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Beauty in Blue

This gorgeous, flawlessly crafted glass toy is pleasing to look at, but may fall short of providing the sensations you seek. Its wide midsection is perfect for users looking to feel the stretch, but its heads are too narrow and small to provide more than subtle stimulation. The shape and the lack of texture are perfect for those who prefer smooth sensations, as well as for beginners to glass insertables.
Beautiful, smooth, high-quality, body-friendly material. Attractive packaging. Lube compatible.
Shape is ineffective for sense of fullness or g-spot stim, but provides nice, gradual stretch.
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The Eos is a double-ended glass dildo by Luxotiq. With a wide midsection and narrow ends, this toy is intended to be inserted vaginally. It lacks the safety precautions that would make it safe for anal use, as it's very smooth and could easily be lost from a slippery grip. Its gently curved end may make it a good fit for a user who prefers gentle or subtle g-spot stimulation. Be aware that rough thrusting with a solid dildo made of glass or steel may cause painful bruising of the cervix. This toy is best used with some finesse.

Material / Texture

The Eos is made of an incredibly beautiful deep blue Pyrex glass. It has the highest possible safety rating as it is non-porous, latex- and phthalates-free, and temperature- and shatter-resistant. Glass is excellent for playing around with temperatures, but be careful not to take it quickly from one extreme to the other as, just like Pyrex cookware, it may cause cracks. If you notice any cracks or nicks in your glass toy, immediately discontinue use.

This toy is not intended to provide a realistic look or feel. However, it's sleek curves are very attractive and its color is unlike any other glass toy I've seen. It is entirely smooth except for a small, cursive "L" embossed in white. Even that has barely any texture at all. For vaginal stimulation, I really prefer a smooth toy rather than one with bumps or swirls. The texture of this toy is perfect for beginning users who are curious about glass as, with a drop of lube, it will easily slip in and out.

Design / Shape / Size

Aesthetically, I adore the design of this toy. It's gorgeous. The rich color and the smooth lines are very attractive. Unfortunately, it is less funcional than it is pretty!

The narrow ends also make this toy a great option for beginners who have given basic softer insertables a go and are looking to explore other sensations. Insertion is a breeze with the small heads of the toy and the slick surface. There is a straight end that resembles a bowling pin and a slightly curved end intended for g-spot stimulation. It falls a bit short for me in that department.

Each head is widest at 1 1/8", narrowing to a 3/4" neck, and then widening again to 1 5/8" at the center point of the midsection. It is approximately 9" long, though most users will find that they're only able to insert about 50-70% of the toy, as the average vagina is only 4-5" long. I don't think the toy is very discreet, though I suppose you could pass it off as a massage tool for your neck and shoulders in a pinch. I wouldn't recommend it for travel as glass is fragile and the toy itself is quite heavy, about one pound.


Personally, as a more experienced user of insertables, I would have been happier if the toy had been a bit shorter, so that I could insert the entirety of the swollen middle section into me, feeling more of a sense of fullness instead of being distracted by the stretch of the widest part falling at my opening and the narrower part inside of me. If you like that stretching sensation, you may love this shape, as there's really no escaping it with the toy fully inserted.

I would also have prefered if the ends were a bit thicker. The swell of the curved end is not nearly enough to provide the intense pressure that I require for g-spot stimulation. It's like a terrible tease. I can feel it slightly at the right angle, but it can never give me quite what I need. Likewise, the straight end is not wide enough. I had hoped for a smooth sensation of popping in and out as the head, narrow neck, and thicker body passed through my entrance. Unfortunately, the head is just slightly too narrow to provide that and instead just feels much the same as any other straight, short, smooth toy, despite its pretty curves.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is a breeze to care for. It doesn't attract lint, dust, or other debris. You need only rinse it with soap and water between uses, though it can easily be sterilized by boiling, bleaching in a ten percent bleach solution, or setting in the top rack of your dishwasher. It is compatible with any type of lube you prefer. I store it in its box for now, though I would prefer it to be in a less bulky padded sleeve.


The toy comes in a very beautiful pink and white box that ties shut with a ribbon. Since it lacks text or images on the outside of the box, it makes a perfect gift box. Inside, the toy lays on a padded bed of foam covered in a white, silky material. I'd have liked it a bit better if the bed were a more snug fit for the toy so that it couldn't move around or fall out, but it lays loosely in its little nest. I wish that sellers of glass toys would incluse padded pouches with all purchases. The box is bulky, but for the time being it serves as storage. There are no instructions included.
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  • charmedtomeetyou
    It is a pretty toy, but I can see how it might not be earth shattering. Thanks for the review!
  • Sincerely yours, N
    Thanks for the review! It was really helpful. I think you did a great job at making your review useful to both advanced and beginner toy users!
  • Rossie
    Thank you for the great review. I agree with you - Luxotiq really needs to make some improvement on that G-spot end.
  • Gunsmoke
    We also have this product and have found no use for it. Anyone interested in trying it for a cheap price - send me a message!
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