that I could not wait to rip it out of the packaging and get down to business. When using the alluring textured end I found things a bit awkward at first. Just putting it in was a task! But once I got over that “Oh my gosh this doesn't feel natural” thinking, I was a very happy girl.

The silicone textured head is like an extreme version of one of those bumpy textured condoms. The texture looks a bit extreme at first sight, but once I got going everything just melted into the curves of my body and felt amazing. It caressed every inch of me so completely that it is a feeling that's hard to explain.

I found the other side of the dildo (yes it is double sided!) a bit more difficult to deal with. The head has a nipple sort of shape that was very difficult to deal with. I will just keep the fun textured side thank you very much.


The extreme texture, along with the smooth glass material, work well together in terms of being user friendly. Lube is still a must, but I found it easier to keep lubricated than more traditional, flexible dildos.

Care and Maintenance

So far I have kept to basic washing in the sink after each use to keep it clean. On the product description it says you can bleach it which seems like a very good idea every once in a while. It seems like some pretty nasty build up could occur in the crevasses of those little silicon bumps! As far as storage I am very tough on my toys. I just throw them all in a drawer, and it has stood up very well with my mistreatment.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Interesting looking toy.
    You may want to be careful just throwing glass into the drawer. Your toy could have microfractures and hairline cracks. Running your hand all over the toy to check for these before each use may be a good idea.
  • spicywife
    You might also want to touch base about it not being safe for anal use (if that's your opinion). It doesn't have a flared base for one, technically making it not that safe for anal use.... plus I'd imagine the Ticklers would make this device unsafe for anal use as well.

    It's certainly an interesting design though. I wonder if the ticklers would be uncomfortable + irritating after a while. Have you experienced this at all?
  • Poppy
    Happy Lady: Maybe throw wasn't the right word, maybe it is more of a gentle toss Smile I really am very abusive to my toys but I don’t think enough to fracture it. I will be sure to check next time I use it though and be more careful.

    Spicywife: I would not consider this toy suitable for anal use, I truthfully never considered it! There is quite a learning curve for vaginal use to begin with, I couldn’t imagine it with anal use. As far as being irritating, I haven’t had an issue with that. The little silicone bump look much more menacing than they really are. I’m sure they are not for everybody of course. Like I mentioned, it does feel, not so much irritating, but very awkward when you first put it in. You get used to it though!
  • Tuesday
    So the spikes were soft? They look like they would be painful.
  • deceased
    How did they attatch the silicone ticklers to the cyberglass? Glue? Heat?
  • Poppy
    The spikes are made of silicone, so they are soft. As far as how the spikes got on there, I have no idea!
  • Epiphora
    Wow, I'm REALLY surprised you like this. I reviewed the Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets on my blog and hated it with a burning passion. Those nubs killed my vagina, and I normally like texture. Very interesting...
  • deceased
    It looks like big fun though!!!
  • Naughty Student
    This is the scariest toy I've ever seen! Even though those nubs are soft I know I wouldn't like it at all.
  • ichwillwaffels
    This definetly looks scary. I don't know about this one.
  • Kdlips
    Good review
  • big b
  • SassySam
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