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Dear Fabio, please insert [HERE]. Thank you.

Our search for the perfect toy has come to an end! Fabio is fantastic for my lady. When we put a Magnum condom over it, it feels even more so realistic as if the flesh is moving along the shaft. Size Queens that aren't into having their insides rearranged or toys that are incredibly long, this thick gem is just right. The girth will fill you up and leaving you a trembling wet mess in a blissful state.
Softness of the material, perfect length, deliciously thick girth.
Color wears off, needs more coloring details.
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Of course, given we're a typical femme-butch lesbian couple, we ended up using this guy with our Commando "O" ring universal harness. We stuck the suction cup through a 2" cock ring and attached it to the harness. When the box arrived, she opened it and immediately stuck it directly to the coffee table top attempting to use its suction cup. Guess what happened? The damn thing fell right over; didn't even try to stick. She giggled and tried to get the suction cup to work again and it could only make a very weak suction so that is useless other than using it with a harness. Given the girth of this guy, I'd say this toy is probably best geared for more experienced users or "Size Queens". This toy is thick, but the material is so soft. Not quite as soft as Cyberskin but really soft. The only caution I can advise is to take it slow with the first few uses, but once your partner or you are used to its healthy girth, go as hard & fast as you can stand. Your cervix will be just fine.
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Material / Texture

Now the material is very soft but firm. It's PERFECT. The smell washed away with our pre-sex washing; it was barely noticeable anyway. It really does feel incredibly real, especially after that initial cleaning and we washed away that powdery film. The veins are very subtle, so don't plan on being able to feel them inside of you. I could barely feel them while holding it in my hand. If this toy weren't so thick, I'd recommend this toy to beginners due to how soft the TPR material that it's made from is, BUT this toy is pretty thick so definitely, I'd only recommend this to more advanced players.

Design / Shape / Size

Once again, this thing is thick. After we had been using the Rafael Carreras cock, she was used to his girth, which isn't terribly thick, but it's thick. Fabio makes RC's girth feel like a damn toothpick. We ended up having to work our way up to Fabio, in fact. We used RC, brought her to orgasm so that she's ready for more, grabbed some water-based lube, along with a condom and as soon as just the head was in... she was in love with how soft and real this toy feels and how the rim of its perfectly detailed head felt as it "popped" through. I guess that's one of her favorite sensations that only the Emperor could provide. I inched it inside of her little by little and she told me that this one is the one. It's not too long and it's thick enough to make it hurt just right. She's still a size queen, so this toy isn't a perfect fit for just anyone. She loves everything about this toy: the look, how smooth it is, how soft it is and the fact that I can pack with this toy and keep it discreet with a modest bulge.

The measurements are:
Insertable length: 6 3/4inches
Width of the head: 1 7/8th" at the rim. (thickest point)
Thickest point of the shaft: 2 3/8ths inches thick.

Thick thicky thick.

Now, if you can get a good look at this cock by the pictures they have posted of it, you could definitely see that the head isn't as thick as the shaft which makes the initial penetration a breeze. Once that rim popped through and I was working the shaft inside her, she jolted and told me I got her G-spot. She was shaking by the second thrust, I swear. Hahaha! There's a subtle upward curve to where the head kind of stumbled over her G-spot with each thrust. We discovered this while we were in the good ol' fashioned missionary position. But to make more pressure for her G-spot, we placed a pillow underneath her hips and she was just gushing with pleasure. Literally. We had to wash the pillow afterwards.


The suction cup didn't work too well, but it works just fine for harness use. It holds out just fine in any position as well and has yet to fail us by breaking off or slipping out of the ring. The only thing I could mention being a negative with this toy is the lack of color details. The pink of the head wears off with the first initial washing and first use. They could've added more color or something. Maybe they could paint the veins or add a permanent coloring to the shaft and head to make it look more realistic like there's a little blood flow going through it.

Care and Maintenance

Now this feller is HIGH maintenance.

Step 1: Remove from place of storage, wash off corn starch. (mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water will do.)

Step 2: Grab yourself a box of condoms, we used Trojan "her pleasure" Warming condoms and guess what? We've broken three of those condoms due to this toy's girth so we used a Magnum, and it worked out just fine. In fact, she said that the Magnum felt like skin. She could feel it moving along the shaft with each thrust. Hint hint. Also grab yourself your trusty bottle of water-based Lubricant.

Step 3: Lube it up, insert and go to town. Gently.

Step 4: After you're tired of orgasming, give Fabio a nice hot bath with mild anti-bacterial soap. Blot him dry with a towel or t-shirt and coat the toy with a thin layer of corn starch.

Step 5: Stow the thick beast away in a cloth. Try to avoid high temperatures and stowing this guy in damp places.


The packaging was typical, the box had a picture of Fabio and the cock that was inside and you could definitely wrap the box and call it a gift.

Personal comments

Welp, just as we thought that we found our perfect toy, which happened to be the Realistic Rafael Carreras cock, we came across this one. We've tried countless toys, Dave Angelo, Todd Parker, the Emperor and Edu Boxer's cock. Dave Angelo was too long and left her feeling bruised, Todd Parker was just too thick and a little too long, the Emperor was a bit too long for her and not thick enough and Edu Boxer was not thick enough and also too long.

She absolutely loves this toy the most. It's softer, it doesn't leave her feeling bruised up like our harder rubber toys that we have. She loves how the head pops through and the shaft thickens perfectly and fills her up just right. And then she also loves the fact that when I send it as deep as I can and hold it there for a minute, she doesn't feel so much pressure as she did with Dave Angelo or Todd Parker. It fills her up just right, it's long enough to press against her cervix without rearranging her insides. If the toy was made of rubber, she wouldn't be able to handle the girth, but since it's so much softer than rubber, she can handle it ALL the time whenever she wants and for hours at a time.

All of our other toys left her feeling bruised if we went at it for long periods of time.
Follow-up commentary
Hell... This one was her most favorite cock we've purchased and I tell ya' what. The suction cup broke off in mid-sex like during week two of owning it. We took pretty good care of this cock too, we used the ReNew stuff, water-based lubes, condoms and cleaned it after every use and so on but it still broke down and has gotten so much smaller in size. So, we threw it away and tried Tyler Knight to replace this guy instead. They're about the same size and have a few of the same features. Girthy and soft and not too long. Mr Knight didn't last long either. We've given up on Cyberskin like products.
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