Best. Toy. Ever.

Feeling this toy and just beholding it is a pleasure. Were I not constrained by family, I doubt I would be able to keep my hands off of it.
Feels amazingly real. Hits all the right spots, perfect size, perfect firmness.
Slight manufacturing defects, high maintenance.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Oh my god. That is what I thought when I opened this toy and lubed it up. Even in my hand, it felt outstandingly realistic. Had it been warm I may not have noticed the difference.
The packaging was alright- It advertised the necessities. It even had a little soft nub of cyberskin so you could feel the texture before opening it, presumably to make the hard sell, were it in a brick and mortar store. Let me tell you, the nub was way off- The real thing is even better.

As with most cyberskin and realistic products, especially dual density ones, there were some minor setbacks- slight 'skin-tag' like pieces of the outer layer of cyberskin, for example. These were a minor annoyance, so I just trimmed them off when I cleaned it prior to use. It did have a bit of a scent, nothing horrible, so one good cleaning was sufficient to me. When it was all soaped up, and I was cleaning it, I found it amazing just how much like a real cock it was.

It's stiff, but flexible. Firm, but springy. If you jerked it off, the head would realistically 'pop' through the ring made by your finger and thumb. This toy was scoring high marks before I'd even put it inside me and once I had they soared higher- as did I.

As with most realistics (and real sex for that matter), a good bit of lube was needed to seal the deal. Though I had some issues with the toy seeming 'floppy' during insertion, once I and the toy were properly lubed it was no issue. Lube does seem to go fast with this toy, and I had to reapply a bit- but I am not sure if that's the lube itself or the toy, since the lube I was using has gone sticky on me before, so I wont mark the toy down for that (I will check another time using some other lubes I own).

This toy feels EXACTLY like a real cock, sans the warmth, and I'm sure if you had the proper alone time you could give it a rest in hot water beforehand. The friction warms it up quite nicely as well. It's just the right girth and firmness to make you feel full, and just a tiny bit stretched. Provided you aren't a size queen, then you may want to go with a larger cyberskin realistic.

Every time the outer ridge of the head 'pop's in or out of your opening, its so satisfying. Real men may not be quite that pronounced, but it isn't a bad feeling to overstate, not for me at least, since I love it. The veins and ridges blend into the shaft, giving a smooth but very convincing ride or fuck depending on your preference, and changing the angle of penetration is easy just by changing how you hold the balls- which provide an excellent grip.

Could it be done better? Sure. But for now, this is probably one of the few realistics that will stay on the top of my list. Powdering and cleaning it are a pain but they are so, so very worth it.
This toy, for me, came very close to perfect. So, in this section, I will go out on a limb and add something that may not have fit with the review itself- constructive critique. On the off chance someone from one of the 'big wig' companies reads this, I'd like them to know they got top marks from me- bravo! But, if they ever remake this toy, I'd like them to add in a few features:

1. Pose-ability. I love this toy, and if I could angle it up ever so slightly to hit my g spot better, I would love it even more.

2. Vibration. Not all toys -need- vibration and this one certainly doesn't, but I believe vibration would be a nice option to have, especially if it were in the head of the toy since the head seems to hit all the right spots for me.

Even without these features, it is an outstanding toy. It is the first realistic I have ever thought felt truly real, many come ever so close and miss the mark, but this one... If you close your eyes and allow yourself to get pulled into the fantasy, it's amazing. I only wish I had one of those fancy fucking machines to hook it up to so the fact that I was moving it myself didn't have to break the charm.

As a closing note, I'd like to remind people that the toy IS cyberskin and as such you should stick with water based lube. I'm not sure if oil based would have an effect since the toy claims to be latex free, but it is up to you if you want to take that risk. If sharing, or using both anally and vaginally, please use a condom since cyberskin is extremely porous, and even if you are only using it vaginally and not sharing (Who would want to share something so delicious?) you still need to clean it very well before and after every use and powder it lightly with cornstarch to preserve the delicate texture of the cybrskin. They also sell cyberskin renew but it's like, talc in a bottle (which is bad for you anyways) so just go for the cornstarch and a large, fluffy brush, or soft cloth.
Follow-up commentary
It's been quite some time since I've owned this toy, and it's seen a lot of use. Unfortunately, it looks like soon I will be buying another one to replace the toy I have, since the material has started to become slightly pitted and the outer layer of soft material is peeling away from the hard core right at the base. Now, I think this is somewhat abnormal wear and tear- I fondle it, bend it, stretch it, just in general, I play with it... sexually and otherwise. I can't say I didn't know it would eventually deteriorate- but I do wish it had taken longer to happen, since I have some realistic toys that've lasted me years. Perhaps it's a testament to how much I like the toy, or to the fragility of Cyberskin in comparison to other realistic materials due to the cored design of Cyberskin toys.

It is still functional, but it is becoming more and more aged looking. When I powder the material, stress marks are easily visible, and as I mentioned there is pitting on the surface. So, take it as a bit of a warning.. it will be amazing while it lasts but it will not last forever, especially if you are rough with it. I do, however, love it enough to be buying another one the second this one becomes 'unusable' to me, though- and I definitely still think it's worth its price.
Keep in mind, though, that when you buy a realistic toy like this one, and use it without condoms- it WILL deteriorate due to the natural frictions and stresses of sex. Maybe someday sex toys will also be able to match the durability of the real thing as well as the look and feel, but today is not that day.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    nice review
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    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: spiced
    Thanks for a great review. I LOVE my Cyber Cocks! I have the "regular" size version in both Vanilla and Cinnamon. They are the most realistic pseudo penises I've seen so far. I found I can bend them into whatever shape I want and if I leave them like that for a couple of days, they'll hold the shape. Mine have held up pretty well--one's over 3 yr old now, the other about 2 yrs--but I only use them for oral. I think it's TRAGIC that they've been discontinued.
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