Belladonna's Love me tender by Doc Johnson - review by Sexalicious K

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I need some tender lover after trying out this monster!

I can only give this dildo 2 stars because it's too large for me for it to be useful. For people whom are into size, you might find this to be a top rate product!
Durable, low cost, and appealing to view!
Not a very pleasant initial smell and might be too large for some to enjoy.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Well we asked for our first “surprise me” review and I can honestly say “I was surprised!” This dildo just looks over the top. The bright pink and “wavy” design really grabs your attention and I started to think this will be really fun to try. After holding it, while still in the packaging, I became intimidated quickly. This thing is HUGE!

Belladonna's “massive dildo” is shipped in clear plastic clam-shell packaging with some flashy letter graphics, no girly models. Upon opening it I notice an interesting scent. It smells like bubble gum and I figure that was intended to cover up the SilaGel (TPR) material scent. I was correct and after handling it for a while, the bubble gum scent began to fade and it started to smell like an old inner tube… Yuck! This thing is also very heavy. It appears to be solid and probably weighs a couple of pounds easy. It is soft to the touch however, firm enough that it does not bend or distort much from its original shape. It is 7” long and has 3 ridges which take the diameter out to a hefty 2” diameter. Both ends are very blunt and not quite like the picture on EF shows one end to be more bullet like.

Most all my toys are silicone or glass so I am comfortable to give my new toys a scrub down in hot water with a liberal amount of anti-bacterial soap. This dildo is made of TPR which is pourous - so I determined that extra safety precautions are a priority. Sterilization in boiling water for 5 minutes did the trick and it also made the unpleasant smell subside. It is also recommended that if you are sharing TPR material toys that you should use condoms on them if you don't want to sterilize them between uses. TPR is very durable and is shown to be compatible with most lubricants, even silicone.

The size of this dildo is generous to say the least. Those new to sex toys may have a difficult time with it. If size is your thing, then you should try this dildo. The package also says something about being great for anal play and I can only say “yikes!”
OK! I actually contemplated not trying this dildo at all. For me it's just too big. During a very passionate lovemaking session with my husband, I was determined that I could conquer this thing. My husband was eager to help as well. We were playing with various sized toys, so that helped me work up to this one. After lubing it up well with Maximus, my hubby managed to slip it in past the first ridge. I'm not a size queen so I experienced some stretching that I was not sure was very pleasurable.. As my husband began to stroke it in and out, then I was sure that the drastic feeling of the ridges was uncomfortable. That was it for me!
Follow-up commentary
Over the past months I gave this monster a shot or two during some particularly steamy passion sessions. The end result was the same, it's just too large for me. A funny story is I threatened to use it on my poor hubby's little ass during some BDSM play. I never heard a safe word come out of his mouth so fast. Nice to know I'm not the only one scared of this thing. If you are a size addict then give this one a try. It may always remain a challenge for me!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Victoria
    Aw, what a trooper! Sorry the size was too much. It looks really big!

    I am surprised it withstood 5 minutes in boiling water. Porous toys (like this one and others that are composite materials) are not supposed to be boiled, so at least it's sturdy!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review! Hopefully the next surprise will be a more pleasant one!!
  • Tuesday
    This looks like the moulin rouge, but with a different tail end. The moulin was also hideously oversized. Its too bad they don't make a more narrow version of this.
  • Arabella Eve
    It's a shame that it wasn't a tender lover at all! Thanks for such an informative review. If you can dig up some courage to try again, you might want to explore Doc Johnson's Lucid Dream line. I've found that they offer a bigger variety of dildo/vibe sizes and have generally LOVED that line. When I've tried to branch out within the brand, I've found myself disappointed too. Go figure! At least you have your hubby's kisses to make it all better.
  • Kinky Kitty
    Funny, my TPR toy made my entire toy chest smell like "My Little Pony" I don't know if its better than an old inner tube Winking Did that smell ever go away?
  • Mamastoys
    Sorry it didn't work for you..Is it really safe for anal use?? I wouldn't want to try it out...
    It looks like it could have potential if smaller.
    Thanks for an honest review!
  • Sammi
    You're braver than me.
    Good review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I could tell it was Sil-A-Gel just from the picture. My experience with this is usually coupled with burning. =/ But, I think it's more like Jelly than TPR (TPR has been nicer to me).
  • Sexalicious K
    Sorry peoples! I have been away a few days. Thank you all for the compliments and feedback!

    Pink - I think this thing is indestructible!

    Red - I hope so as well.

    Tuesday, Lunar, and Adriana - The picture on EF does not represent this product correctly, yes I know this is unusual for EF, here is a link to what it does look like.

    The package does say "Made from TPR material."

    Mamastoys - I would never recommend anything like this for anal use without a base. The packaging eludes that it's "perfect for anal use." I disagree.

    Kinky Kitty - The smell is not completely gone.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile

    Shame about the initial smell Sad face
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile

    Shame about the initial smell Sad face
  • yayy
  • Matty1980
    Think I will get this for my girl.
  • big b
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