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Cobalt wand

Glass wands by Pyrexions

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Cobalt wand sex toy review

The Cobalt Wand would be the perfect toy for someone new to glass products who wants something thin and beautiful.
Narrow girth perfect for a beginner; beautiful color/design; lovely packaging.
Won't fill you up.
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useful review
The Cobalt Wand|Cobalt wand - Glass wands by Pyrexions is one of the prettiest pieces of glass I've had the pleasure of trying.  Long and very thin (only 1 1/4" at its widest point), this would be an excellent toy for someone who has not yet experienced a sex toy|Phallix glass toys - Glass dildos - Glass sex toys made from glass.

The colors and textures of this toy make it exceptionally lovely.  A deep blue glass ball tapers into a thin shaft; this blends into a rounded tip of blue and white swirls.  Nothing on this toy screams out its sexual purpose.  More than anything, it looks like a longish, fancy pen.  You could easily leave the Cobalt Wand out and tell your mom that it's just a pretty piece of glass art.

I love receiving toys that are packaged nicely, and the Cobalt Wand certainly fit the bill.  It came wrapped in pink paper and nestled in a narrow white box.  No half-nekkid ladies, no cheesy advertising---just a lovely toy in a simple box.

Glass is one of the most pleasurable materials out there for sex toys|Wrapped and swirled dildo wands for several key reasons.  First, it's incredibly easy to keep clean.  Soap and water will work, or you can run it through the dishwasher (top shelf, no detergent).  It feels awesome against the skin, and a little lube will go a long way on a glass toy's slippery surface.  It's a lot of fun to play with temperature; simply run the toy under cool or warm water (don't freeze it, please!) for some amazing sensations on the skin.  Finally, if you protect your glass toy from breakage, you'll have it for the rest of your life.

Can a jelly toy give you that kind of performance?  I think not!

I took the Cobalt Wand out on a date with me.  I presented it to my friend with a grin the moment I stepped through his door.  He admired its beauty, then took me to the bedroom and had his way with me for a nice long time.

Eventually the Cobalt Wand made an appearance in our play.  It had been sitting on the nightstand for an hour by then, and even at room temperature it felt amazingly cool against my skin.  I loved that initial chilly shock, and I loved even more how quickly the toy warmed up once inside of me.

Since we'd played so extensively before we brought out the Cobalt Wand, no extra lube was necessary.  My friend held the toy by the pale blue swirled end and fucked me silly with the ball end.  He said that the swirls served as a pretty good slip-resistant handle.  I didn't care much about that; my only concern was in keeping that ball rubbing against my g-spot.

Because the Cobalt Wand is quite narrow, it did not deliver a sensation of fullness.  But that's really ok.  It worked quite well for g-spot stimulation, and that was perfectly nice all by itself.

I worry that because of its small size, some might be tempted to use the Cobalt Wand as an anal probe|Anal probes - Anal Sex Toys.  Don't.  Really.  The toy does not have an appropriate flange on it, and no matter how careful you think you're being, there's a chance that the toy could slip all the way inside.  There are many, many toys (glass and otherwise) that would be excellent in the ass.  The Cobalt Wand is not one of them.

I'd recommend the Cobalt Wand to someone who wants to experience a lovely glass toy with a narrow girth.   And when you're done playing, leave it out so that everyone can admire its beauty.
Follow-up commentary
I meant to mention in my first review that the Cobalt Wand is *not* as long as it appears to be in its "1:1 View Actual Size" image.  The measurement of the toy is right around 8", which is a completely lovely length.

Keep in mind that glass toys|Phallix glass dildos are made by hand, so they can vary a bit from piece to piece.

The Cobalt Wand works really well, and I completely stand by the 5-star rating I gave it before... just keep in mind that the picture in this one case might be a bit misleading.
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  • Femme Mystique
    This is really pretty.
  • Viv
    great review
  • BlueEyedBitch
    that was a great informative review
  • Airlia
    I prefer glass toys above all else for the very reasons you describe. You make it sound so enticing that I want to get one right away, definitely helps that I could easily pass it off as glass artwork. Pretty toys are always more fun!
  • ToyingCouple
    Very informative review and we love the color of this toy.  The end almost looks like frosting (it'd would be hard not to lick it)!

    Good point made about not using it anally because we can see where it would be tempting due to the small diameter. 
  • I would be rather amazed if you could lose this inside of you anally. The 10 inches in length without being able to bend would make it very difficult to get through the bends of your sigmoid colon. It might be possible for you to push it all the way in but for your body to suck it in I don't know. You would have to ask a doctor but I know I'm not afraid. I can hardly get a 7 inch dildo that has a little bend to it all the way in.
  • Alt
    j.j.j.haimerschmidt .. I was going to say something similar. In truth even if a toy does not have a flared base, it can still be used anally, as long as you know how much your rectum can take. The average length is about 5-6 in. and there are also curves to account for. It is true that your butt acts like a vacuum, but object over 5 inches I have noticed to be quite safe. (Or atleast in my experience) for a long toy to truly get stuck it would have to might a severe right angle turn. Even then with enough relaxation it could be retrieved. For something to really get stuck it would require it going against gravity and getting stuck in the Descending colon.

    I truly dont think an 8in heavy glass dildo with bulbs will be able to do this. Maybe if the user is very tall, but on avg I dont think many will need to worry. (Trust me I've had experience with objects getting sucked in) Never yet had an average dildo get lost though =] 
  • Always Aroused Girl
    It's actually just shy of 8".

    With so many lovely glass (and otherwise) toys out there that DO have appropriate flanges, why risk it?

  • Alt
    Agreed, always better to play it safe than sorry. Nice Review :P
  • Dame Demi
    Thanks for the follow up--this toy looks a heck of a lot longer in pictures than it actually is.  It's nicely priced for such a textured and pretty glass toy!
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