Cobal blue dichroic love wand by Phallix - review by Ansley Agnello

Cobal blue dichroic love wand

Glass dildo by Phallix

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Magic Wand. No, not the Hitachi.

Gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe this colorful, glass wand. If you're looking for a safe, high quality toy--this is the one!
Safe, highest quality, unyielding, non-porous, and sterilizable.
Ugly storage pouch.
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Meet the latest addition to my sex toy collection, the Cobalt Blue Dichroic Love Wand by Phallix|Cobal blue dichroic love wand. This wand has provided me with an initial glimpse into the world of glass sex toys, a vast world with seemingly unlimited orgasmic potential.

Naked, I stepped through shower curtains and into my antique clawfoot bathtub. The water was cold, then warm...then hot. I prefer hot, so hot that I can see the steam rising off of my bare skin. I held the wand underneath the shower head for a moment, pulled it away and tested its temperature against my hand, my cheek. It warmed up fast, even faster than I'd expected or had been warned about. I let the water pour over it for another minute or so, taking time to admire the rainbow of colors on the dichroic metal shine as I rolled it between my two hands.

I grew increasingly anxious to feel the warmth of the wand inside of me. Running the spiraled tip over my pussy, I teased my clit. I inserted it a little bit, pulled it back out and continued to tease myself. The water was running over my body, keeping the glass at a nice temperature as it flowed between my legs. After I found I could no longer stand the light touching and teasing, I forcefully inserted the wand. Back against the wall, legs quivering, I took it in and out. It entranced me. At one point, the wand actually slipped from my wet hand and onto the floor of the bathtub. I picked it up quickly, inspected it for any faults. Finding none, I continued thrusting the glass wand against my G spot until I came... hard.

The possibility of the glass breaking had been my only concern, so I was glad to have tested its durability. To be completely honest, I think that my bathtub would have broken before the dildo itself. The one con I came across dealt not with the toy, but with the bag that came with it. It was a very thin blue, drawstring pouch with a gaudy white lace design. It was cheap looking and, worst of all, offered no protection. I'd suggest investing in or creating your own protective pouch--I have a friend creating one for me! Moral of this story? Glass is good. Very good.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    That is a good test for any piece of glass. Did you notice that swirl at all?
    As always with glass, boil, wipe with bleach solution, or run through dishwasher to sterilize.
  • Ansley Agnello
    Yes, the swirl was nice. :-)
  • Ansley Agnello
    Yes, the swirl was nice. :-)
  • Nashville
    My steel dildo came with a tacky bag as well. Phallix's idea of storage is so off the mark yet their toys are just remarkable. Great review, this is a toy I loved the first moment I saw it!
  • Epiphora
    This one really does look delicious. Does your friend sell on Etsy? If not, tell him/her to create a shop because I would buy so many cute sex toy storage bags it's not even funny!
  • Ansley Agnello
    I'll forward the message to her! ;-)
  • MaxD
    This one is pretty! Perhaps I'll get this one as a christmas gift for my wife. ;) Too bad the storage bag sucks though.
  • Ansley Agnello
    Don't let the storage bag discourage you - there are PLENTY of gorgeous storage bags available right here on EF! ;-)
  • onehotmomma
    I love the look of this one! Does suck about the storage, but you can always get something later on. It's good to know that they can handle a drop on the floor without being chipped! I always worry about that with glass.
  • lezergirl
    nice review!
  • w-o-name
    good review
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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