Double trouble thick - double ended dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Reviewette

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Double trouble thick sex toy review

This dong is much larger than it appears to be on screen, so beware! It's great fun to use with a friend, provided you've got plenty of time and lubricant on hand.
Easy to clean, flexible, and a pleasure to hold. Stays inserted!
VERY thick (that can be a pro if you like it like that, though). Tastes terrible.
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It was when my package arrived from Eden Fantasys that I realized I had seriously underestimated the size of the Double Trouble Thick - the parcel I signed for was big, and long, and heavy. And the reason for that became clear once I got it home and opened it up - because the Double Trouble Thick inside my parcel was big and long and heavy, with it's plastic and cardboard packaging adding very little to the overall weight.

While everyone knows that old saw about your eyes being larger than your stomach - a truism which gets me in trouble at the smorgasbord restaurant now and then - it seems my eyes are also larger than my cunt. As I unwrapped the bubblegum-pink double-ended dildo and gripped it in one hand, I wondered how I would ever fit one end of it inside me. Or, for that matter, maneuver myself so the other end could be inside my girlfriend.

However. This double-ended dong|Double trouble thick - Double ended dildo by Doc Johnson is a pretty damned flexible toy. Made of 'Silagel' (a silicone-jelly composite), Doc Johnson guarantees that it is non-toxic, phthalate, latex and cadmium-free, and anti-bacterial. It's also bendy, smells like the bubble-gum shade it sports, and is most definitely 'thick', as advertised. This beast of a dildo - which Demeter and I promptly nick-named the Hubba-Bubba - is 14 inches end to end, and (having dug out the ruler) about 1.5 inches in diameter. I highly recommend getting out your (water-based) lubricant!

When I tried this toy out solo, I was unable to insert it very far, or very comfortably, and when I tried inserting it in Demeter, her reaction was much the same. However, using it - as intended - for partner play, we both enjoyed it more. While there are up to six inches each end that are insertable , we both found that only having an inch or two inside was more pleasurable, as it provided good pressure against the entry to the vaginal canal. Those who are used to larger toys, cocks, or fists may enjoy taking in more, but that's up to you!

The Double Trouble Thick is also fun for scaring folk, especially when thwacked it into the palm of your hand (it makes a meaty, heavy noise). This is not a toy you'd want to pervert into a paddling or spanking object, as a serious hit with it would likely break bones. If you ever wondered how it was possible to beat someone to death with a dildo, a la Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Likely it was as heavy as this.

The only downside about the Double Trouble is that is does not taste pleasant! Keep this toy for genital play rather than oral - or for chasing people around the bed with it.
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  • No? I think these types of double dildos would be great to pervert to beating items... so much so I might actually get one just for that purpose.
  • Dame Demi
    Very entertaining review, thanks!  Glad you and your partner are able to enjoy it as a couple, at least.
  • Knotty Scout
    The seam between the two makes me wonder if it comes apart?
  • Thwack, thwack!
  • Reviewette
    Hi Knotty,

    No, it doesn't come apart - although it does appear to be two separate dongs joined together. Really, that just adds to the flexibility of it :)

    xx Dee
  • Essin' Em
    Having held one in my hands (and used it as a javelin), I have serious questions of the "phthalate free" nature of these.  The one I had smell horrendous, and left that smell and residue on my hands; did you have that issue at all?
  • Reviewette
    Hi Essin'Em!  There's a definite fragrance (according to the Doc Johnson site, the advantage of using 'Silagel' rather than just silicone is that you CAN add fragrance to it), but it doesn't smell to me like many of the jelly/phthalate toys do.  To me it smells exactly like bubble-gum!

    I also had no problem with residue.  Which is a good thing.

    xx Dee
  • Jimbo Jones
    That seam is probably there because they probably produced it as two pieces in two different molds and then glued them together. If it is bent around enough (say if Cock Wrangler gets a little too vigorous in delivering her beatings) it will probably break at that seam, at least that would be my guess.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I need to apologize to Cock Wrangler for accidentally using the wrong gender specific word there - I meant HIS beatings. Sorry!
  • Nashville
    Have you noticed the sil-a-gel attracting dust, lint, dirt, debris?
  • Reviewette
    I keep this dildo in a cornstarch bag, so I haven't had that issue. I think if I left it sitting around it would likely require a wipe-down, though.

    xx Dee
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
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