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Calling All Size Queens!

The Doc Johnson TitanMen Tools Dean Flynn realistic cock is an exceptional toy for those that really enjoy a satisfying, filling, toy experience. Although it may simply be too large for some to handle, for those that are seeking a long and girthy toy, this one is versatile and impressive.
Gorgeous detail and veining, suction cup holds well, comes with lube, storage bag, and care guide
Porous, material odor, too big for some, confusing material explanation in box/pamphlet
Rating by reviewer:
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The Dean Flynn realistic dildo is a beautifully designed versatile piece that is ideal for solo or couple play, as long as the person it's being used on is a fan of large sized dildos. This is a very girthy, long, and weighty toy, so it's really not for beginners or those with smaller anatomy. It's got a decent amount of flex to it, even in the well defined curve in the shaft toward the head, so it shouldn't be too rigid for those that enjoy the size, but should still be used with some caution at first. It has a large sturdy suction cup attached to the bottom that make it easy to attach to a wall, shower, table, chair, or any other flat surface you like. It holds on extremely well, so if you prefer to ride this one all alone, you should have no problems, but the scrotum and suction cup are large enough to hold onto if you prefer to use it with another person. There is no information suggesting this toy would be suitable for a harness, and even if it could be, the suction cup base is so large that most harnesses probably would not fit around it.

My first thought is that it would be best suited for those that enjoy very filling vaginal penetration. It has a very distinct upward curve 3" down into the toy that may work well for those with very high g-spots or those with more shallow sensitive areas that prefer not to insert it all the way. Although it does not have a typical flared base, it could most likely safely be used for anal play because the scrotum on it is so large that it is not nearly small enough to be sucked inside your body accidentally. However, if you do choose to use this toy for anal, or if you share your vaginal toys or have any negative reactions to Sil-A-Gel materials, you should use a condom on the toy; it is somewhat porous (less than a jelly material but still not entirely safe).

Also, its size makes it a little difficult to hide or travel with if you have limited hiding space, so this may not be best for those seeking absolute discretion.
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Material / Texture

This toy is advertised on the box as being made of Sil-A-Gel. I like this material despite it being somewhat porous. This means that if you have had a bad reaction to this material, are sharing the toy, or play to use it for both anal and vaginal play, it is imperative that a condom is used on the toy! According to the Doc Johnson packaging it is anti-bacterial, latex free, and cadmium free. It also has a somewhat fruity and initially very strong odor to it that is not unpleasant but very noticeable. Out of the package it will leave your hands a little oily but that goes away with the first wash and the smell fades quite a bit after the first few washes, but is always there if you smell it up close.

The feel of the Sil-a-gel is my favorite element of the material. It is initially a little greasy and then sticky once it’s been washed, but can be dusted with corn starch to keep it soft and less sticky. It is the perfect combination of spongy and firm to me. It is flexible without being floppy and firm without being rigid. The shaft is definitely softer and squishier than the average human erection, in my experience, but with a toy this size, something too hard could be very uncomfortable. The flexibility of the material also makes the curve in the shaft more comfortable than it initially looks.

Although this toy comes with a sample packet of TitanMen Titanium silicone lube, I am hesitant to use this lube with this toy. I generally do not use Sil-a-gel with silicone lubes just in case the material (which is a type of PVC) contains any silicone at all. It is not worth destroying the toy or having it react badly inside my body to me. In the small clean and care guide that comes with the toy, there is a warning that the "Realistics" toys should only be used with water based lube but the UR3 toys can be used with silicone. There is no distinct mention of this toy being comprised of the UR3 material anywhere on the box, so I would recommend only water based lube with this toy, just to be safe.
    • Flexible
    • Strong odor
    • Suction

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is BIG. No way around it. From the base of the shaft to the tip of the head it measures 8" and 7" of that is insertable. The scrotum is 5 ½" long and 3 ½" across at its widest point. The most noticeable size factor of this toy is by far its girth which measures just about 2 ½ " across and barely under 7" in circumference just above the scrotum.

This toy is molded directly from the penis of Dean Flynn. It is extremely realistic, as it was intended to be. The veining, some flesh colored and some with a hint of blue underneath, really are lifelike, as is the hairless scrotum. The tiny folds of skin around the head and the smoother texture of the head compared to the rest of the toy really are impressive. The head is not particularly distinct, but there is a very distinct upward curve in the shaft. I'm not sure I've ever had a toy quite so realistic, and the box even includes a photo on the back of a nude, erect Dean Flynn to prove its point. It is a well crafted, well designed toy that will please anyone looking for a lifelike experience.

As impressive as the toy looks however, it simply isn't for me. I consistently try to use toys that are really large because I love the look and feel of them. This one is just TOO BIG. Too big for me to really do anything with actually; I could not comfortably insert this into my vagina, which made me too cautious to try it anywhere else, whether I was using it alone or with a partner. It is definitely not for beginners. Even advanced users may require some warm up with a smaller toy to use this one comfortably. So while its size is definitely a selling point for some, it may be what makes others shy away.
    • Realistic


This toy should perform beautifully for those that can enjoy all of its well-endowed beauty. It will be filling but not rigid, and the details of the veins and the head really make the toy even more exceptional. Problematically, many people may have the same problems I did and just not be able to handle the size. It really is only usable for penetration and thrusting as it has no electronic or vibrating elements, and in addition has no place to insert a bullet or other vibrating toy. If you desire some sort of movement in the toy, or to use it for dual stimulation, you may be able to attach a vibrating cock ring to it.

I tested the suction cup in several locations around my home and it did great. It held on as long as I wanted it to, even when used in a running shower. If you are looking for a toy to use with suction, this would be a great choice. It has instructions in the cleaning and care guide (enclosed with toy) on how to reattach the suction cup, should it come apart, but this model appears to be molded from one solid piece of material so that shouldn't be an issue.
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Sil-A-Gel is a tricky material to care for because it is a PVC and doesn't have a specified list of components. Because of this, I am as careful with it as I would be a jelly toy. The cleaning and care manual instructs that it not be washed with harsh detergents, ammonia, or alcohol solutions and that it not be microwaved or put in the oven. I wash it well with soap and water and use it only with water based lubes. I keep it in the pouch it came with; but, if it had not, I would store it away from other jelly and Sil-a-gel toys, and someplace where it would not be exposed to anything fuzzy or furry as it will pick up anything it can. I would also recommend that those that have had bad reactions to jelly or other PVC toys in the past use a condom on this one just to be safe.
    • Difficult to store
    • Porous


The Dean Flynn cock came in a plastic bag, inside a black printed drawstring sack, inside a printed box. The box also included the cleaning and care guide and lube sample I mentioned above. The box is simply thin cardboard and is adorned with Dean Flynn on both sides with very few technical specs. It does say it's made of Sil-A-Gel and that it has a suction cup, and that the lube is included but not much relevant info is listed. Since it comes with its own storage bag, the box really isn't worth keeping as it is a little flimsy and not even close to discreet.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I am giving this toy 3 stars out of 5 because it is a great, well designed toy, but made of a material that some people simply prefer to avoid because it is not entirely non-porous and the odor can turn some away. The packaging is also somewhat confusing, as is the care guide - it includes instructions to dust the toy with talc, which is generally not recommended to be used on any toy being inserted. It's size also works in its favor, but against it for many as well.


Although this toy was too large in every which way for any part of my body, it is still a really well made toy, if you don't mind the flaws in the material. It is attractive, realistic, and extremely sturdy. For those that are looking to expand on their experiences with large sized toys or those that know they enjoy long girthy dildos, this would be a toy worth having around.
Follow-up commentary
This is a nice product, for those looking for a really big dildo that don't mind it being porous. But it's still just way too big for me to use.
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  • El-Jaro
    Good Review!

    I think that if the a toy comes with a sample of lube, the lube should be ok to use with the product.
  • Tori Rebel
    @JR- I would think so as well but I always side with 'just in case' on these matters....as low as the odds might be, it's never really been worth the risk to me.
  • kck
    Thanks for the review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Excellent review Tori! That cock has a wicked up curve lol. I also go on the side of caution lol. We have seen some toys advertised as anal toys that are totally not safe, so i agree with you full heartedly.
  • Annemarie
    I hate how almost all "realistic" cocks (barring Vixskin dongs) are porous and always SO FREAKIN' HUGE.

    Wonderful review!
  • Lustful Dreams
    Great review! This is definitely a monster.
  • Tori Rebel
    Thanks all!
  • Tuesday
    This discussion, includes a post by someone at Doc Johnson explaining what sil-a-gel is. It doesn't contain silicone. 'SIL' stands for 'safe ingredients list.'

    Nice review.
  • Tori Rebel
    @Tuesday - Thanks! I'm always cautious about any kind of composite though, just in case.
  • ToyingCouple
    Excellent review, the smell of SIL-a-gel never seems to go away but somehow makes us frisky!
  • Sammi
    Great review!
    Thanks for the good review
  • Naughty Student
    Is it really porous? It says on the product page that it isn't. They might have the wrong info!
  • Tori Rebel
    It is definitely porous - it's also not the one currently pictured on the product page - the photo has changed between now and when I reviewed it, and it's not a mild change...
  • Love Buzz
    I'd love this if it were made of something a little nicer such as silicone, Great Review
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks. wonderful info
  • The Awesome Penguin
    thanks for the review!
  • celibacysucks
    Thanks so much for the info! You were very thorough.
  • samanthalynn
    nice review
  • SadoMas
    ty ty!
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