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The twister

Dildo by Joyful Pleasures

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Do The Twist(er)

This toy is a “juicer” style dildo. Instead of thrusting stimulation comes from rotating the toy and “juicing” you or your partner. The toy has a raised swirl on the shaft and 5 nubs on the bottom for texture. The sensation this provides is pretty unique and the combination of a clear glass body and black swirl and nubs is lovely. The cons are that it can be hard to self-crank and it is not as stimulating as other juicers.
Unique sensation, glass, pretty.
Self-cranking can be difficult, less stimulating then other juicers.
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This is a “juicer” style dildo. Instead of thrusting the toy, you insert and turn it (similar to how you would a juicer) to get stimulation. (If you want a thrusting toy with a similar spiral pattern there are many of those for example: the Royal Duet, the Pink Allure, Blue Spiral G etc.)

As the toy is made out of glass it is also good for temperature play, see performance below for more information on that. It can be used either vaginally or anally (large safe base).
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    • Couples
    • Temperature play
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    • Anal

Material / Texture

This toy is made out of glass, which is odorless and tasteless (although I think most of us already knew that, it would suck if all our windows smelled, wouldn’t it?). Glass is hard and unyielding so it is not the best choice for a beginner, but if you like hard materials glass is a great choice. It is a very safe material (non-porous, free of latex or phthalates and hypoallergenic), it is sterilizable, it is compatible with all lubes, and retains temperature well making it good for temperature play.

This toy has two textures: the swirl along the shaft for internal stimulation and nubs along the base, to stimulate labia and/or buttcheeks.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

This is a juicer style dido. The main body of the toy is 4.25 inches long with a handle about one and half inches long for a total length of approximately 5.75 inches. The toy starts with a large head that is 1.5 inches in max diameter; this head also has a criss-cross pattern on the top giving it a juicer-like appearance. The main shaft of the toy is about an inches in diameter and has a single raised swirl going down the length. The base of the toy is toy about 2 inches in diameter and has 5 raised bumps on it. The toy is made out of clear glass, except for the raised swirl and the 5 nubs on the handle which are in black.

According to the box the toy is handmade in China.
Note: As glass toys are handmade they can vary in size; however this is what I’ve nicknamed “box quality”, it comes in box with set measurements so it can’t vary as widely as those that comes in bags or just bubble wrap.
    • Partner play


As I said above, this “juicer” style dildo works by rotating instead of thrusting. The stimulation comes, first from the pattern on the head as you insert it and then from the raised swirl once inserted. There are nubs on the base, and I can feel them on my butt as I crank but they really don't add much, these would probably work better on labia then buttcheeks. This is a unique sensation unlike that of thrusting toys and I’d recommend anyone interested experience it at least once.

While it is different and it is going to see some use in my sexual repertoire, I see it more as a warm-up toy. I find the best use for this is at the start of a long session as the prelude to something bigger and more intense; the uniqueness of it works well here as it is a nice change of pace from the usual warm-up routines. While I can reach (non-ejaculatory, refractory period free) orgasm with this they are on the milder side, which is fine for a warm up toy. One thing I should note is I find it important to keep cracking during orgasm for maximum effect. The resulting orgasm is much weaker if I spot cracking; the loss of pleasure here is greater then if I were to stop thrusting a traditional toy or turn off a vibrator.

One con of this toy is that the self-cranking the toy can be a little difficult. You probably want to experiment with different positions, to see what give you the best reach and angle for solo use. On the other hand this toy would be an excellent choice to have a partner use on you.

Temperature Play
You can gently heat or cool the toy for added effect. The easiest way is using a water bath. Do not use the microwave or freezer to heat/cool the toy, uneven or too extreme temperature change can result, which can damage delicate tissues. Also too quick a temperature can weaken glass or even cause it to shatter.

Gently heating the toy can add a more pleasurable to the experience as well as make insertion easier. You can also cool the toy for an exhilarating rush and there is something psychologically satisfying about feeling a cold dildo warm up as your crank also as if your turning up the heat. As cold can make the anus tense up I’d only recommend cold temperature for experienced anal players.

Care and Maintenance

The toy is overall easy to care for; it is compatible with all lubes so no worries there. Glass is also easy to clean. For basic cleaning, just use some good old fashion soap and water. For more through sanitization: put it in in your dishwasher top rack with no soap; boil it for 5 minutes; or use a ten percent beach solution (make sure it is cleaned off before using it again!). For the most through home sterilization, use a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. Make sure to sanitize or sterilize the toy if you are going to be sharing the toy (either between partners or between orifices). If you are going to clean the toy by boiling or pressure cooker, make sure to raise and lower the temperature slowly as too quick a temperature change can weaken the integrity of the toy or even cause it to scatter.

When storing the toy you want to be careful that it not bumping around, especially not against anything hard, so it does not chip or break. On that note, you should look over the toy and run your hand over it to make sure it has no cracks or chips before each use.
    • Easy to clean


The toy comes in cardboard box approximately 8 ¾” x 2 3/8” x 3 7/8” (the hanging tab adds another inch to the height). The color scheme is white (top of the front and sides) red (the bottom on all sides) and black (the back). The front of the toy has a plastic window so you can see the toy inside, which is sitting on a plastic holder. The sides have a blurb about the toy as well as a picture of the toy. The back has a description about the toy and it features. Although not designed for storage if you save the box it is easy to put the toy back in for storage.

Personal comments

Comparison to SSA Glass Juicer
This is not the first juicer I’ve owned, the first was the SSA glass Blue Spiral (which appears to be just a blue vision of the Pink Rotator). The two are very similar but there are some minor differences.

The heads of the two toys are about the same in diameter although by my calipers the Twister is a 1/10 of an inch larger. The heads differ in how the get the juicer look. The Twister has two criss-crossing lines on the top while the Blue Spiral has 6 lines on the side of the toy to get the desired look. I couldn’t feel a difference between the two styles in use.

The bodies of the two toys are about the same length but the Twister has a longer handle, about a quarter inch longer, but the SSA Glass Juicer does have a more pronounced nub at the end. The bases of the two toys are the same diameter but the SSA Glass toy has 6 clear nubs to the Joyful Pleasures 5 black ones. The shaft of both toys has a single swirl running down it length, but they differ in how tight the spiral is, the one on the Blue Spiral is tighter and bunched closer together while the one on the Twister is looser and more spaced.

In terms of looks, while I typically prefer blue to black, I prefer the look of the Twister overall. The wider spacing of the swirl looks nicer and cleaner, while the tighter spiral of the Blue Spiral looks crowed by comparison. Secondly, I find the black nubs on the Twister look nicer then the clear nubs on the spiral. However, the tighter swirls of the Spiral do feel more intense during use then the one on the twister; so if you want the most intense juicing go for the Spiral.

Lastly, the packaging for the Twister is a cardboard box while the Blue Spiral comes in a bubble wrap and an unpadded pouch.

A final note: SSA glass (which no one seems to know who exactly they are) has earned a reputation for inconsistent product. (note by the way that the product pictures for the Blue Spiral have blue nubs when mine, and anyone’s I have read about, are clear). This reputation that has made some people uneasy about buying SSA Glass. Joyful Pleasures looks like they might make a good alternative to SSA Glass, they seem pretty new so time will tell.
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