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Go with the Flow!

The Flow, made out of 100% aeronautic grade aluminum, takes the functionality of metal dildos to new heights. This amazing G-spotting device will have you soaring in seconds. Tantus did a beautiful job designing a modern, beautiful, filling dildo, that will last a lifetime. And although it is recyclable, I'm sure that I won't make use of that feature in my lifetime.
Is very "filling", durable, versatile.
May be too large for some, some may not like the unyielding nature of aluminum.
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The Flow is a member of Tantus' Alumina line and it is a smooth double ended dildo meant for vaginal or anal penetration (be careful when using it anally because of its lack of flared base. However, since this toy is fairly large and easy to hold, I would be OK endorsing this type of usage. The manual for the flow also says that the flow is "perfect for learning to relax the sphincter muscles." I don't think Tantus would put that in the user manual without thinking about its implications.) I haven't used this toy anally, but I would imagine that the small end would be quite comfortable. I would only recommend using the larger end anally if you've had some previous practice.

The Flow is an interchangeable dildo, which means that the top or bottom half can be interchanged with any other piece from the Alumina line. All dildos in this line screw together in the center. They can be separated by simply unscrewing the two halves. There is also a removable black o-ring between the two halves to keep them from hitting or damaging each other. The o-ring also helps prevent water or other liquids from seeping in the opening between the two halves.

Finally the Flow and all other Alumina toys are fantastic with temperature play! The Flow heats or cools within seconds when placed in either hot or cold water. It also warms up very quickly in the vagina. When I pulled it out after my first orgasm, it was hotter than all of my Njoy toys (which get very warm!) Unlike stainless steel, the aluminum doesn't lose its heat completely after it's placed in the outside environment. When I pick up my Njoy toys, they are ALWAYS really cold. Not so with the Flow. Fortunately for those interested in temperature play, that same coldness is achievable using ice or cold water. But I have to say that it's really nice picking up a metal toy and not running to the sink to warm it up!

Material / Texture

The flow is made out of 100% aeronautic grade aluminum, which feels almost as smooth as stainless steel or glass. It is completely odorless and it tastes like... a soda can. Be careful with this dildo because I'm sure that it's heavy enough to chip a tooth! Since the Flow is made out of Aluminum it has absolutely NO give. So if the idea of sticking a solid unyielding object in your vagina is not at all appealing, you should probably steer clear of the Flow. If you are contemplating entering the fabulous world of heavy-metal, I would recommend a thinner toy such as the Fun Wand by Njoy or the Alumina Revolve by Tantus.

I am really impressed with this aluminum. I am absolutely positive that this toy will last a lifetime, assuming that I don't drop it on my tile floor or smash it in my shower! I've read a number of reviews on this product and most reviewers have had no issues with chipping in the aluminum.

Design / Shape / Size

The flow is a straight dildo measuring 9 1/4" with an insertable length of 4 inches. The circumference at the largest point of the large end is 4 3/4" and 2 3/4" on the smaller end. Weighing in at one pound, the Flow is a rather large Aluminum toy. When examining the Flow on the internet, and even after taking it out of the box, I didn't expect to feel completely filled up. But I was pleasantly surprised! A beautiful opalescent purple, this toy is as pleasurable to admire as it is to use.

For those adverse to phallic looking dildos, you will be pleased! The Flow looks like a piece of art straight from the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). It is unlikely that this dildo will scare anyone (or the significant other of anyone!) I imagine that it would be great for partner play. You'd just have to have some extra communication since the aluminum might be uncomfortable while thrusting from certain angles.


The Alumina Flow performed BEAUTIFULLY! After using it I feel very very very very (x20) satisfied. Its best features are that it it is completely rigid and that it fills me up completely. Again these might be negatives for those who are adverse to large metal toys.

I look forward to interchanging the pieces of the flow with pieces from my other Tantus Alumina toys. I absolutely love this idea. I tend to get bored with sex toys quickly so I will have a LOT of fun exploring the different combinations of awesomeness.

My only negative (if you could call it that) would be the size of the smaller end. It is a fabulous handle for the larger end. But when used internally, it feels awkward due to the weight of the large end. It's hard to describe, but the toy feels out of balance. I would also have preferred for this end to be a little larger. However (watch as I contradict myself completely) I love the size for the sole purpose of thrusting the larger end into my vagina. So I am glad that Tantus designed the toy in this way. The smaller end might shine later when I try and attach it to pieces from my Revolve or Motion.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Alumina Flow is very simple! Like all toys in the Alumina line, the Flow can be cleaned with soap and water, and it is dishwasher safe (on the top shelf). The Alumina can be sterilized via boiling. The Alumina can be stored in its original packaging. The Flow is compatible with all types of lubricants since it does not contain silicone.


The Flow comes in a thin black cardboard box. On the cover of the box is a silver silhouette drawing of the flow, and the Alumina and Tantus logos. If you accidentally left this box out on the coffee table, someone might assume that this toy is a back massager or something. Unless that someone knows Tantus/owns a flow, in which case he/she probably won't mind anyway. Not that I'm in the habit of leaving toys on the coffee table. And not that I have a coffee table anyway since I live in a dorm.

Anyway, when you open the box, there is a foam insert covering the toy. I really like this because it offers extra protection to the flow. When you lift the insert, you will see the flow sitting comfortably in a sturdy foam bed. This foam is very thick, yet flexible to the touch, so I can imagine that it will last for many years, if not for forever.

To summarize, the packaging is effective in protecting the Flow from the elements. The thinness of the box is an asset for storage. While I LOVE the packaging for Njoy and Lelo toys, the boxes do take up a lot of space, which may turn into an issue.

Personal comments

I wanted to use this space to compare the Flow to other heavy toys since aluminum is not common (yet) in the sex toy world. I am the proud owner of the Njoy Pure Wand, Fun Wand, Pure Plug Medium and finally the Eleven. I love love love love all of these toys. However I don't use them as much as I would like (with the exception of the Fun Wand) because they are fairly heavy, especially after I've come home from strength training. Which is pretty much every day. So I usually reach for a lighter toy. The Flow will not make my old toys obsolete, but I can imagine myself using this toy more than my Njoy toys because it gives my G-spot the same hard stimulation, but it's easier to hold.

Also, the Flow fills me up much like the small end of the Eleven. Both the Flow and the Eleven are relatively straight, unlike the Pure Wand. However the Flow doesn't have the ridges that are present on the Eleven. I love my Eleven. I will always love my Eleven. But I don't use it very often. I am ecstatic that I now have a lighter toy that fills me up to that extent.

As I mentioned above, the Flow retains heat/cold much better than my Njoy toys. When I reach for my Flow, unlike when I grab my stainless steel toys, I don't ::need:: to run to the sink and start the hot water!

Finally, unlike the Pure Plug, the Flow clearly isn't a butt plug. But it can be used anally (carefully of course!). I haven't tried this so I am hesitant to give any comments regarding this comparison.


I found that small hard thrusts with the larger end inside my vagina were perfect with this toy. Because of its larger size, complete in-and-out thrusting was slightly uncomfortable. But the small targeted thrusts felt AMAZING in my vagina, and against my G-spot. I suppose the smaller end could be used for fast thrusting, but I don't like thrusting with small dildos. The small end is a little too small for me. I also have the Revolve and Motion, which I haven't tried yet. I would imagine that these toys are better for rapid in-and-out thrusting. I came in about 1 minute with this toy hitting my G-spot and with a LELO Gigi on my clit. I haven't figured out how to have a complete vaginal orgasm, but I've NEVER come so quickly. Oh except for an hour later when I orgasmed in 30 seconds!

I did (kind of) enjoy the smaller end internally, but the larger end really made a terrible handle. Fortunately since the larger end is interchangeable with any other piece in the Alumina line, I can switch it out with a lighter piece. The smaller end is really good for probing the G-spot. For those who don't know the location of their G-spot, the smaller end would be very useful. My biggest complaint with the smaller end is that I felt fairly empty. But I guess that's why the Flow has its larger end too!
Follow-up commentary
The Flow has gotten better and better. Actually, in all likelihood I've just gotten better at using it. I can now say that it's also a good toy for thrusting, you just have to get used to it.

My only complaint about the Flow would be that it ::isn't:: a whole dildo. I don't like the O-ring because cleaning it annoys me, and I never take it apart. However this is still a fantastic toy and that tiny tiny issue -which is actually one of it's coolest selling points- doesn't detract from its overall awesomness.
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