Cobalt blue dichroic G-spot - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Oggins

Cobalt blue dichroic G-spot

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Blue spiral perfection!

This would be a beautiful addition to anyones collection! The spiraling provides a fantastic sensation during thrusting and it's just plain fun to look at! There isn't a whole lot of girth with this one though so, size queens beware! It fits my body well and it's so unique that I'm glad I went ahead and got this one! I'm not disappointed at all!
Beautiful, phthalate free, curved just right!
The provided storage bag provides no protection.
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How do you describe perfection? This Cobalt blue dichroic g-spot glass dildo is perfect for me. Not only is it glass which means it's non porous and phthalate free but, it's easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and water or toy cleaner. You could also put it in the dishwasher, top rack no soap! You can even sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution! You're supposed to be able to boil glass to sterilize it also but, I find myself scared of the extreme temperature changes required for boiling. I just can't make myself take that risk with something this expensive! Maybe that's just because I generally have bad luck though... However, any lube will do with this one!

The cobalt blue dichroic g-spot glass dildo starts out with it's beautiful blue base color (about 1" diameter) that is spiraled with a beautiful dichroic colored band that adds about another 3/16" diameter to the shaft. It truly is a work of art! As a matter of fact, if it were not for keeping my mother from being so embarrassed, I would stick this dildo into a harness/cock ring and hang it in my window to show off it's beauty! It does have a well defined, round base that would probably be suitable for a harness but, keep in mind glass is very unforgiving and hard so, I'm not sure I would advise using it this way just because of that. The pictures look as though the round base kind of blends into the shaft at one point but, mine does not. It has, as previously stated, a well defined round base. The shape/bend of mine is a bit off from the picture as well. Mine came with the round base it stands up easily on then proceeds upward from there with a slight curve in the opposite direction of the more pronounced curve kind of a very very slight "S" shape with one curve being more pronounced than the other. It has a total length of about 7". Upon penetration I really didn't notice the smaller of the two curves but, the deeper curve made sure the head of this dildo stroked my g-spot perfectly!

Did I mention the dildo I received has more spirals and colors than the one pictured? That's okay because it's actually even more beautiful than the one in the picture! I counted 6 rows of spirals on mine and 7 if turned to where the spiraling begins. The colors of the dichroic spiraling show up very vividly against the blue background. Mine starts out from the head with a sparkling blue to green to yellow to pink to purple and back to blue. The colors are shimmery, sparkly and rather iridescent so, they kind of change depending on the way the light is shining on them. It's like nothing I've ever seen before in a sex toy! Very pretty to say the least!

Enough about it's beauty because it's also a fantastic performer! I started out sucking on the head and shaft of this dildo and found the spirals quite exciting sliding in and out of my lips! There was no scent or smell whatsoever. I decided these spirals would feel fantastic inside of me so, I began rubbing the head on my clit while my partner manipulated my nipples. The cool, hard head of the glass felt wonderful! If you aren't into cool sensations, you could run it under warm water for a few minutes but, make sure to check the temperature before use! When I pushed the head inside it was just the right size. Not too big and not too small. Once it found my g spot I let hubby take over. When he started sliding the shaft in and out of my pussy, I felt every spiral as it rubbed in and out of my pussy lips too! Oh marvelous glass dildo! I didn't even need lube! It's so smooth and slick, my own wetness was more than enough! Needless to say, I came again and again and again while using this one!

While the price is steep on this one, I doubt that you will have another one like it in your collection. It's just so unique in so many ways! Blue is my favorite color so, I had to make this one mine! Keep in mind though, the case it comes with sucks! It is just a frilly, lavender, satin, drawstring bag. No padding=No protection! This is just too much of an investment to toss into an unprotected satin bag so, make sure you have something better on hand to put this in unless, you are going to hang it in your window to show off it's beauty!
Since this dildo has a nice, well defined base, I would imagine it could be safely used for anal play. I haven't tried it anally yet but, hope to in the future. I'm just not quite up to that yet. I could easily feel the spirals during vaginal penetration and I am almost certain the same would be true for anal penetration. When I am to a point where I can try out these spirals anally, I will write a follow up review to let everyone know how it went.
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