Bulbous head dichro wrap glass dildo wand by Phallix - review by Hung Italian Guy

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Coffee Table Toy

This glass toy is a Art Piece and is ment to be layed out for every one to see and touch and try out. it is the best glass toy out there ever made.
Easy to clean it can be heated up or cooled down.
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worth reading, but not useful review
Holy climax!

This Lil' toy is freaking sweet!

First off, I must say I left it out on our coffee table after me and my g/f bought it and she invites her friend over and she was asking my g/f what it was she told her what it was and stuff and and asked her u never knew it was that it looks like a piece of art.

Well the friend decided to ask us can I try it go to our bed room and close the door and try it dam we herd her for a hr. The glass dildo works wonders of friends and my g/f in the shower and in bed.

It is slim enough to carry with her on trips. Easy to clean ans will not stink and it is fun to get cold on hot summer nights or warm up on cold winter nights.

I have used it every time on my g/f before er have romantic night in bed. It is the so easy to clean. You also can put it in the dish washer to clean it if you want too. Also it is the best toy for the shower to bath tub or the swimming pool.

I was impressed for something of this size, how fun it is, and the fact that it's waterproof and smell proof. With that being said, as far as the vrooms factor for this class baby, I'd like to give it 5/5. As mentioned above, several of the pieces (for me) are more stimulating that others, as I'm sure you will find different ones to your taste. After all, the best part of the toy easy to clean and doesn't look like a sex toy.

Plus you don't need batteries and you can take it any where u want to go with it it comes with a nice felt slip cover. And it is a grate price.
Fun to use and fun to leave our on coffee table when girls come over.
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  • Juliettia
    Your review would be much better if you would check the spelling and grammar before you post it. It was hard for me to follow as written. I would also suggest describing the toy a bit more such as length, type of material (clearly glass), how to clean it properly, if the design gives it any feeling. Also, since this clearly a glass dildo without any vibration or sound rather than choosing a vroom factor of bee sound check the N/A box so that others are not confused.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    This had the potential to be a good review. This toy does not vibrate, so I am wondering about the zooms and vroom. Try using the spell check function.
  • her.royal.redness
    Spell check would take this review to the next level!
    Out of curiosity how did you manage to get it hot and cold? Just heated/chilled water or...?
  • to get it hot stick in boiling water to get it cold get it wet and put in freezer...
  • TexasFire
    It does look like a piece of art. The Bulbous head is beautiful!

    I agree with other posters; your reviews would be a lot better if you use spell-check, punctuation, and better grammar. A good read-over of the review guidelines (under the contributor tab) always helps me when I am preparing to write a review. It gives me a good idea of what the community is looking for when reading a review. Also, the Administrator is there to help if you want to send them a message.
  • givemeadayjaime
    First off, why are you leaving your sex toys out on the table for the world to look at? Its so...tacky. Thats the nicest way I can think of saying it. Second, why oh WHY are you sharing dildos with your friends?! I hope to goodness that you at least had the sense to make her use a condom with it. Seriously, what would compel you to do something like that? Your reviews are atrocious. Please use a spell check and work on your grammar if you plan to continue reviewing so that we can easily understand them.
  • Sera
    I agree with julietta.
  • B8trDude
    It was so informative to learn that this glass toy is waterproof! Wow! Who would have thunk! What a grate idea! LOL!
  • zandria
    Thanks for the review!
  • pinkzombie
    Nice try!
  • darkkitty
  • titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Waterproof
    Nice job!
  • Miss T
    Thanks for the review!
  • blah :)
    thanks for the review!
  • Blooddragon
    Thank you!
  • girl next door
    great review!
  • rihanne
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