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It's Big... Really Big

Size queens rejoice! The Kevin Dean Realistic dildo is a comfortable, easy to use way to achieve that sort of satisfaction that only a really large cock can provide. If you're willing to endure the pungent chemical smell of the material, this dildo is an excellent choice for those who like living large.
Softness of the material allows for easy and comfortable penetration, great suction cup.
Horrible chemical smell of the material.
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The Kevin Dean Realistic Dildo can be used for both anal and vaginal penetration. Due to its size and girth, it should only be used by those experienced with larger toys or those who have extensive experience with smaller dildos who are interested in upgrading to a larger model.

When using it for vaginal penetration, users should be aware that the length is significantly more than any vagina can reasonably accommodate. Keeping that in mind, watch the depth of the thrusting and save your poor cervix from any additional wear and tear! If you can handle the width, be aware that this is not something you'll be able to insert completely.

Material / Texture

This dildo is made from Sil-A-Gel - a soft, super-smooth, and semi-porous material that is completely anti-bacterial, non-toxic, and cadmium free.

The greatest thing about this material is that it provides for one of the most realistic dildos on the market. Its flexibility, its softness... all of it is very, very true to life in a way that silicone or plastic just can't beat.

The greatest drawback of the material is highly subjective. There is an incredibly strong artificial chemical smell that is very difficult to get rid of. Repeated washing and airings may be able to tone the smell down somewhat, but if left out in the open, the dildo gives any room or container a cheap, skanky sex store out in the middle of nowhere next to the airport kind of smell.

The softness of the material is what allows its considerable girth to work. Were this dildo made from a less flexible or accommodating material, penetration would be next to impossible. Instead, the shaft flexes slightly to allow one's anatomy to adjust to it easily (with the help of quite a bit of lubricant).

Design / Shape / Size

Although the texture and the material makes this toy ideal for a wide range of users, its length and its girth serve as a huge impediment to a more general audience. This is without any question a dildo designed for size queens. Whether you're a fan of the backdoor kind of love or you prefer vaginal penetration, it only works if you can appreciate the length and width as well.

The dildo's design is very realistic and, both visually and in terms of sensation, feels as close to a real cock as I've ever found with a sex toy.

While its size is certainly its key selling point, the Kevin Dean Realistic is anything but discreet. If you choose to put it in a purse or a backpack, be sure to store it in a discreet (one is included in the packaging!) if you don't want a monster cock peeking out of your bag. The same considerations apply to travel. Yes, you can pack it in a carry on bag, but know that the good ladies and gentlemen at the security screening will know you're going on board with a huge dildo.


The length can be both a benefit and an obstacle when it comes to performance. The main obstacle has already been mentioned: it's impossible to use this toy for complete vaginal penetration. That may not be the case for anal penetration, but I'll leave it to those intrepid anal explorers to confirm or deny that. Vaginally, however, this toy can only go so far. That limits one when it comes to enthusiastic riding.

The benefits that come with the length far outweigh that one constraint, though. Because it is so long, it allows penetration in a greater variety of positions than one can achieve with a shorter dildo. You can attach it to the wall and ride it while standing. You can use it doggy style and not be as concerned with your legs getting in the way. You can ride it or you can use it in the traditional missionary position. The length means there is ample room to get a good grip when masturbating and the firm base permits others to have an equally good hold.

The width performs equally well. Considering that this is definitely one of the larger widths on the market, it would be easy to dismiss this out of hand because "that's just far too large for me." Not necessarily. Were the material a rigid plastic, I would say that penetration would be impossible (and I'm saying this from personal experience... don't ask). It's not and, if you've explored with larger dildos and would like to go to the next level in terms of width, this is a great choice.

The suction cup performs extraordinarily well. Because of the dildo's weight, I had initially expected the suction cup to be able to withstand the pressure. That wasn't the case at all. Despite rigorous (ahem) testing, the suction cup never once came off unintentionally. It worked on the toilet seat. It worked on laminate floors. It worked on painted walls. It worked on tiled walls. It worked on a cheap coffee table. Long story short... the suction cup works and it works well.

Care and Maintenance

The Sil-A-Gel material means that the dildo needs to be washed with mild soap and water. Harsh detergents, alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided. Pay special attention to the nooks and crannies of the dildo, especially around the head and base.

The dildo is compatible with water lubricants.

When storing the dildo, avoid contact with other products. Do not rub or lay it against sharp objects, abrasives, or other rubber products. You should also keep the dildo out of direct sunlight as the color may fade with prolonged exposure.


The dildo comes in a big dildo-sized paper box. It's packed in a long plastic bag and comes with a fabric sleeve for storage. To contain the smell that seems to permeate everything, I've taken to storing it in the plastic bag, fabric sleeve, and box (and even then I can still smell it).

As an added bonus for those porn fans in the audience, the dildo also comes with photo of Kevin Dean. Sigh! He's so dreamy!

There's also a useful cleaning and care manual included.

Personal comments

I've got a long-standing love/hate relationship when it comes to this material. I love the softness and I hate the smell. I don't have any adverse physical reaction to the material, but I can't stand the fact that every time I open up the drawer where I store this dildo, the room smells like dildo for the next few hours. I love using the dildo. I hate owning the dildo.

If considering purchasing this dildo, this is a trade-off that you'll have to decide whether or not you're willing to make.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    fave part..."I love using the dildo. I hate owning the dildo." hahaha, and so sorry it smells like dildo for hrs on occasion, haha
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