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When a toy works this well and feels so amazing, the high maintenance side of it is definitely worth it. The Cyber Cock is a realistic dildo that is made out of the most realistic material. If properly taken care of, this dildo will last quite a while. It is the perfect toy for someone who wants an average sized dildo. Most will be turned off by the amount of care that is needed for a toy like this. I have absolutely fell in love with Cyberskin. Just be aware that this is not a rigid toy at all.
Extremely realistic in feel, Inner core, Balls are fun, Veins, Realistic head, Color, Affordable
Floppy, Almost too flexible, Porous material, Sticky if not powdered, High maintenance, Little thin
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Okay, maybe this isn't the same type of cinnamon challenge. However, I will take this cock over a mouthful of cinnamon any day of the week. This beautiful dildo comes in a beige or cinnamon color. I chose the cinnamon color obviously. The Cyber Cock sounds like it would be high tech, but it isn't. It is a straightforward dildo that is made out of the most realistic material I have ever felt. Don't get me wrong. I still love my Vixskin and O2 dildos, but there is something about Cyberskin that makes me drool and spread my legs.
Cyber Cock is perfect for practicing oral techniques. The material is so freaking realistic, and it feels amazing in my mouth. The length and diameter is a great size for practicing deep throat skills. This cock comes with a wonderful weight to it, so feel free to slap this thing around. I love being slapped with my hubby's cock, and this cock delivers some amazing hits. I love the way it feels when slapped on my ass, face, tits, and vagina. It can be slapped anywhere, but those are my favorite areas. The loud slapping sound is almost as erotic as the slap itself. Just thinking about it puts me in a dreamy haze.
The full, round balls makes this cock anal safe. I mainly use it for vaginal penetration, but I also love to use this in my ass while my hubby is inside me vaginally. The material is so flexible that Size Queens and Kings could possible stick another dildo or real life cock in the same orifice at the same time. It can be used anywhere you please, so let your imagination run wild! This is just an all around, multi-purpose dildo.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

This gorgeous cock is made of Cyberskin. This material is as real as it gets, but it is one of the most porous materials on the planet. This can be an issue if you were planning to share this toy, if you are prone to vaginal infections, or if you want to use this as a vaginal and anal toy. To protect you and the toy, I suggest always using a condom. Since I don't share my toys, I rarely use condoms when playing with this cock. I can be such a bad girl when it comes to condoms and toys, but I try my best. I do put a condom over it when I want to use this anally though. A condom doesn't lessen the sensation of the Cyberskin, but it does dampen the effect of the veins. Cyberskin is latex and phthalates free.

I can tell you right now that I am not a huge fan of porous materials (especially jelly), but a few reviewers made me rethink the whole Cyberskin thing. I have been dying to try it, but I was hesitant after trying jelly and having a bad reaction to it. I finally took the plunge, and I will absolutely be buying more. For a material so low on the totem pole, Cyberskin is super easy to love. When opening the box, Cyber Cock had a sweet smell to it. It wasn't overwhelming, and I couldn't smell it unless it was right underneath my nose. The smell did transfer onto my fingers, but it easily washed off. I was honestly expecting this thing to smell like a chemical mess, but I was instantly happy and giddy when I didn't feel a headache coming. The smell hasn't completely gone away after multiple washing, but it has dimished quite a bit. I have not noticed the toy retaining any weird smells. The toy has a slight chemical taste to it, but it doesn't last long. I does not bother me in the slightest.

The toy was covered in a powder, which I think was the company's Renew powder. It felt smooth and very skin-like. There was a little drag, but surprisingly not that much. Cyber Cock has a firm inner core, and that helps it feel more like a real erection. Despite this inner core, this cock is as floppy as it gets. It is super flexible, but it still feels hard. This isn't the most firm cock, but it feels super realistic. The inner core runs all the way from the head to the balls, so the entire thing feels firm yet soft. The material is very squishy and stretchy. To be honest, it is just super fun to play with and stroke. If not powdered, the material becomes extremely sticky and tacky. If left in this state, it will become a phallic shaped lint roller. If properly powdered and taken care of, it rarely picks up any pet hair unless dropped on the carpet.

    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The Cyber cock's head is super realistic and mushroom shaped. It is very raised, but the flexible material prevents it from catching painfully on my pubic bone. The firm inner core runs all the way up in the head, so the head is not super squishy like the O2 or Vixskin dildos. The head came to me with a pinkish hue to it, but this washed off completely after the first three cleanings. There is even a urethra meatus (pee hole) located at the top of the head. This mushroom shaped head is super fun to suck on when giving it a blow job, and it also leave a nice mark when slapped really hard on the skin.

Although the shaft has a firm inner core, it is extremely floppy and would not be a great harness dildo. When held by the balls in mid-air, the shaft droops very low. It looks like a semi-flaccid cock as you can tell in the picture below. The shaft is covered in raised veins that add a little extra to that realistic look and feel. They blend into the shaft, so they don't have that blue hue to them. The veins can be felt during use, especially when thrusting. It isn't an extreme texture, so it shouldn't bother most people. I actually wish that they were raised more, but then again I am a huge texture lover on most days. the veins don't pose a problem when cleaning as they don't tend to collect or trap any fluids.
The balls are perhaps my favorite part about this dildo. They are very round and full, and they fit perfectly in the plam of my hand. Again, the inner core runs into the balls to help give them an actual testicle feel. They don't feel like actually separate balls, but they sure are fun to play with and smack around. They are squishy and covered in wrinkles. The wrinkles don't run very deep, so they don't collect fluids. This cock could potentially be used in a harness, but the full large balls nay very well get in they way and there is also the aforementioned issue of the floppy shaft. If I was into harness play, I would prefer something more rigid and harness compatible. The one great thing about the huge balls is that they make an awesome handle. They do become very slippery with lube, so it is hard to keep a nice firm grip on the dildo. Once you let go of the balls, the dildo likes to flip around so that the balls are facing downwards. If you just found a nice position and spot, this can get a little annoying.

The Cyber Cock is perfect for almost anyone. I think the average sized shaft would be an okay size for beginners as it feels smaller than it looks thanks to the material. I find the diameter to be a little too thin for me, but I love that stretched feeling. I am not a Size Queen by any means, but I love a larger than average cock inside of me when I am playing with my clit. The total length is 8 inches, but only 6 inches of that is insertable. Cyber Cock has a diameter of 1 1/2 inches, but it honestly feels like a 1 1/4 inch diameter. Those who prefer large cocks will not find this satisfying or stimulating enough.
    • Beginner
    • Realistic


Climax H20:
This water based lubricant is included with the Cyber cock, and it is okay. It contains parabens and glycerin, so many will want to stay away from this lube. It is nice that it was given as an extra, but I would prefer something without parabens. The lube is pretty thick when it first comes out of the bottle (which has a pop top lid), but it is still a little runny once it hits the skin. I had to reapply about three times during a 45 minute session. Once it started to dry, it became very sticky and yucky. I liked it fresh out of the bottle, but my Pink Water lasts longer. It has a slight sweet smell, but it tastes like chemicals. It isn't as bad as my Pink Water, but it definitely isn't something I want in my mouth.
Ingredients: water (aqua), glycerin, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben

Cyberskin Renew:
This is just corn starch powder that is used to help the toy's material keep its soft and skin-like appearance. Without it, the material will become very sticky and tacky. I apply this after cleaning, and I wash it off before giving this a nice blowjob or inserting it. You get 1 ounce of this Renew powder, and it should last for a while. I will keep the bottle to fill it back up with corn starch powder when it runs outs. It is a nice little compact bottle that stored easily.
Ingredients: zea mays (corn) starch

I didn't understand how much I love a bigger diameter until I had this toy. With its average girth and squishy material, the shaft definitely feels smaller once it is inserted. For my first Cyberskin cock, I wasn't sure how much girth I could handle, but now I know that I will be able to handle a bigger diameter than I normally would thanks to the material. I love using this toy anally for double penetration play and vaginally as a warm up toy. Although this doesn't have a suction cup, the balls make a nice handle for some good old thrusting. The flexible and floppy shaft makes this cock hard to use for fast and rapid thrusting, but it works perfectly when inserted and left there while playing with the clit. I absolutely love the feeling of my muscles contracting around a cock when I have a clitoral orgasm.
    • Comfortable
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Cyberskin is one of the more difficult materials to keep clean and store. It is super porous, and it cannot be sterilized via boiling or bleaching. I suggest washing before and after use. I highly suggest using a condom if sharing or using this toy anally. A condom can be used everytime anyways, but I am much too lazy for that. This toy already takes a lot of upkeep. After cleaning in warm water and antibacterial soap and allowing it to fully dry, liberally apply the Renew powder or some talc free powder. This helps the toy's surface from becoming tacky, and it restores the toy by helping it stay smooth and skin-like. Store this in a plastic Ziploc bag or the orginial packaging to keep the surface from touching other toys as it doesn't play well with others. Cyberskin is known for staining, but I have not had an issue yet as I keep it stored in the plastic tray it came in. It is also very important to store this in a dark, cool place. Mine arrived on a hot day, and the "try me" sample of cyberskin had melted into the plastic tray. I was super relieved to see that the actual toy had not been damaged. I also suggest only using water based lubricants with the Cybercock.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


I don't really care to much for the packaging of the Cyber Cock. There is a sexy lady on the front, side, and back with her boob showing (nipple and all). This could potentially offend someone, and it is most definitely not discreet. The side gives a brief description of Cyberskin, and it has a wonderful section of care instructions. The back shows a diagram of the toy and highlights a couple of things about the cock. It also gives a quick ingredients list of the Climax H2O lube and Cyberskin Renew powder. The packaging is informative, but the lady should have been left off. The front has a "try me" sample of Cyberskin. This sample is in the shape of lips, and it is quite cute. The actual dildo can be seen through a window in the front. Inside you will find the Cyber Cock, 1 ounce of Climax H2O water based lube, and 1 ounce of Cyberskin Renew. All of this sits in a molded plastic tray. I highly suggest keeping this tray as it also has a plastic lid. It isn't the most discreet way to store this dildo, but it will keep everything in its place. It will also keep the dildo safe and clean. I will be throwing the outer box with the naked lady on it away as soon as I have finished my review.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative


My Cyber Cock came with tiny little divets in the material. One is located right underneath the head, and some others are located where the shaft and balls meet. I will be sure to pay extra attention and caution to these divets when cleaning. I am also scared that this is wear the material will start tearing. I will have to be gentle when using this dildo. I just have to keep this away from sharp corners and edges.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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