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Realistic dildo by Deeva Toys

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Loved the Lube, Tossed the Toy

If you're looking at this toy, then I expect you're looking for a cheap, slim, beginner dildo. On this front it delivers everything. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this toy on the basis of its odor, which gives me a headache and remains despite my best attempts to eliminate it.
Good for beginners, price, comes with decent lube
Smells terrible, porous material, included lube apparently not compatible with it
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The Wee-Willy is a dildo; it's pretty much meant to be inserted vaginally. In fact, the packaging calls it "perfect for both vaginal and anal pleasures," though I'd quibble with the anal part. The lack of flared base means that I would not suggest using it anally. Since the shaft is almost straight, it's also not harness-compatible, so that's another option off the list. It is waterproof, so feel free to take into the shower with you. It's also good for thrusting, since the material is soft and will not bruise, and the very slight curve fits to the body quite well.

I suppose that the Wee-Willy could be used externally, if you feel like rubbing something with a strong odor all over you, but it's not something I would suggest. Frankly, if you want external stimulation, I'd rather go with a cheap vibrator. I would, on the other hand, recommend it as an easy, cheap, and nonthreatening way to get started in the world of dildos and sex toys in general, unless you share a room or live in close quarters such as a dorm, because while it has no motor to draw attention, the realistic looks will.
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Material / Texture

The Wee Willy is made from PVC, which only rates a 2 on Eden's material safety scale due to its porousness. Please DO NOT share this toy with anyone. I would say use a condom, but I did try slipping one on it and its definitely far too slim for a condom, so please, just don't share. If someone else wants it, just buy another one; it's not exactly going to break the bank.

The toy has a nice soft-but-firm texture, though I'm less of a fan of its stickiness/tackiness, which causes it to have a fair bit of drag and pick up lint. It's also what necessitated the use of lube for me - I tend to be on the dry side even on the best of times, but I definitely needed a bit of lube to help smooth out the drag from the toy. There's also a couple veins and a slight lip to the pink head, but they're downright unnoticeable in use. The toy is very flexible from tip to base; I can almost bend it in half without any effort.

Finally, we come to my biggest beef with this toy, which is the odor. It smells. There's no other way of putting it. It's a weird combination of a plasticky smell and baby powder. I can't get over the smell, I just can't. It's a nauseating smell that won't go away even after repeated scrubbings with soap and water and a lengthy airing out period. It gives me a headache and sticks to my hands after use. It's a shame, because realism aside (not my preferred aesthetic), in many ways this is an ideal toy for me. I like the smaller girth, the gentle curve, and the texture, but I can't bear to use it for long because of the inevitable headache I get.

People less sensitive to olfactory annoyances may still want to give this toy a try.
    • Flexible
    • Porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The toy has realistic look, with the aforementioned pinkish head and a couple veins on the side. Neither of these are particularly noticeable in use, so this is not the toy to go for if you want texture.

detail shot
The product image portrays the toy fairly accurately, but this is a detail shot of the veins I mentioned.

The page's statistics gives the dimensions of the Wee Willy as 6.25" long, which I agree with, and that 6" of this insertable, which I suppose is technically accurate though I would say having only a quarter of an inch to hold onto might be rather hard in practice. The diameter is accurate - about an inch - for the majority of the toy, including the head, though the base actually widens out to a little bit over 1.5". As billed, the size of the Wee Willy is definitely more for beginners or those who prefer a smaller-than-average girth; the name alone pretty much gives it away.

full length

As you can see, the Wee Willy has a very slight curve to it, though not enough for G-spot purposes. I'm actually not sure I would have noticed the curve much at all if the packaging hadn't pointed it out. The curve does help the Wee Willy be more comfortable inserted than a straight toy I have, but this also may have to do with the softer material of the Wee Willy.

Since the Wee-Willy is compact, size-wise it's good for travel; it fits into a tiny toiletries bag I have with a bit of squeezing. I don't, however, intend to travel with it at all, since the realistic look is rather a giveaway if you have nosy family the way I do.

One last note: I'm a small person, with small hands. I can grasp this toy easily, but people with larger hands may have difficulty maneuvering it, especially once it's inserted deeply.
    • Realistic


Performance-wise, I really can't fault the Wee Willy; it's slim, has a pleasant texture, and is generally good all-around for thrusting. Pity just being within a few feet of it gives me a headache; as it is, it's probably just going to head straight for the trash.

As I've mentioned, this toy does not have a suction-cup base, nor is it harness-compatible. It's no good for temperature play either; I recommend glass for that. It's also not good for G-spot stimulation since the curve is slight and the texture soft. Simply put, it's a beginner dildo; don't expect more from it than that. Get this if a) you're satisfied with vaginal insertion alone; b) want a smaller dildo; c) don't mind smells; and d) have a shoestring budget. If you can't cross off all of the above, then skip this toy.

Care and Maintenance

The directions on the package say to wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water, and then pat dry with a soft cotton towel before allowing to air dry completely. It's really hassle-free to maintain, which is nice.

Since the material does pick up lint and hairs, I store mine in a cardboard box. I've found that the sticky/tacky texture of the toy means that plastic bags tend to cling to it. Also, that ever-present smell seems to be absorbed by the plastic, so cloth or cardboard is probably your best best as far as storage goes.

Interestingly, the material is PVC, which should mean that it's silicone lube compatible, but the instructions on the back specifically say to use only water-soluble, non-silicone based lubes. This little statement was enough to make me go back and double check the ingredients of the included lube, because last I checked, Pjur was best known for it's silicone lubes, and a quick glance at the materials (cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, and dimethiconol) confirms this.

non-silicone lubes only?
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


The packaging is as discreet as the toy itself, which is to say, not at all. The Wee Willy comes encased in a your fairly typical plastic clamshell, with a paper insert that's placed strategically so as NOT to hinder any view of the toy itself. Between the dildo front and center, the lube packets, the tagline "Doctor's Love," and the gigantic words "Wee-Willy: Curved Slim Dildo" off to the side, it's a little hard to miss the fact that this is a sex toy.

Of course, it could be worse; there are at least no naked women or anything utterly tasteless on the packaging, though there is a diembodied woman's head thrown back in what is probably supposed to be ecstasy. I still wouldn't suggest this as a gift; there's indiscreet and there's just plain tacky, and this one firmly falls on the indiscreet AND tacky axes of the scale.


The packaging is also not at all suitable for storage. As I said, currently my Wee Willy is residing in a cardboard box I found. I advise finding some form of similar storage for it, because it picks up lint like crazy.

As a side note, there's a bullet-sized indentation in one of the lube packet cutouts - just one of them. As far as I can tell, there's no good reason as to why it should exist, so it makes me wonder if there's a similar toy that comes with a bullet instead of lube.

Personal comments

In the interests of science, I did actually test out the included silicone lube with the toy. There was no noticeable reaction, so you can probably go ahead and disregard the manufacturer's instructions to only use this with water-based lubes. I have to say, though, I just became a silicone-lube convert; I've only ever used water-based lubes before, and those always needed frequent re-application. This one needed zero re-applications, staying slick the entire time; I only wish it was compatible with silicone toys as well.


I admit that I only used this toy a few times - just enough to satisfy my integrity as a reviewer - and even then I had to rather quickly stop each time. Because of the strong smell, I can't use this toy without getting a headache, and an instant headache does not make for fun times. It's not an absolutely terrible toy - if you're interested and don't mind smells, go right ahead and order it, I won't stop you - but it's not one I can recommend either.

In that case, what would I recommend? I would wholeheartedly point you towards the Tantus line of toys - or really, any silicone dildo of your choice. In my case, I happened to have gotten the Tantus Compact at the same time, and I love it. I cannot recommend it enough as an introduction to dildos. It's actually even smaller than the Wee Willy, but between the high quality silicone (sterilizable, odor-free, feels great in use), the suction cup, and the harness-compatible base, it's a toy that offers a lot more bang for your buck than the Wee Willy, despite having a price tag of nearly double of the Wee Willy. And considering the Wee Willy's so cheap already, double the price isn't the barrier it sounds like. The only possible downside I can think of is that it doesn't have the realistic looks of the Wee Willy, but hey, it's not the looks that count, right?
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