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Little Su

Dildo by Joya 4U Ltd.

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Joy for You with Little Su

The Little Su is a beautiful toy designed for women's pleasure or feminine-bodied couples. It is both vaginally and clitorally stimulating, mainly used for purposes of rubbing and feeling weight inside of yourself. It's a great product for those wanting to experiment with something new.
Velvety smooth texture, has a pleasurable shape, a great toy for women.
Seam extending around the outside.
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somewhat useful review
The Little Su is a one-ended, clitoral stimulating toy designed for women's pleasure. Though it's not double-ended as it might seem, the thinner, ribbed part is what's used to stimulate the clitoris of either one or two people. It's new, innovative, and a design that's clearly different from most things that are on the market.

To use the Little Su, inside the bulbous end into yourself (or have someone do it for you) and use the other end to stimulate your clitoris as it moves into you. Mainly, it's made for feminine-bodied people to use, but use anally is alright, as long as you do not use the thinner end. The thinner end is ribbed, and when inside, feels very uncomfortable. The little ball at the end also adds to the discomfort because of the little border around it. The idea of the Little Su is to be a product that's one step up from rubbing yourself against a pillow or a bed—it includes firmness with internal pleasure, and velvety smooth silicone with movement against sensitive places.

This toy can be used with either one person or with two, depending on what you're interested in. Their website tells you the many possibilities of use for this toy—and by reading their suggestions, you can think of different ways that are good for you. If used with two people against each other, the thinner end will be between you, stimulating each of your parts. Paired with other toys or dildos, this product works very well. When I used this with my partner, I used the clitoral end as a handle and thrusted the Little Su into her vaginally.

Made of a velvety smooth silicone, this product is both hygienic and safe for use with water-based lubricants. You can boil the Little Su or put it in the dishwater and it will be fully sterilized for your next use. The silicone that they used feels wonderful against the skin—it's so silky and wonderful to touch. It's also very hard and heavy, so it gives a nice, full feel when it's inside of you. You may need a lot of lubricant with this toy because of its size, so if you do, only use oil- or waster-based lubes.

The design of the Little Su is very different from what you'd normally see in sex toy stores. It's double-ended, but both ends cannot be used for penetration. It's very versatile, but should be used with caution. The bulbous end of the Little Su is designed to fit vaginal curves, but will still pleasure you anally if you plan to use it that way. The thinner end has a little ball on its end with a smiley face that's a very cute touch. Sadly, the Little Su does have a seam extending around it, which cuts right through the middle of the smiley face.

It starts out with a small end and increases to a huge girth very quickly—maybe too quickly for some. When you're using this, caution and lubricant is recommended as well as being ready for its size. When you do get it inside of yourself comfortably, you'll feel full (unless you're an extreme size king/queen), and its weight will add to the effect. It doesn't have any curve to it, so it isn't particularly designed for g- or p-spot stimulation (though the girth might press against those parts for you).

The most impressive thing about the Little Su is its packaging. It's a large, book-like box that has many instructional pages and information on the Little Su. Inside, there is a styrofoam casing that holds the Little Su comfortably and safely. This is definitely the type of packaging that's worth keeping. It's even got a beautiful cover with very interesting, industrial artwork.

If you're not interested in this sort of product, then don't buy it. Personally, I think that it's a beautiful product that can be used in quite a few ways, though it is very expensive. The Little Su is something that's made for only certain types of people but may not work for others—if you do not think that it will work for you, do not spend the money on it.
Since I'm not personally much into anal penetration for myself (tried it, haven't exactly liked it), and I'm not one for allowing my partner to do things on her own, I figured that I could use it on her, by tweaking its purposes a bit.

When I tried pushing Little Su into her, she made a sound of discomfort and told me that I was hurting her, so I fingered her for a while to work her up to its girth. After getting her up to four fingers, I pushed Little Su in and used the ribbed piece, with one of my fingers locked around it like a trigger, to thrust into her. She said that the curves felt, "a bit odd, but nice," once we were done. During, it seemed like she liked them more than she said.

It didn't stimulate her g-spot at any point unless I angled it up on my out-thrusts, which was a little hard to do since it's not curved upwards, but I was able to manage.
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    • Female-bodied people
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  • Nashville
    How would this work for men?

    What does it feel like internally?

    Does it massage the g-spot for women or the p-spot for men?

    You said it's made out of velvety smooth material- what is that material? How do you clean it? Can it be shared between partners without condoms? What type of lubricants is it compatible with?

    How girthy is it? Does the tapered tip make insertion easier?

  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Wow, what an interesting looking toy. Great review.
  • Sir
    Sleeping Dreamer- Most of those questions were actually answered in my review. But as for the p/g-spot, it can do wonders that way, though it's not really made specifically for the p-spot, it's really made for women. The material is actually a silicone, phthalates-free material that's nonporous and hypoallergenic. Internally, it gives great stimulation because of its curvaceous figure that fits nicely with most forms. It can also be shared without a condom, but of course being safe is better than sorry, so be cautious at times of need. It's suitable with any type of lubricant that I can think of, actually, you migh have to check me on that. Its girth and insertion I put in one of the paragraphs of my review.

    Cinnamon Chambers- Thank you! Really appreciate it. And yes, it is an interesting type of toy.
  • Snappy
    Thanks for your review. I like its design and I'm glad that it actually works well, too.
  • Sir
    No problem, Snappy!
  • Femme Mystique
    You know, it kind of reminds me of a red stiletto. Very interesting--thanks for the review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Wow this looks so interesting! I wish I was brave enough to use it!
  • Sammi
    The design does look like a shoe or a shoe insert. Very interesting!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    So... according to your review, is this toy only for a female-bodied person to use on herself? I'm a little confused. When I first looked at the toy, I thought it was more of a double-ended dildo, like the Share and Feeldoe. Your review describes it as more of a solo toy, however. What a pity! I was hoping that this would be fun to use to penetrate a partner with.

    I'd love it if you could share some of your experiences with this toy with us. How did you use it? What did it feel like? Did you use it on a partner and did s/he enjoy it?

    Thanks for the review.
  • Epiphora
    You can find the userguide on this page, and it seems to tout this toy as a toy for two female-bodied people to use together (or for a female-bodied person to use alone). Not sure why this was assigned to a dude...
  • Sir
    Epiphora- I'm actually not sure why either, but I'm able to allow my partner use it for herself or I can use it on her (by using the clitoral stimulating piece as a lever, in a way). Any toy can really be "versatile," but this one isn't meant for that, though they do caution using it anally, oddly enough.

    Miss Cinnamon- It ISN'T a double-ended dildo for penetration. It's a double-ended dildo in the sense that one end is inserted into the vagina or anus and the other is to wrap around and stimulate your clitoris. It's for use for two women mainly because (and in the packaging, there's a whole little tutorial on it) you can rub yourselves against each other with the clitoral stimulating part between you.
  • Sir
    Miss Cinnamon- I also forgot to add that the part with the ribbing, if you were to insert that into yourself, is VERY uncomfortable, so I wouldn't recommend doing that. That's why it's not like the Feeldoe or Share dildos.
  • Red
    The toy officially confuses me, but I can't quite look away! Thanks for the review. How floppy or firm is it? And really, you don't think the tail would be any good in the anus? Just because of the mold-ridge or...?
  • Sir
    Red- It's very firm, actually. And no, I don't. It's really uncomfortable, not just because of the ridges, but because of the little bulb at the end of it; it would hurt and quite possibly scar your insides.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Ok, thanks for that clarification! What an interesting toy...!
  • Sir
    No problem, Miss Cinnamon!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • Septimus
    Great review!
  • Breas
    Thank you for the review
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