Colt Edu Boxer's cock - realistic dildo by Cal Exotics - review by LesbianLove

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He's a definite knock out.

This cock is a fabulous piece of art. Yes, artwork worthy. Very detailed and very realistic. The coloring's amazing too. It feels amazing, my girlfriend loves it. This thing turns her into a shaking/trembling/screaming mess. Love it!
Details were awesome, feel and flexibility. Details!!! Awesome size!
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This faux-cock is probably one of the most fun looking cocks we have. Mr. Boxer is obviously uncircumcised so he's got major foreskin which gives this already thick monster a little more girth around it's gorgeously detailed head. Given he has a suction cupped base, you could obviously stick him to your choice of a smooth flat surface and hold on for a good ride or you could do like we do and attach him to an "O" ring harness. This guy is still rather large and I'd say beginners beware, but if you're looking to step it up a few inches in length and girth, this guy is a perfect stepping stone to getting into larger toys. The head is tapered, but it swells to its full thickness rather quickly so be very careful with that initial insertion. Take your time and use that lube! People just starting out with anal, please work your way up to this guy. No one wants to spend their after sex pillow talk time in the ER, okay?

Material / Texture

This cock is made of "Better-than-Real" and guess what? It feels real. I took a shower and attached him to my strap-on. I crawled into bed still wearing my pj pants to let him warm up to my body temperature and woke my girlfriend in the middle of the night with a few pokes. She reaches around to see what's poking her and freaked out when she grabbed ahold of this cock. She thought I was a real guy back there. Man, that was funny. Anyway, the material is very soft to be a rubber made toy. Very squeeeeezable. And let me tell you, the veins on this thing are huge and very pronounced. She could feel them, that's how bulging these veins are. She loves this cock, she wishes her favorite Fabio Perfect Cock had veins like this one. If this cock wasn't so large, I'd say this material is safe enough for beginners. Also, she sucked it off to lube it up because she was too aroused to deal with lube. She says it doesn't have much of a taste at all.

Design / Shape / Size

Once again, the veins and details of this cock are out of this world! Seriously, I'm very impressed with this cock and I'm bummed I didn't buy this one first to be honest! The foreskin around the head, the head itself, the veins and even the balls on this thing are amazingly remarkable with the detail. There are veins across the balls. The coloring is superb; it's not that Casper tone. The head is a deep red, the shaft is actually "blushed" to give it the look of being filled with blood. Love it. VERY flexible, oh.. Um, yeah. We used this one for anal, at first it was accidental but she loved it, she didn't stop me once I gave the initial poke. She said, "Ooo, go slow." This was the first "larger" toy we've used for anal. She always wants Marc Wallice back there.

All right, now let's break out the measurin' tape!

Insertable Length: 7 3/8in.

Head at the rim/foreskin: 1 7/8in
Mid Shaft: 1 6/8in
Base of the shaft: 1 5/8in.


The look, feel and size of this cock is just outstanding, I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for a very beefy and filling toy to send them past their thresholds. The suction cup performs very well and especially in our "O" ring harness. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this cock. Amazing.

Care and Maintenance

Now given this cock is made of "Better-than-Real", it's extremely porous and could easily harbor harmful bacteria. Therefore, grab a regular sized condom, drop some lube on the inside of the condom as well. THEN put the condom on and use water-based lubes with this monster. I've learned that condoms are less likely to break when they're lubed on the inside while using these rubber toys. So much friction happens between the rubber flesh and the rubber condom so it just breaks.

Wash it with a mild anti-bacterial soap to keep down the bacteria. Stow it in a plastic bag in a nice dry room temperature place.


The box was pretty standard, had a few pictures of Edu Boxer and a picture of the cock on there as well. Some writings on it about the cock. Yes, you could wrap that box up and gift it with ease.
Follow-up commentary
Dear Mr Edu Boxer,

How my girlfriend loves thee, well.. Just the non-flesh version of your cock. The toy is holding up nicely, we've used him for a good solid two months just about every other night on average. We even took him on a camping trip. [WHICH I must advise you to bring sex toy cleaners with you and plenty of condoms as we did to keep things safe.] While we were camping, we ended up in a sex position we haven't tried before and it actually took her to a whole new level. We went home and tried a few of our other friends in the same position and there's just something about Mr Boxer's cock that just really does it for her in that position. Anyhow, ever since then... He's become her favorite quickie toy cock. If I visit her for a brief lunch, he's the one I'll strap-on and go with.
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