Marbled G-spot - glass g-spot shaft by Phallix - review by Betty After Dark

Marbled G-spot

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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Marbled G-spot sex toy review

Glass toys offer a whole other element to "play." They can be heated, or chilled to add to your experience. The two bends really allow a broad range of movement and I was able to easily hit my spot without much trouble at all. With a straight toy it is much harder to experiment with the different angles because there is no flexibility. Can be used with or without a bullet vibrator.
Seamless glass, slides easily into all the right places.
Wished it was a little wider, but I think it would make an excellent first glass toy.
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I was giddy when I saw the tracking information confirmed my Marbled G-spot had been delivered. Waiting there for me at home. In an unassuming box. It had been too long since I had a new toy and this one was well worth the wait!

My first impression when I saw the kinked glass toy was that it was too short, that the girth and length was going to leave me less-than-satisfied. Oh, how wrong I was.

First off, glass toys offer an additional element to "play": they can be heated or chilled to add to your experience. The day had been a bit chilly so I heated mine up. It heats fast and easy in a microwave. I used mine right after giving it a good washing and then heating it in a pot of hot water to get it good and clean. [Editor's note: be careful with heating this way for temperature play- always test on your arm first!]

By the time I had finished heating it up, I was already wet from the anticipation. I didn't need lubricant, but another plus to glass toys|Glass butt plugs is that they are compatible with any lubricant|Astroglide™ tri-pack Lubricant. Just sliding and circling the head of the toy over my clitoris was enough to get me very aroused, or you can also use a bullet vibrator if you want more stimulation. When the toy is inserted, the vibrations from a bullet carry very nicely through the glass- yet another wonderful feature of the glass toy.

My concerns over length were quickly dowsed. The two bends really allow a broad range of movement and I was able to easily hit my spot without much trouble at all. I think what is great about the bends also is that you can almost accidently find your g-spot if you are not sure where it is! A straight toy is much harder to use for experimenting with different angles because there is not flexibility.

The anticipation and build-up to the delivery of my Marbled g-spot|Marbled G-spot by Phallix was like sex with a new lover. So much thought goes into the act before you get down to it that the orgasm comes almost too quick. But that is okay, because there is no "down-time" with this glass wonder. As soon as I caught my breath, I went back for more.

An excellent glass toy for the price. I would recommend it be added to everyone's toy boxes!
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  • Excellent points about glass- it's a great material! I think everyone should at least try it.
  • The bends in this toy sound very effective.  I agree--sometimes, when you're just beginning g-spot play, it's worthwhile just going in there and feeling around with a toy that can hit a wide area.  Less stress, more relaxation, and even if you don't find THE spot right away, you may find some others you didn't even know you had.  Good review!
  • Essin' Em
    I would be apprehensive about the microwave; stick with warm water, and definitely check it out.

    I love that you can boil it or dishwash it to sterilize it...and I'd try it in a bucket of ice water to make it nice and cold! I love glass and metal toys :) 
  • Lara
    The first thing I thought when I read the review was that this toy would be perfect for anal. It seems like the thickness and the smoothness would be ideal for it.
  • Nashville
    Did you find it heavy?
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