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Dichro head

Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix

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More Than Just a Pretty Face

BUY ONE! It's very expensive, but it IS worth it. Likely on of the prettiest and most attractive sex toys you will ever own, and the fact that it hold temperature is absolutely priceless. All toy boxes should have at least one glass dildo.
Extremely beautiful, smooth, fun swirl, holds temperature, and can take a bit of abuse!
Expensive, and a little heavy.
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useful review
HEAT IT UP! Run hot water over it and then slide it in. Oh God, that's enough to make me cum right there! You can chill it too if you like. Be careful not to go too extreme and scald or frostbite your pussy! Know you limits!

Heating it up is THE BEST feeling a dildo, or anything has given me. You can't heat up a penis (warming lube is just not the same). Glass, and its ability to hold temp, makes it worth the money right there. Even if it was ugly as Hell, heating it up makes it my best friend.

I know they are expensive, but I seriously doubt you will be disappointed. I was lucky and got it as birthday gift. Hint around maybe someone really loves you! This glass dildo is beautiful, and you could use it as distracting art if you wanted, but I would recommend putting that pretty little head to work!

The smooth glass feels really good in your hands, and even better in your pussy. Clean up is super easy, just some soap and water. This material is not porous, so it doesn't absorb or hold any odor. However, be sure you don't miss spots in all that swirl. It also comes with a nice pouch for storage.

It glides in very easily, so you won't need a lot of lube if any. Although more lube gives it a little different feel, so try different amounts and see what you like. Be gentle when playing with yourself and especially others (as you don't know what they're feeling) because, as this is glass it does not bend or flex. Don't get hasty and ram a hard glass dildo into someone's vaginal or anal wall! It hurts, I promise, and you may do serious damage.

The blue swirl going up the shaft looks and feels amazing! I love how it feels vaginally, but I find the swirl feels too awkward for me to use anally. The head of it is very pretty too, but I don't like how it contrasts the shaft. You're going to have to work with it, but it can feel really good. If you're just going to let it sit there in your vagina, you'll be disappointed.

I have used this toy a few times during intercourse, having both the dildo and my fiancé’s penis inside me, and it feels good; but is a little too much for me (I would say I am rather experienced). I usually prefer a vibrator more for something like that, but mine is currently broken.

If you do decide to try something like that, be sure you communicate. You should also know your comfort zones, and use plenty of lube. Also if you try it, it feels much better if you have the dildo near the bottom or your vagina, and your partner’s penis on top of it. If you put the dildo on top it will hit your pubic bone pretty painfully, whereas the soft flesh of a penis feels great right there.

Although I enjoy g-spot stimulation, I never really use it for that. I liked the way the curve fit my vagina, and I preferred to use it to hit my cervix for deep orgasms. Just be sure not to hit to hard! Ouch!

It is a little heavy, but it is glass. I wouldn't really worry too much about dropping it and breaking it though. I have accidentally dropped it several times in a situation, and I was positive I was going to end in expensive broken glass, but it is still here in my toy box in perfect condition!
Follow-up commentary
Pretty, pretty, pretty. Beautiful, and is still as amazing to this day, as the day it was bought. You can probably find a similar one for less cost if you look around, but glass is always worth it.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    The head of this is gorgeous but I am not a fan of wide swirls. Poor me.

    You're right about playing careful. I find that I can't thrust glass like softer materials but the hardness of glass does make it feel bigger than it is so it's okay.
  • Mamastoys
    I love glass toys! I really like mine cooled before use..to each his (or hers) own!
    Thanks for the review!
  • Pumpkin Lady
    I enjoyed this review, it was easy to flow through it.
    I'm with Mamastoys, I cool mine down. This has got me wanting to heat it up for next time though, amazingly!
  • Nashville
    You got this as your 18th birthday gift? Wow, lucky girl! Smile
  • Meowmix
    Actually, 17.
    But, yes, very lucky.
  • Blooddragon
    Nice review!
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