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Flexible Fun

This toy would be a great choice if you're looking for the novelty of being able to bend and control the shape of your toy. The spine stays where you put it pretty well, but the material has a scent that lingers and an odd texture that might be offputting to some people.
Spine holds shape well, somewhat unique design, not an overwhelming texture
Texture might be offputting to some, won't be a long-lasting toy for most
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If you've had a hankering for a toy you could bend into a 90 degree "L" shape and have it stay there, this might be the toy for you. The spine inside allows you to shape it in a variety of positions; hooking enough that you may be able to use it anally if you're extremely careful and use a condom. That being said I would still recommend not exploring the back door with it.

Material / Texture

This toy is made of TPR, also sometimes known as TPE. It's a body-safe polymer blend that can possess a number of textures. This one is supposed to have a realistic feel to it, but definitely has a lot more grip to it than actual skin would. I wouldn't call it "sticky," but it does pick up small fuzzies from cleaning cloths or if you set it on the bed. It's got a fair amount of give to it when you squeeze it and has a smell that reminds me of plastic pool toys that has not gone away after a few washes.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy comes in at about 7 1/2" long and 4 1/2" around pretty consistently down the whole shaft. It has a realistic design in that there is a distinct head and veins, but the overall soft material means that you won't feel the detail as intensely as if it was a more solid material.

The head is solid TPR and all down the length of the shaft is a plastic spine. This is what allows the shaft to hold the twists you put into it; and it does it fairly well. When it first arrives to you the spine is completely straight, although after playing with it repeatedly the vertebrae (for lack of a better word) doesn't ever seem to line up completely anymore. It doesn't affect the overall shape or performance, however it may at some point down the line.

There's definitely no hiding that this is a sex toy, so while you can easily travel with it in a plastic bag it will be pretty obvious to anybody who sees it.


The spine inside this toy is actually a really neat feature, even if it doesn't feel the sturdiest all the time. You can easily bend it in half so the tip touches the end, and when you release it, it will pop back out to not quite a full u-turn shape. It's very easy to shape and position it with one hand during use and the spine gives you the ability to put some pressure behind the head and stimulate the g-spot and generally any wall of the vagina that you'd like to target. I did notice that during more vigorous thrusting you can hear the vertebrae rubbing against each other; almost like listening to joints crack but not quite. This is the part that makes it seem like the spine might give out before the material feels like you need to replace it. Even if the spine does snap - you can still use it as a general dildo, it just won't hold its shape as well.

Care and Maintenance

The nature of the material will likely lend itself to picking up other strong scents so you may be able to cut down the chemical smell with a strongly scented lube or toy cleaner. Make sure to stick to water or silicone-based lube. When you want to clean it up you can use warm water and your favorite toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. I would store it in a toy bag or in an old t-shirt that doesn't have a lot of lint left on it.


Packaging was a simple plastic wrapper. Unpeel and toss, then find something else to store your new toy in.


I got this guy as an assignment with another toy at the same time. I like trying things like this so I was excited about the whole flexibility aspect of it, but everything else I felt very lackluster about. Even after reaching for this one more than the other one, I still felt really lackluster about it when I thought about it. I really do like that I can create a nice hook and really target specific areas inside of myself during use, but listening to the joints creak when I got really into it caught me off guard a few times. I think, for me, it's the material that makes me so ehhhhh about the whole thing. It doesn't necessarily feel sticky, but it feels like there's a coating on it that sticks on my hands after I'm done touching it, and it does seem to pick up a fair amount of fuzzies. Overall it's a perfectly adequate toy and a fun thing to experiment with, but it doesn't feel like it's going to be a long-term toy.
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  • Lilith Bealove
    Bend at 90?? WOW! Have you tried airing it out to help with the smell? Or is the smell not that bad?
  • Jul!a
    The smell isn't that bad. Airing it out has helped but it's not that noticeable unless you're almost trying to snort it, haha.
  • Lilith Bealove
    Oh, but imagine the nostrils you would need in order to snort it!!
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