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Cloud Nine.

Everything about Hera practically screams the word "elegant"...except for the darn packaging. It almost made this fabulous toy lose a star, but the positives of Hera simply outweigh the bad. Her body/shaft is curved in all the right places, and you can use both ends for penetration. She may look simple, but she definitely lights up a masturbation or couples session.
Gorgeous dark blue color, Simple yet effective design, Double ended, Just the right length for me
For me-packaging
For others-lack of curve for G-spot/P-spot stimulation, too long
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Hera is a traditional glass dildo. Simple has never been better! The entire surface is smooth and texture free, which is perfect for those that prefer little to no texture. The simple, classy design caught my eyes when I first joined Eden about a year ago. Now, thanks to Eden, I own this beautiful work of art. It comes in either a dark blue or a light pink color. The dark blue just looked seductive and erotic.
This can technically be called a double ended dildo. Most might prefer the smaller end as a handle, but I have also found it to be great as an anal probe. Not only does the bigger end act as a stopping point, but the smaller end also acts as a warm-up anal probe! If you are going to attempt this, I suggest a lot of lube and a firm grip. I also suggest that you use a partner. This just provides an extra set of hands and eyes to make sure that no accidents happen. The bigger end makes a great huge handle whenever I use the smaller end for anal play. I do not use the big end for anal play mainly because it makes me uncomfortable knowing that the only base I have is the small handle.
Whether you are using this for anal or vaginal play, I issue caution when thrusting. If you get carried away, you can easily bruise and possibly damage tender tissues. I think the size and smooth shaft make this a perfect glass dildo for beginners. I also believe that more advanced users can find great pleasure in using a glass toy like Hera. The lack of curve makes this toy less than ideal for G-spot or P-spot stimulation.
On top of all of Hera's fantastic qualities, this toy is perfect for temperature play.
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

Hera is made out of Pyrex glass. It is hard to tell whether or not there are any imperfections because of how dark the color is. When held up to the light, I cannot see any bubbles though. Glass is a non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and phthalates free material. Non-porous is just a fancy term meaning that this toy will not harbor any bacteria. Glass is super, super rigid. Please use caution when thrusting. Bruising the cervix is very easily done with firm materials like glass. Hera came to me without any smells or tastes. Glass is known to be very slippery, especially when lubed up, so keep a firm grip on the toy at all times.
The entire toy is smooth. There are a few curves to the toy, but nothing that should cause any irritation or discomfort. Unlike my Luxotiq anal plug, Hera does not have an "L" anywhere on her. There isn't a flared base, so please be careful when using for any type of anal play.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The overall design of Hera makes it look like a large paperweight. This toy is pretty discreet when compared to others. I would mostly feel comfortable leaving this toy out in the open. The lightly curved body is perfect for beginners. The larger end starts out with a nice tapered head, and then it fills out gently to a nice average diameter. There aren't any sudden bumps or drops, so the larger end of the shaft should provide comfortable stimulation for most. When using the larger end, the hand naturally curves around the smaller end making it a handle. The smaller end is completely smooth as well, so lubed up fingers may find it difficult to keep a nice hold. Where the larger end has a tapered tip, the smaller end has more of a blunt head. It keeps a steady diameter until it gently tapers down to what I call the neck. This is the small space between the large end and the small end. This space acts as a stopping point whenever I use it anally. The product page and I disagree between the overall diameter of Hera, but either way it is a nice average size.
Total Length-8"
Insertable Length-(Big end) 6", (Small end) 2"
Diameter- (Big end) 1 3/8", (Small end) 3/4", (Neck) 1/2"
Weight-1 lb

    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Somewhat artistic


I found the length of this toy to be perfect for me. Those with shallow vaginal canals might find Hera to be just a tad bit too long. I had no problems with the toy hitting or bumping into to cervix. While I do enjoy texture, there is just something about the feel of smooth glass. My husband and I found this toy to be perfect with this toy in my vagina and my hubby in my bum. The lack of texture made double penetration very comfortable for the both of us. I found it super easy to have multiple orgasms with Hera.
In order to use this toy for temperature play, simply place Hera in a bowl that has been filled with the desired temperature of water. Hera is pretty cold even at room temperature, but it does not take long for her to heat up. I found that Hera holds onto either hot or cold temperatures well.
The pictures below are comparing the Hera to the Cobalt Wand by Pyrexions and to the Down and Dirty book edited by Alison Tyler.

    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

Hera is super easy to clean and care for. Simply wash down with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also substitute your favorite toy cleaner.
For a deeper clean, I suggest wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. A quick 3 minute boiling or a quick rinse through the dishwasher (top rack and no soap) are also fantastic ways to fully sanitize this toy.
Any type of lubricants can be used with Hera. A little lube goes a long way thanks to the sleek and slick shaft. If you plan on sharing with a partner, I still suggest a condom. Be sure to always properly clean before going from anal to vaginal play.
For storage, you can use the box. However, I find that the ties come undone way too easily. I use a nice padded pouch. Heck, a sock would even be okay.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I am a little disappointed in the packaging I received. My previous Luxotiq packaging lacked a satin lining, and Hera's packaging was falling apart. When I opened the Luxotiq box for the first time, the lid fell completely flat. It had come unglued from the side of the box! The box is very pretty and feminine. It has white, silk ties in order to close the box. The ties are very stiff and short. I have a hard time tying them. When I do manage to successfully create a bow or knot, there is always a gap between the lid and the rest of the box. This is not a very secure box, and I would not suggest it for traveling. Instead, I suggest I nice padded pouch.
The inside is lined with a white satin material. You will find Hera, a Luxotiq card, and a pink cloth nestled inside of the box. Overall, this box is a very great idea. However, the construction is lacking.

    • Minimal
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