Realistic dildo discontinued
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It's only smells...

Rocco Siffredi's "Incredibly Realistic Squirting Dildo" is his less-charming PVC equivalent. While it is a very handsome realistic dildo, it also oozes sketch, with its bacteria trap of a urethra (which acts as a vessel for whatever liquids you use). It's glossy, skin-like PVC, which boasts a faux "dual-density" claim. That said, if you're dead-set on a squirting dildo, and do not mind having a smelly dildo in your arsenal, this might be a great option for you. Otherwise, I'd definitely pass.
Realistic, Great Detail, Nice size
Smelly, Bad material, Easy to trap bacteria inside
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Possible cesspool

This toy is meant to unleash a torrent of cum! The Squirting Rocco Siffredi is best used vaginally or anally, whatever you'd prefer. Although keep in mind, this toy is not really safe at all, and the idea of using it anally without a condom is unfathomable to me, since properly cleaning this dildo is virtually impossible.

So despite this being a squirting dildo (unless you're really dead set on the squirting, which I'm guessing you would be if you were going to purchase this), I say use it with a condom. Rocco is safe to use anally due to the large set of extremely realistic balls, which also make a decent handle when maneuvering and thrusting.

As far as the toy's squirting abilities, it works pretty well, although the system is extremely flawed. If you're like me and didn't realize that you need a lube syringe or some sort of turkey baster / eyedropper-like mechanism, you'll be left with the task of squeezing the balls while maneuvering your lube of choice down the little urethra hole which acts as the "hidden reservoir". My roommate had fun watching me trying to force the lube down the hole, pouring only a little bit at a time inside. Eventually, I got the big guy somewhat filled up with my lube of choice (Please Cream by Pleasure Works) and tested his squirting abilities. The lube doesn't squirt out the way a real penis would, it sort of spurts out in jagged little shots, all while making an oddly unappealing noise - which sort of resembles the sound Nickelodeon's Gak made. I tested it by putting water in it, and that was actually more successful. I'm guessing it would work fine if I had a lube syringe.

I don't own a harness, so I can't properly speak to whether or not it would fit in an O-Ring. I'm guessing it would fit just fine, despite the large balls. All in all, I would recommend this for people who aren't concerned with phthalates, but really, there is only a small set of people on this site who would even consider touching something made out of PVC, especially when it isn't phthalate-free.
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    • Gag gift
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Material / Texture

Rocco is made of a "dual-density-like" PVC material. It is not phthalates-free, and should be used with caution. It has a slight shower curtain scent, which can not be removed or masked. I couldn't get the scent out, at least. It's not really extremely overpowering though. You can't smell it from a few feet away; it's just enough to deter me from using it. The glossy-looking PVC has a lot of drag to it that dissipates somewhat with lube. Rocco Siffredi's likeness is extremely realistic, and has an astounding amount of detail. It's very much uncanny valley. It's got incredible detail all over, great looking veins, and slight wrinkles on the balls. It's very nice!

Ball wrinkles

glossy exterior

The body of the dildo is semi-pliable. However, I don't know where they got the idea to claim that it has a dual-density-like feel, because it feels nothing like my Vixskin Maverick. It feels somewhat tacky when holding it in your hand, and I can feel no inner core to speak of. Saying that, though, I think people who really want a realistic feel for a decent price might appreciate what Rocco has to offer.
    • Porous
    • Sticky
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

size comparison to the acute

The design of this toy is the only redeeming quality it really has going for it. It's very realistic, and has fantastic details. The size isn't actually too daunting to me; however, beginners might not like that it is a bigger dildo, despite the fact that it is sort of tapered at the head for easier insertion. It measures in at 8" in total, and about 6" of those are insertable. As far as girth goes, It's 2" in diameter and 6" in circumference. The ball sack is about 11" in circumference, and that acts as the "button" for the "squirting".

As far as discreet toys, this is probably less discreet than most dildos. There is really nothing discreet about it, not even the packaging.

I think it has a good size. It tapers in at the head, and tapers out slightly where the balls meet the base. The shaft is wider than the rest, which is quite fulfilling when in use. Alas, I will not be using this very often, or at all, as its faults far outweigh its positives.
    • Realistic


The best part about this toy is the aesthetics of it. It's very beautifully done for a realistic dildo. All the little details are great. This is harness-compatible as far as I know, and has no suction cup.

Care and Maintenance

To "clean" this toy, you can use antibacterial soap and water, or toy cleaner. This toy is extremely porous, meaning it is virtually impossible to sterilize, and should not be used with partners unless you're using condoms. It's an 2 on the EF safety scale. For 2013, that's kind of pathetic. This is a very high-maintenance toy in my mind. It stinks, and the packaging it comes with isn't really the best to store it with, considering how non-discreet it is. I think this toy would be much more manageable if it didn't squirt and have the urethral hole to trap any bacteria or liquids to come in contact with it. I wouldn't be so wary about using it if not for that hole.

Since it's PVC, it's compatible with water- or silicone-based lubes.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance



Rocco's cock comes packaged inside of a clear, non-discreet clamshell package and gives hardly any instruction to its use other than, "Squeeze his balls and Rocco releases a torrent of cum!" Other than that elegantly stated blurb, it also states that it is "Made In The USA" - a redeeming quality, I suppose! On the backside it states, "Fans gush over him the world over, and now Rocco gushes back. It's the cock your customers love, now in a squirting version. Just squeeze his ample balls and draw your liquid of choice into the hidden reservoir. Squeeze again and it all comes streaming out." Other than this it states, "PVC cock molded from Rocco himself. Squeeze balls to squirt", in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

It took me a long time to figure out how to actually get lube inside of this thing, and even then it proved futile. If you buy this, I suggest having a lube shooter syringe or something, because it's damn near impossible to get lube into this thing without it.

As far as packaging goes, Icon Brands could have done something far nicer for the price this retails at ($66.99).
    • Not discreet
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  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    great review, thanks! I, too, find it odd they would use this material given the squirting feature. I have never seen one of these before, it's certainly different!
  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Ugh, the material is what is going to keep me away, and the fact that it is hard to squirt anything out of it. I had one that did not work out well already. I hope they come up with something better one of these days. Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: *Camoprincess*
    Thanks for the review I will be staying away from this one as well. I had the Doc Johnson Squirt and he didn't squirt it was an epic fail as well. Sorry to hear this didn't workout so well either
  • Contributor: veggieguy
    I have this dildo too. I actually purchased it when I wasn't aware of how harmful most materials for sex toys could be. It really is very difficult to clean since anything can go inside where the lube (or fake sperm) is suppossed to come out. The squirting effect is not really realistic anyway. So this was definitely not worth its money.
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