Dai-Do #6 - steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys - review by Backseat Boohoo

Dai-Do #6

Steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys

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It could have been better, it could have been worse.

The Dai-Do #6 is an aluminum and silicone toy crafted to feel heavy and look beautiful. It is best used for shallow penetration and temperature play.
Beautiful to look at; sterile materials; heavy; retains temperatures and warms to your body.
Penetrative end is very short; handle is so heavy it "pulls" the toy back out of you.
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The Dai-Do #6 aluminum dildo arrives in a black cardboard box, emblazoned with several professional photos of the toy and a list of the toy's attributes in several languages. The toy is wrapped in a layer of plastic and set in to a flimsy plastic tray; it also comes with a black drawstring pouch to store the toy and a little pamphlet containing information about other toys from Big Teaze Toys.

According to the Big Teaze Toys promotional text on the box, the Dai-Do #6 features:

1. a "unique spherical handle" for a better grip,
2. "superior grade aluminum alloy" material,
3. "unique thermal properties" for temperature play, and
4. a "slip-resistant silicone grip."

The box isn't fibbing. The actual toy IS made out of dark red aluminum and is similar in shape to a bowling pin, only rounder. The handle of the toy looks very similar to the Tuyo; it is a round ball, roughly the size of a tennis ball, with a band of black silicone wrapped around it. There is a raised metal plate with the Big Teaze Toys logo on this silicone band. The other end of the toy consists of a thin neck, roughly 2 inches in length, and a bulbous head that is a bit smaller than a golf ball.

The Dai-Do #6 is scentless and tasteless. Aluminum and silicone are completely sterilizable materials, so you can wash this toy with soap and water or toy cleaner. Boiling is not recommended, since aluminum retains heat very well and would probably burn you when you tried to remove it from the pot.

This dildo is a compact but heavy toy, weighing in at around 1 pound. You can feel how hefty it is when you hold it in your hand, and it presses down on the bottom of your vaginal and anal canals during insertion. Most of the weight is concentrated in the round handle, however, so while the toy is heavy as a whole, there isn't a lot of weight concentrated in the penetrative end of the toy.

Because it is made out of aluminum, the Dai-Do #6 is extremely receptive to temperatures. You can run it under warm water or stick it in the fridge, and within a few moments the dildo will be extremely warm or very cold, respectively. This is an especially lovely feature in you enjoy warming sensations, because during insertion, the toy will warm up even more due to your internal body temperature, until it feels like it's even warmer than you are. This receptiveness to human body temperatures means that the dildo won't stay cool for very long, but that "liquid gold" feeling inside of you is really wonderful.

Unfortunately, the Dai-Do #6's design isn't quite on target. The incredibly short neck may make it difficult for you to reach your g-spot or p-spot with the round head; my g-spot is very close to my vaginal entrance, but the Dai-Do #6 just couldn't reach it. Secondly, the rounded handle is often more of a hindrance than a help. It is so large that it can be difficult to hold if you have smaller hands, and while you CAN hold the handle and twirl the dildo, the handle's round shape requires you to bend your wrist at an odd angle to hold it properly. Furthermore, the Dai-Do #6 does not make the best out of its design; it could easily have been made in to a double-ended dildo, but the metal plate on the handle includes engraved words, rendering it dangerous for the vagina and anus' sensitive linings.

The Dai-Do #6 is also a bit difficult to use as an anal toy. The large, rounded handle acts as a great base, preventing the toy from getting "lost" in your bum, but this rounded shape renders it useless as a long-term plug. The dildo will also pop out of your anus if you don't have someone holding it there for you. Hence, this toy is best used during anal play if you have a partner holding it in place for you.

The Dai-Do #6 has many lovely features, including its temperature-receptive material and the weight of it. Unfortunately, these features are not implemented as well as they could be; the small end of the toy can only provide you with very shallow penetration and the heavy handle prevents it from staying in place. Still, the Dai-Do #6 is a good choice for people who want to try out aluminum toys or are only interested in shallow penetration.
I was very excited when I received the Dai-Do #6. It's a very beautiful toy, thanks to its metallic red color, and I love temperature play, so I was excited about its temperature-retaining properties.

Unfortunately, this dildo did not live up to the reputation of other aluminum toys. While it is heavy, most of the weight is concentrated in the handle of the toy, so you don't get a super-full feeling when you penetrate yourself with the insertable end. Also, as I mentioned, the insertable portion of the toy is VERY short; my g-spot is only a few inches away from my vaginal entrance and I couldn't even reach it. A shame, since that metal head probably would've felt great on my g-spot.

I was also personally disappointed by the lack of intuition in this dildo's design. Its shape would've made it an excellent double-ended dildo, with the handle serving well for size queens, but all of that metal engraving would make insertion extremely painful and could scratch the linings of your inner body.

Furthermore, I take issue with the toy's claims that aluminum's temperature-related properties are unrivaled. While it's true that aluminum is incomparable when it comes to "warm" temperatures, it heats up so quickly when it comes in contact with your body that there's almost no point in chilling the toy. Aluminum is where it's at for that warm feeling, but I'll stick with glass--which retains cold longer--for a cooling effect.

Even after this toy failed me vaginally, I had high hopes for it as a makeshift butt plug. However, as mentioned, the weight of the handle really pulls on the toy as a whole, so it slides back out of your anus shortly after the initial penetration.
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  • Epiphora
    Awesome review. You're right, the design of this isn't very intuitive at all.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    This one looks like it would be my least favorite of the collection, but great review.
  • TinyTease
    Very interesting toy! It certainly makes me curious about it. Nice review.
  • Liz2
    Enjoyed your review. The design really gets me, doesn't seem to make it either for vaginal or anal play. With butt plugs, my goal is for them to stay in place unless manipulated or removed by me. To have my partner spend play time tying to hold a butt plug in doesn't do anything for this girl!.
  • ToyingCouple
    Excellent informative review! The cool design gets points but it certainly doesn't sound very functional.
  • Nashville
    I saw this on Big Teaze's site and I thought it looked so cool. Thanks for the honest review, it definitely didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Sad face
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    I agree with Sleeping Dreamer. Sad face. Great review.

  • Backseat Boohoo
    Epiphora: yeah, it'd be a much better design if the neck were a bit longer, the engraved plate wasn't on the large end, and the weight was a bit more balanced.

    CC: I definitely agree. The rest of the line seems pretty good, but this one just doesn't quite match up to other aluminum toys.

    TT and TC: Thank you!

    SD/TG: Well, it definitely LOOKS pretty, no doubt about it! But it doesn't function as well as one would hope. On the up side, the rest of the line seems to work much better!

    Liz: What really annoyed me was that you have to have your hand on it all the time, or the heaviness of the handle will pop the toy back out. And if you have small hands like me, that big round handle forces you to cock your wrist a bit.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I like the idea of this design but think they just missed it. It's good looking, though!
  • Sera
    Very good review. Definitely worth reading, and useful as well. Great job.
  • Free
    Great Review!
  • EvaChangeN
    Great review, worth the read. Thanks for the heads up on the handling issues
  • richsam
    Thanks for the review!
  • Badass
    Great review! See, I think the weight in the handle would be an awesome thing for me, since I usually have to push toys forward to hit my g-spot.
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