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G-spot wonder

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G-Spot Wonder

The G-Spot wonder is the Mini-Me of glass dildos, packing quite a punch for its small package. It may not be THE best glass dildo on the market, but is attractive for its simplicity, pretty colors, and ability to "wow" you for the fact that it is an irresistable glass toy delight.
Comes in pretty colors, smooth, perfect for anal and vaginal penetration.
Didn't accurately hit my g-spot, it's small, and doesn't work well with DP.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The G-spot wonder|G-spot wonder - Glass Dildo is the Mini-Me of glass dildos. I mean, literally, this little beauty is a mini little thing. It is small and lightweight enough to carry around in my purse. Two of my fingers are the equivalent of this glass toy’s girth, and I usually masturbate with that many fingers on a ritual basis, sometimes three. It could even fit in the palm of my hand with the bulbous handle resting at the center of my wrist, and the head at just the tip of my middle finger. So what does this mean? Well, if you are a size queen, you would probably prefer to use your fingers over this G-spot wonder. If you prefer a glass toy with more “pow!” in its color, shape, and size, you won’t find that here either. This playmate serves more as an appetizer, the kind that is worth savoring before the main course, and that somehow makes the entire meal all the more fantastic.

As with many glass toys, the G-spot wonder comes with a silk white laced pouch for storage and to keep the toy free from attracting dust and scratches (this one is so adorable that it could easily present itself as a gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or “just because it's Wednesday” occasions). I used this “Mini-Me” right away upon opening it, deciding to use it while wearing my adjustable spreader bar.

I warmed it up first under hot water; no lube was necessary, I was lubricated enough. The g-spot wonder slid into my dripping wet pussy like butta’. Immediately, after much pumping and churning, I felt the head hit my g-spot just a little; it was reaching for the stars, but not quite touching them. The toy is not curved enough to reach MY g-spot accurately, but that factor didn’t take away the fun I had playing with it. I let it slip inside me really deep; it felt quite good and stimulating, as expected. The smooth round bumps was surprisingly comfortable, albeit unnoticeable, as the glass shaft enveloped deep inside my pussy, making her clench, throb, and orgasm. The handle didn’t slip from my hands, but that too is quite small, so if you have big hands or just have butter fingers while masturbating or playing with a partner, this might be irritating. However, with a bit of lube, the handle can easily and painlessly penetrate my asshole. [Editor's note: this toy is not designed for anal play.]

With DP, it was overwhelming trying to squeeze it in with the bulge of my Screw butt plug|Sex toys reviews: The screw butt plug blocking the passage. The g-spot wonder nearly succeeded, but at the end, DP action just doesn’t work, it felt too uncomfortable. With anal penetration alone, this toy was oh-so-slick and went inside my clenched ass muscles almost all the way (don’t worry; I was watching it carefully so it wouldn’t get lost!). It was marvelous, causing me to shiver and tingle ‘till I orgasmed for the last time.

I love this little darling for what it is, a sleek, simple, lightweight, pretty colored glass toy that gives subtle, but not mind-blowing, massage-like sensations for both pleasure holes. As with all glass toys|Glass sex toys - Glass dildos, you can bleach it, boil it, microwave it, or soap and water it down to cleanliness and sterilization. Temperature play is quite a blast too. The g-spot wonder is definitely more for the novice who wants to try something small before hitting the big enchilada, but could easily make anyone smile because it’s an eye-catching glass toy. Who can resist that?
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  • Dame Demi
    You're right, the curve on this looks "barely there."  Still, it's a great price for a Phallix glass toy, and I think they're always worth the investment.

    P.S.- Did you try to put this in your ass with a butt plug at the same time?  I'm just exploring anal, and the thought makes me quake!
  • Yes, the price is great and this toy is worth it! I didn't put the glass toy and the plug in my ass at the same time (although i have stuffed two things in my ass before, it feels good, but def. not for the anal novice!). I put the plug in my ass and the g-spot wonder in my pussy hehe. Just the head of the g-spot wonder went inside me at the same time, it was a tight fit i must say, but uncomfy! I'm finding that glass toys are a bit too hard and rigid for DP action, cock flesh and fingers are the best for it in my opinion hehe. Thanks for the comments Demi!
  • Dame Demi
    Ok, sorry, I got a bit confused reading about the DP part.  With the rigidity of the glass and the butt plug, that just seemed it would be mighty uncomfortable!  Thanks for the quick reply!
  • Yay! Something that doesn't come with a BRIGHT PINK storage bag! Haha. I'm too excited.
  • Hee! It seems like every color of these g-spot wonders comes with a different colored storage back, mine came with a DARK red pouch, perfect for Valentine's day! lol.
  • *i meant storage bag, not storage back, see, i'm excited too!
  • Jimbo Jones
    I didn't know this was so small. Glass toys are so intriguing, I need to get one eventually. Thanks for the review.
  • Yes they are Jimbo, glass toys are always intriguing whether humongous, big, small, or puny, glass toys are where it's at! I hope you get one soon!
  • Dragon
    I love how you compared this to size and your own fingers.  Great review.
  • lysebab
    I never thought of usinmg a toy like this one for anal. First time for everthing. I am glad you gave a size by using your fingers. Great toy.
  • In case anybody is wondering, this dildo is also multi-ended and feels amazing on both ends. Also, if you are agile, the handle works great when pumping it in and out with your feet (during solo masturbation).
  • Foxxy Kitty
    Another note I'd like to make: I tried DP once again but this time with my Pure Plug Large butt plug, and it felt AMAZING. So, this toy can work with DP, but it might depend on the butt plug itself that could make it into an amazing or slightly uncomfortable experience. It might be a hit and miss at times, but go for it, its worth all the fun. :)
  • Sera
    I've never thought of glass as best for DP play, unless smaller pieces. I prefer cock flesh as well. Very nice review.
  • pinkzombie
    I want this!
  • Waterproof
  • zeebot
    Awesome review, thank you!
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the great ....incredibly informative, review.
  • Kat and Aaron(aaron)
    Great review, thank you for sharing.
  • Lioncub
    Thanks for the review
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