Vinyl vengeance ringed - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Cinnamon Chambers

BIG Disappointment

This is really big. Be informed, and safe when buying and using this toy. Do not forget tons, and tons of lube. I would only recommend it if you are very experienced and able to handle a girth of over two and a half inches.
Nice color and design
Extremely large, combination of two materials.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I was so looking forward to taking on Vinyl Vengeance. I had looked at it for so long before I was brave enough to purchase it. It was big, but I had taken right at a two inch toy before. I finally ordered it and couldn't wait to get it in my box.

When it arrived I was shocked at how huge it was. I had read the other reviews but they didn't mention it being bigger than it appears online. Immediately I was doubting if I would be able to take this beast. I was determined to try.

First of all it is much prettier than it is pictured online. The color is a little brighter, there is a swirl effect to the color with a darker midnight blue running through the royal blue. There is an obvious sheen to the material and not glitter, but a true metallic look to it as well.

The exterior of the toy is TPR silicone. It is filled on the inside with sil-a-gel. It is not listed this way on here but is described as so on the packaging. I also confirmed this on the Doc Johnson website. Even though both materials are great independently, together I do not like the end result. The sil-a-gel tends to separate from the exterior, and will trap dirt, water from cleaning, and body fluids. This is impossible to ever get thoroughly clean or dry between the seam. With this one it pops as it is touched where the TPR sticks to the sil-a-gel and releases. The TPR layer can be pinched away from the inner layer with ease, especially on the ridges, where there is not a tight seal formed. The exterior is very slick and smooth. The only scent to the toy is the distinct sil-a-gel sweet smell.

Size does matter. This one is much larger than it is described. The tip is the smallest part and has a beginning circumference of five inches, and is already at six inches before it reached the first ridge. The center of the first ridge is seven and 1/4 inches around. The base is the same diameter of the ridges, and is between two and 3/4 inches and three inches across. There is a deep indention between the ridges. I am sure when this is inserted that you can feel each ripple both enter and leave the body. At this size I could not get even a Magnum condom on with out ripping it. That may have been how I was stretching it and my nails.

As for care and cleaning, I recommend not submerging this to avoid trapping water between the layers of material. Condoms are advised, especially if the toy will ever be shared. It can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Water and silicone lubricants can be used on both sil-a-gel and TPR. If you experience pain when trying to sue this toy please stop. It is your body telling you something is wrong. This is especially true with anal sex. Though there is a substantial base, it is the same size as the rings. I would advise extreme caution if you do decide to use this for anal play. To the brave souls that have mounted this giant...I commend you!
I have tried and tried to be able to insert this toy for vaginal sex. I have used lube, tried it after getting loosened up with other toys, and nothing has worked. I can get it in to the first ridge, and no further. I feel as though I am being torn, not just stretched, but torn. It also feels like it is my pubic bone in the front, and my pelvis on the sizes. This may be a purely physical issue for me. I was not able to have a vaginal delivery with my children because of my pelvis shape and positioning and inability to dilate even with medication. So...after over a month of trying, I can't do it. I want to, but it is not worth hurting my self to do it. I am getting the soft serve, that is a similar design, but a little smaller.
Follow-up commentary
Oh boy, I have tried so many times after I am wet and ready to get this big guy in me. It still isn't happening. I have other toys in the two inch range, but with this one I think the material keeps it from being soft enough to sqish and compress enough to get penetration. It is just to big, hard, and not flexible at all.
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  • Rufina
    Eden has a helpful "Actual size" tool right under the Product picture on the product page. It helps to understand the real size of the toy and avoid disappointment when you recieve size you didn't expect.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I tried that. It has seemed to work very well with all the other products I have reviewed. With this one it still seems a little off compared to the real thing. I was thinking it was because the width is hard to determine with a round object that appears flat on a monitor screen. When I was looking at this one in the Real Size before I got it, It was looking to be just a little bigger than the Ballsy that I love. Going back and looking at it again today it still looks bigger in person around than I can judge on my screen. Thanks for the suggestion. I do love haing that feature avaliable, especially for judging length.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I just wanted to say on the Doc Johnson site it is described as under 2.5 inches. I usually cross check if I am questioning details about anything sex related or not that I buy online. I also think that the TPR keeps it firm and causes it to have a lot less give than if it was just sil-a-gel that would squish and conform to the body a little more.
  • Tuesday
    I have this too. I agree that its just too big and too hard. I can barely fit the first nub in and its not pleasant! But the tpr coating of mine doesn't separate from the sil-a-gel at all. Maybe they don't have consistent manufacturing.
  • Tuesday
    I thought it looked larger than it did in the photo too. Most products do to me.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Maybe the TPR /sil a gel separation is our Lovely El Paso heat?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Good review. I sort of have an eye on this Vinyl Vengeance products but the separation of material sucks big time.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    It does, but if it is what you want, just be safe and I wouldn't suggest submerging it in water.
  • MR Chickhabit
    excellent review. i have one and love it when i can fit it in.
  • MR Chickhabit
    excellent review. i have one and love it when i can fit it in.
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