Vinyl vengeance penis - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Dangerous Lilly

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Devil with the blue (vinyl) dress on,,,

If you are looking to be filled up, try this one on for size! Good for a beginner because of the smooth texture and surface.
Nice smooth texture and material.
Smell - I've left it to "air out" and it's still fairly offensive.
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First impression of the Vinyl vengeance dildo|Vinyl vengeance penis was the odor, which disappointed me. I've never owned a toy made of Sil-a-gel so I didn't know what to expect but the odor reminded me of some jelly toys I've had. It's off-putting enough that I wouldn't even want it near my mouth, but knowing that it's a safer material I have no issues using it.

Sil-a-gel has antibacterial properties but is still semi-porous so I would use a condom if sharing. Also, according to the fact sheet on the material, either silicone or water based lubes can be used.

This dildo is meant for a more experienced user. It is very firm, but has a slight amount of give to it. There are no ridges, no frills, but in a toy this large I currently welcome the simplicity and smoothness. The smoothness of the material combined with a little lube made it easier to get in, and easier to move around... once my pussy got used to the large size.

They say that it is 2" around at the ridge of the penis head, but it is the fact that the entire shaft is this size that makes it a more formidable toy. I have another dildo in which only the overly-dramatic bulbous head is 1.9", tapering to 1.5", and it seems tame compared to this bad boy. I personally cannot imagine taking this toy anally, but I would imagine that the smooth surface would be a help. If using anally I would also personally feel more comfortable using a condom on it.

It truly is a pretty pretty blue, with glimmery-shimmery qualities in it and very shiny. It does not have a base that would support a harness o-ring. It is hefty, at 1.5 pounds. Again, I am really happy with the feel of the material, it makes it easier to use. A tackier material would require a LOT of lube, whereas this only required a small amount for me.
I bought this toy to help work me up to a fisting, we'll start out with gradually increasing the size of the toy being used on me in the session. I think this is likely the biggest I'll be able to tolerate for a dildo, and it is serving its purpose well.
Follow-up commentary
There are a lot of Tantus silicone dildos that can do the job better than this and are made from a much safer material. I've gotten rid of this after learning more about sex toy materials.
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  • Sil-a-gel is basically a form of PVC, as you can also find on the material page. That probably accounts for smell... as for safety, it's better than some other forms, but still only a 5. Nowhere near actual silicone.
    The lack of a significant base makes it kind of unsafe for anal penetration, unless it's being anchored well by a partner.
  • Jimbo Jones
    The only sil-a-gel toy I have almost smelled like it was perfumed, did you have the same experience with this one? Thanks for the review.
  • Dangerous Lilly
    CW, you're right about the base, I guess I just can't imagine anyone using this solo for anal!

    Jimbo - not, def NOT perfumed, it was offensive to me, similar to the jelly toys.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thanks for the reply. Now I'm wondering if the one I got was perfumed by the manufacturer in an attempt to cover up the unpleasant odor of the material.
  • SexyStuff
  • Lucky21
    Thanks for the review.
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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