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If you're someone who loves realism in their toys, the European cock with balls might just be your dream dildo. The dual density cyber skin gives this toy an extremely realistic feel for squeezing, stroking and internal use, both vaginally and anally. The only real downside here is the maintenance factor of the material - this toy requires some extra TLC in order to extend its lifespan. As well, if you're looking at this specifically for the suction cup, be warned: it's not all that suctiony.
dual density, extremely realistic look and feel, no scary blue veins, feels great in use
high maintenance material, porous, creepily cold to start with, weak suction cup
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First things first: the European cock with balls, or as I like to call it, the Eurocock, does not look like the pictures. All those veins? Not quite so scarily striking. They're there, but no one has painted them blue, thankfully. The Eurocock just looks like a normal Caucasian (or, I guess, European?) penis. Check it out, hanging out in the shower:

Pink and friendly. No worries. I noticed that the product pictures also display the Eurocock sitting kinda tilted and leaning over. I'm not really sure why that would be – the toy I received sits up straight and tall with no leaning whatsoever. While the above picture shows the Eurocock sticking happily to the wall, the fact of the matter is that it's not the best suction cup ever. I had no success with hands-free use at all, but more on that below.

You can use the Eurocock either vaginally or anally with great success, but do take care to use a condom for anal use especially. No one wants that bacteria hiding out in the pores of their Eurocock.

It's also harness compatible and perfect for gender play. The colouring and proportion make this a great match for my body, at least, and if I had a harness I would be proud to call this cock my own.
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    • Everyone
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

The Eurocock is made of dual density cyberskin, which is awesome and annoying all at once. To start with the annoying aspect: cyberskin is porous. Very porous. EF gives cyberskin a 2/10 on the safety rating scale, which means some extra care is going to need to be taken here. Condoms are recommended for use in order to avoid bacteria entering the pores of the toy and multiplying. Of course, you can use the Eurocock without a condom, but because of the porousness factor it'll shorten the lifespan of the toy considerably.

Onto the awesome part: cyberskin in dual density is amazingly realistic. "Dual density" refers to the fact that the toy has a firm inner core of cyberskin (density #1) covered by a soft squishy layer of cyberskin (density #2). This gives the Eurocock a brilliant squish factor – it has give, but it's definitely solid. Firm but flexible. It's wonderful.

I was very curious to try this out because all my other dual density toys so far have been made of silicone. How does the cyberskin measure up? Well, where the cyberskin wins over dual density silicone is in the stroking factor – if you run a finger down the length of an O2 toy, it feels buttery smooth. With unlubricated Vixskin, it's a bit sticky with a lot of drag. Dual density cyberskin feels like skin. It's really quite uncanny. It's got a tiny bit of drag, just like an unlubricated human penis. It's smooth, but not uniformly so, which makes it feel even more life-like.
However, even the scrotum and testicles are made from the dual density, which is the least realistic aspect of the toy. With balls that firm you wouldn't need to wear a cup!

The cyberskin does have a distinct plasticy smell, and it leaves a slight residue on your fingers when you touch it. It doesn't taste like anything, but if you're going to be performing oral on this, watch your teeth! Cyberskin is very delicate and you wouldn't want to tear it with an accidental bite.

The toy does have little imperfections – the Eurocock I received has little bubbles in the material, especially around the scrotum and the corona, as well as some rough edges around the bottom of the suction cup and a couple little skin tags on the shaft of the toy. I managed to peel the biggest tag off without any problem, so I suppose it was just a stray bit of material that got stuck and overlooked. The package does advertise “hand-crafted detail” though, so maybe they need to be paying a bit more attention.

    • Harness compatible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

The Eurocock is a roughly average sized toy, clocking in at 6” insertable (8” total) and 5¼” in circumference. It's not uniformly cylindrical – when viewed in profile, the toy looks thinner than when viewed from the front. It has a rosy head (which has not faded thus far, I'll keep an eye on it for my follow-up) and a well-defined meatus. The frenulum just begs to be touched. The scrotum is realistically wrinkly, and one testicle is bigger than the other. Although I'm not sure what is supposed to be particularly European about this dildo, I will mention that it's circumcised, which goes against my European stereotype. The detail on the toy is great; different parts of the toy have slightly different textures. The area below the glans, which I suppose is meant to be the circumcision scar, has a rougher look and feel to it than the rest of the shaft. Unfortunately, none of this variance can be felt during use (especially with a condom on), but it is very neat in the hands.

Dildo mugshot line-up for size comparison: from left, Supersoft Adam, Eurocock, O2 Mark

The suction cup is very flexible and can be folded completely in half on itself.

It goes without saying that this is no kind of a discreet toy. I wouldn't recommend leaving it lying around because there is nothing it could be besides a super realistic dildo. No one could be fooled into thinking this is some kind of art.
    • Realistic


I suctioned the Eurocock to a mirror and timed it to see if it would ever fall off, and how long it would take if so. I got to about half an hour before I got bored (I'm a terrible scientist) and my conclusions are that it's got some very effective suction.. but only if you don't try to use it. My adventures in using the toy suctioned to the shower wall/side of the tub were frustrating and ridiculous. Initially, I stuck the dildo on there real good and lined myself up. Penetration went fine, a couple strokes in felt great, and then *pop*, off the wall it came. And refused to re-stick. I started over, again and again, trying new places to mount it but to no avail. No matter what, my ladyparts managed to pull the dang thing off the wall/floor/wherever. Luckily, the suction cup does make a fine handle for thrusting with.

All that aside, the Eurocock makes a wonderfully alarming wall ornament if you, like me, have pieces of glass on your walls on which to mount it.

European cock on walls

While I have no harness with which to test it out, the toy is harness compatible. Judging from the way it hangs when suction cupped to the wall, it would be a bit droopy to wear.

Vaginally, this was generally pretty great. I'll admit there were times I just wanted to reach for Lone Star to finish me off, but that's just the budding size queen in me talking. More often than not, the Eurocock was a more than adequate lay. Positioning is important with this, however. Because the Eurocock is pretty average sized, some angling may be required to hit all the spots you want hit. Much like with a human lover, best results will be had with a little bit of creativity. That said, straight thrusting does feel great with this and the softness of the head means you won't hurt yourself if you go for it full-throttle.

Anally, however, the Eurocock blew my mind. Hands down, this is the most realistic-feeling anal toy I've ever come across. It takes a little effort to insert because of its flexibility, but once you've got it in, life is great. This isn't the smallest toy out there, so for anal beginners this would probably be out of the question. If you can handle it, though, it's awesome.

The extremely realistic feel coupled with the cool temperature of the toy right out of the package is a bit alarming. It's like holding a very cold penis. While some people might be into that, my #1 tip for most people is to warm this up before using it. Running it under some warm/hot water will do the trick, and the cyberskin does hold temperature fairly well. Even if you choose not to pre-warm your Eurocock, it will eventually warm up with the heat of your body. That does take a little while, though, and in my experience isn't the most pleasant wait.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Be sure to wash the Eurocock with warm soapy water after use, especially if you choose not to use condoms with it. Condoms will make clean-up even easier and prolong the toy's lifespan, so they are highly recommended. Pat dry with a towel and then air dry completely. After washing cyberskin does tend to get a bit sticky, but sprinkling it with Renew (corn starch) will get it back to its nice, smooth self. Do NOT use talcum powder for this job as it's been linked to cervical cancer. While the toy doesn't come with any Renew, corn starch is super cheap and you should be able to find it easily at any bulk or grocery store.

For storage, this should be kept separate from other toys and put in a cool, dark place. Don't have it leaning up against anything colourful, because the pores of the toy can take on dyes and cause discolouration. The Eurocock comes in a largish (13”x6¾”) plastic clamshell package, and if you have the space for it you can easily store the toy in there.

As for lubricant, only water-based ones are compatible with cyberskin as silicone- or oil-based can damage the delicate material.
NOTE: The packaging says “Water-based lubricants or climax® brand Silicone lubricants are ideal” for use. It'd be easy enough to patch test the base of the toy if you want to use silicone with this, but water-based is of course the foolproof choice. One further note: pre-lubricated condoms are often lubricated with silicone, so do double check your condoms if you're looking to use water-based lubes only.
    • Difficult to store
    • High maintenance

Personal comments

This is my first cyberskin toy, and I was very curious to finally try something made of this material. However, using condoms with toys is one of my pet peeves. I don't like condoms ever, really. Being in a monogamous relationship is awesome for avoiding them. Having to use them with toys is like being single again! I know I should use them, but oh I just don't want to. In the end I always do, but it's grudgingly. The maintenance factor of this toy really gets me down. I did really enjoy using this toy, but I foresee it mostly staying in the drawer just because I'm too lazy to want to deal with condoms and corn-starching and all that. Silicone is so much less fuss, even if it does feel a bit less like the real thing.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    Nice collection of realistic dildos. It is too bad about the material because this one looks appealing. I still have yet to try realistic ones. Thanks for the review.
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    You always have the most insight and detail to your reviews! It sucks that this product is high maintenance, but the realistic factor does seem favorable to me. You've given me a lot to think about! I love your pictures, and can I say nom nom nom!
  • Contributor: Antipova
    I love your reviews so much! In the first place, I had no idea that cyberskin was dual density... and that's a great realistic collection---Adam and Mark? ...and my goodness! A European Cock On Walls! I'm nomming you because this is wonderful.
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    The wall ornament comment had me giggling. XD But overall, this is a very useful review, I'm a sucker for the softer materials when it comes to dildos/dongs.
  • Contributor: toxie m

    @ oldman - There's nothin' quite like a surprising shower cock, haha.

    @ AnotherRandomPervert - I totally had it stuck to the wall there next to my desk for the majority of the time I was writing this review. I was definitely giggling, too.
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