Double trouble pink wand - double ended dildo by Cal Exotics - review by MuffysPinguLove

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Double the Trouble, Double the Fun!

The packaging for this product states that it is "Firm, yet Flexible Enough to Move with You!" and I think that this is the perfect way to describe this toy which has so many possibilities for play, and so many options of how to use it.
Multi-use toy. Extremely bendable.
Could be a little longer. Material attracts lint and other debris.
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I love all things pink! Pink clothes, pink sheets, pink toys, you name it I want it! Therefore, when I saw this gorgeous pink "Double trouble pink wand" by California Exotic I knew I had to have it. I had never owned a double ended dildo before, and seeing this gorgeous pink one beckoning to me from my computer screen, I decided to give it a try.

The best feature of a double ended dildo is the ability to use it for multiple purposes. Whether your using it on your own vagina, your vagina and anus simultaneously, woman to man, woman to woman, or possibly man to man (if your feeling really adventurous) it's sure to satisfy your needs. It's design is seamless, and easily bendable in any direction you might desire. What's even more impressive than it's flexibility is that it goes back to it's previous shape without retaining any signs of being bent or contorted into different angles.

This toy is ideal for anyone who wants options. It doesn't matter your orientation, who your partner is, or even if you have a partner at all. This toy gives you the ability to do multiple tasks with a single item. It is 9 1/2 inches long, and the description states that it has an insertable length of 4 inches, but this is only the insertable length for each side of the dildo. You could insert the whole 9 1/2 inches of the toy if you wanted, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. My only warning would be to use caution with this toy, because of it's length. Just because it is a long toy, does not mean that you need to take the whole thing. In fact, thinking about thrusting the entire "Double Trouble" into my body makes me cringe. If your partner is using it on you, make sure you vocalize what feels good, and what doesn't. Toys are supposed to be fun, and discomfort can take away that enjoyment.

Material / Texture

This double ended dildo is made out of TPE, which is described as being a "A polymer blend or compound that exhibits a thermoplastic character." It has a smooth and slightly rubbery texture. It has a slightly rubbery and plastic smell to it, but it really isn't that noticeable or unpleasant. The material is firm, but has bend to it if pressure is applied to the toy. The texture would be acceptable for either beginners or more advanced users, because of it's shape and all of the different things you can use it for.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the "Double Trouble Pink Wand" is beautiful. One end of the dildo has a large egg shaped bulb with two smaller bulbs underneath it. The other side of the wand has a bulb about half the size of the size of the bulb on the other end, and has a larger slightly cone shaped bulb underneath it, and a round smaller bulb beneath that. The middle of the dildo has 7 little rings that separate both sides of the wand from each other. This ringed area is nice, because it provides a handle for you or your partner if you are thrusting the toy. It is nice that both sides of the dildo have noticeably different bulbs, because it allows you to have options as to what size you would like to use.


The bulbs of this wand feel nice as you thrust the toy in and out of either your anus or vagina. Although this toy is not curved, the bulbs made it possible for me to find my g spot with the wand. I enjoyed it both when I used on myself, and with my partner. The firm but bendable nature of the toy was nice when it came to using it with my partner, because it stayed in pretty well, but also allowed us to bend it according to our positioning. When it came to using both ends on myself though, I was not so crazy about it. The fact that the toy bends back to it's original shape makes it hard to keep it in both holes at the same time. It also gave me a weird stretching sensation when I used in both my vagina and anus, because it has to be bent so much. I wish it was at least a little longer, as this would make using it in both holes a lot easier.

Care and Maintenance

Since the toy is made out of TPE I would recommend using a condom if sharing. This material cannot be disinfected by boiling it in water, so I would suggest warm water and toy cleaner, or soap. The toy is easy to clean, but you should make sure that you clean between all the bulbs and ridges that this toy possesses. One drawback of this material is that it picks up things like dust, lint, and other particles. I like to store my "Double Trouble Wand" in the plastic packaging which it came in, because this way I know that it won't attract any kind of debris from my drawer. You can used either silicone or water based lubes with this wand.


The "Double Trouble" came in a simple "clam shell" packaging. Inside the packaging is an insert that says the name of the product, it has the Calfiornia Exotic Novelites logo, and a little circle that states that it is "Safe and Pure for Body & Pleasure." The back of the insert has three bullets that state "Double Sided Mulit-Use probe. Seamless design. Firm, Yet Flexible Enough to Move With You!"
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  • ......
    Very nice review!

    I think any toy like this would be very hard to use both ends on yourself at the same time. If that's something you're interested in, you should look for a toy that's specifically meant for that. But I have no suggestions as far as what would work.
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Thanks for the compliment! I wasn't particularly inclined to try and use both ends of this toy on myself at the same time, but I read in reviews of similar products that people had accomplished it. When I first looked at this product I didn't think that I would be able to use it this way, but I decided to give it a try for the sake of the readers of my review. Needless to say, I will probably not use it again on myself that way as I was not very fond of the experience, but at least I know that I am able to use it that way if the need ever arises.
  • Mamastoys
    I did a review on the purple one which must be slightly different in shape. Where mine was smooth in the middle part, yours was ridged. And the bulbs are a little different so I guess the color isn't the only thing that was different. I agree about trying to use both ends on yourself.. not real comfortable but it is lots of fun to use with a partner.
    Nice review..thanks!
    I love it! I love pink too!

    I may have to get this. Adding it to my wishlist now.Big smile
  • Cinnamon
    Wow this looks like so much double stuffed fun! Wishlist approved.
  • Sammi
    Nice review!
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Mamastoys- I read your review too, because I noticed that there were a few differences when it came to the way the purple and the pink wand look. They look so different that I think I would consider purchasing the purple one as well! I'm happy that I'm not the only one who had a little trouble using both ends on myself! I read so many reviews where people talked about using it like this, and although it is possible, I really didn't enjoy it. Your review was very well done as well!

    Sarahbear & Cinnamon- The color is gorgeous! It's what first attracted me to it! It's a fun toy, and I definitely recommend it for partner play. I love the "double stuffed" comment!

    Sammi- Thanks for the compliment!

  • lexical
    Excellent review, as usual! Great to read and very informative Smile
  • MuffysPinguLove
    Thank you for the compliment lexical! I find your reviews to be very informative as wellSmile
  • gone77
    Good review! That's quite an interesting looking toy and I'm definitely considering getting one. I don't have a partner and I doubt I'd use it as a double dong on myself, but the texture on this makes it seem like it'd lot of fun, as you testified. Thanks for reviewing this! Smile
  • MuffysPinguLove
    It's a lot of fun, and it's nice that having both insert-able ends gives you variety! Make sure to check out the "Double Trouble Purple Wand" before you purchase one, because it's the same design but the texture is different and it's a different color Smile
  • Ms. Spice
    thanks for the awesome review... idk how i feel about the lint part tho
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