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Dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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Hang Ten...or Fifteen...or Twenty...

Hang ten with the Whipspider Rubberworks Wave? More like hang 45 minutes to an hour! The Wave is not a wham-bam get you off quickly before you leave for work kind of toy. Stubborn and terribly fiesty, its shape can often work against your body and frustrate the user to the point of tears. But if you persist, you'll find the Wave is perhaps more attuned to your G/P-spot needs than any other toy you own. It just takes a little elbow grease!
Beautiful, high quality non-porous, easy to care for, amazing G/P-spotting
Very heavy, broad base, taper works against body, huge learning curve
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Hmm...Whipspider Rubberworks. A company that I love for making some of the most stunning, visually stimulating toys on the market, and for always making them of the highest quality materials and with the finest craftsmanship. And yet? A company that drives me crazy because there always seems to be one little detail that makes their toys inaccessible to most. This is my third Whipspider toy and like the last two, I love it dearly but find each use a bit of a challenge. Is the challenge ultimately worth it? Hell yes. But nevertheless I find the Wave a very frustrating dildo in many ways, in spite of it being one hell of a G-spotting device.

The Wave is a curvaceous blue 100% silicone dildo that is entirely non-porous, phthalate-free and wonderfully hygienic. It can be safely used anally due to its unusually broad base, and because silicone cannot absorb bacteria, it can be cleaned and used vaginally after anal play. Silicone can, like any material, collect microbes on its surface so be sure to thoroughly clean your toy with anti-bacterial soap and warm water between uses. For an extra thorough clean you can sanitize your silicone dildo with a 10% bleach solution or even boil it in a pot of water for 3-4 minutes. Never use any toy vaginally after anal use without cleaning first, and never share with non-fluid bonded partners without doing the same between uses!

Standing erect at almost seven inches from top to bottom, the Wave is moderately long. How many of those inches can be inserted is truly open for discussion, because depending on your anatomy and the strength of your forearm, you may find yourself able to take more or less of this dildo. Ah, see, this is what I was referring to when I said the Wave was a difficult toy. A look at the pictures will reveal that Wave begins as an entirely middle of the road insertable with a girth that would be comfortable to most. However, it quickly expands into a conical shape and its girth increases as the lines of the shaft descend toward the base.

What does this mean? It means that with each thrust you are fighting against the Wave's shape, attempting to force something increasingly large inside of you. Fundamental physical principles dictate that your vagina or butt - orifices of limited size and elasticity - will resist this expansion. In other words? The Wave wants to slip out. Each thrust is a struggle against the toy's design, and my hand easily tires from gripping the exceptionally large base and manipulating this solid hunk of dense silicone. Yeah, there's that too: this thing is no featherweight. My first few uses left me tremendously frustrated because the longer I would thrust, the more aroused I became and the faster and harder I wanted to go. At the very same time, the longer I would thrust the more tired my hand and arm became, and I was forced to go slower and more gently.

So. This obviously posed a problem. At first I pouted and put off having to write a negative review of something I knew had the potential to be so damn good if I could just muscle through the thrusting. I put it away, played with other toys. But I finally came back to it when after wearing a butt plug around the house one day, an idea occurred to me. What if I vaginally inserted the Wave and left it in like a butt plug, with a pair of jeans on over it to keep it securely in place? Readers, I know it sounds really weird but I was willing to try it at this point. So I lubed up, worked the Wave in and slipped into a pair of tight black jeans. Sitting at my desk, I watched porn and rocked back and forth on the Wave, wriggling around and working myself to an insane level of arousal. I pushed through the urge to stick my hand down my pants and get myself off clitorally, and I continue to bounce and squirm around until the combination of the G-spot stimulation, the porn and the friction of the base rubbing against my clit brought me to an amazingly protracted and intense orgasm. A.MAZ.ING. Unlike anything I've experienced before. Did it take almost an hour? Yes. Was it worth three times as much preparation? Probably.
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Suffice it to say this restored my faith in the Wave, and now I was on to finding new ways to get off with it without pulling a muscle in my arm. I learned it's absolutely fabulous when placed upright on a hard surface, or even a firm mattress, and rode slowly. This frees both of your arms up if you squat over it so you can use them both for more interesting things than thrusting - such as adding some extra clitoral or anal stimulation. I also even learn to love it for thrusting when I resolved to be patient and put the work in. By simply holding the Wave inside my and rocking it ever so slightly, I could work myself up to the plateau of orgasm through clitoral stimulation. At this point as I approached climax, I could thrust madly to an explosive G-spot orgasm without my strength petering out mid-way as I had reserved my strength.

Basically? I found there was nothing I couldn't do with this baby. Okay, I'll openly admit that this toy is not for everyone, and some people may find themselves chucking it out of the window in frustration. But for others, myself included, it's absolutely amazing. You just have to start from the assumption that you will have to work with this dildo because it's not going to work with you. In fact, it will work against you. It will try to sexually frustrate you. But the Wave can be sweet talked into giving you some of the most rockin' G-spot orgasms of your life if you play your cards right. It's just a little ornery at first.
Follow-up commentary
WAVE!!!! Ah, I absolutely love this thing! It's still such a pain in the ass to keep in base the way that the body tapers out into its huge base, but there is NOTHING in the world like the G-spotting curve. Holy crap. It's just ridiculous. I would be lying if I told you that I didn't still struggle with how heavy and bulky this thing is, or if I said it wasn't difficult to keep a handle on, but I still use it at least once or twice every two weeks. It's worth the work, plain and simple.
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