iToys UR3 dong - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Jen&Clint

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Mr. Grape

This wasn't a bad dong, but due to the smell and the material, I would suggest looking at something that will remain firm and doesn't flop around so much. The price is not that bad but you can find something with less flop for your bucks.
Nice length and girth.
Material, Smell, and Floppiness
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The iToys UR3 Dong is best used vaginally and meant for penetration. Best for the more advanced dildo and dong users, being that this dong is more mid-range it has more to fill you up. I would not suggest this for anal use for two reasons: One: It is hard to use due to the floppiness. Two: This dong is very hard to clean and keep cleaned. It can be used alone as well as with your partner, and when ever you are looking for just a little more.

Material / Texture

This dong impressed me. It felt soft and somewhat life like to touch, and the veins add a more life like feel while in use.

The smell on the other hand was awful, it smells like grapes. I was shocked to find that it really was scented. The purple ( which is the one I have ) smells like grapes and the red one smells like strawberries, so keep that in mind when looking at this dong. The first few days the smell was over powering, but after a few days of washings and some airing out it will start to go away somewhat.

The UR3 material makes for a soft, smooth, and floppy dong. While the soft and smooth texture gives it a nice feel while you play, a floppy dong makes it real hard to use and requires more work then what some would like.

Design / Shape / Size

The iToys UR3 Dong is made from Ultra Realistic 3.0 material to give it the look and feel of a real cock. It is best used for thrusting, but falls a bit short. The material makes it a bit floppy and hard to keep it inside you.

This is a medium sized dong, coming in at 8 inches long with a circumference of 5 and 1/4 inches. Perfect for the more advanced users. Someone new to the world of dildos and dongs might want to look at something a bit smaller.

If you like to travel with your toys I would suggest something better then this dong. Far from travel friendly given the size, material, and smell. You will be needing a special place to keep it. No where near discreet nor is it easily hidden. The best thing I have found is keeping it in a white tube sock or the package it came in. Either of these will work for storage.


The girth on this dong is really great. You get that full feeling when you slide it in but not too much where you can't handle it. The floppiness made me a bit angry, it was hard to control with just one hand and it just kept coming out with almost every thrust. The only real way around it not coming out is to only pull it out about half way. This dong just couldn't live up to what I like, but it was a nice warm up.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the material it is made from this dong is very porous, thus making it easy to soak up dyes from other materials such as clothing, and even from other toys. Germs and dirt have a way to hide on this toy so cleaning is very important.

Always wash before and after each use with warm or hot water and antibacterial soap, and also toy cleaner never hurts to use. As added protection against anything that might be lurking, a condom is suggested, and is also good to use if you will be sharing this toy with others.

Always store in a cool dry place. Be sure to place on something soft so the dong doesn't warp, and never store with other toys. Some materials do and will melt.

Lube is a must with any toy and can be your best friend. A water-based lube is the only way to go with this dong, any other type will destroy this toy.

With the proper care and maintenance and the right lube this dong will last you for a long time.


The iToys UR3 Dong came in a simple plastic package. On the back it had the color and the smell, which is how I found out that it was in fact scented. No instructions were needed with this dong it only has one purpose: penetration. If you would like, the package can be used as storage but I do suggest washing the package out first and letting it air dry to rid it of the grape smell. This will probably be the best place to keep your dong, but still not easily hidden.

Personal comments

Due to the fact that this is a scented dong, it will leave your hands, clothing, and anything else it touches smelling like grapes. Make sure to wash your hands after you touch it.


Before we got the chance to use this dong I kind of whacked my husband with it and watched it bounce off, it was funny to see it bounce.

The husband got the chance to use this on me and we both enjoyed it. We did find it somewhat difficult to use due to the floppiness. It took more work to get it back in every time it came out.

Over all we both enjoyed using Mr. Grape. The look and feel was a nice warm up to the main event. Not one of our favorites, but we will use this dong again.
Follow-up commentary
Well I know it is a bit early to write a follow up review on this, but I have found something out that works well for me. Not sure how to do the link thing on here but any way, I have figured something out and really would like to share.

First off, the grape smell has all most gone away. It was annoying at first but now the smell itsn't all that bad, my room doesn't smell like grapes anymore. Although when handled it does leave the smell, for me that is fine, I don't mind it.

Second: I got in a creative mode one night and decided to try out this other toy the venus butterfly (linking issue on my part) but flipped upside down while using Mr. Grape and found that this freaking rocks. In fact I some how had my very first g spot "O" Yeah the material makes it floppy but some how that really helped me out.

Mr. Grape has moved a little closer to the top of the toy box. Ok well he is actually sitting on the top of it but you guys know what I am saying.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    I don't know about this. I just can't think of any reason I'd want my dildo to smell like grapes or strawberries. Bleck! Thanks for the reviewSmile
  • Jen&Clint
    Thank you. I didn't know til I got it. I was shocked to say the least. It was a fun ride after some much needed airing out.Big smile
  • Sammi
    Wow - strange smells!
    Nice review Smile
  • Jen&Clint
    Thank you Sammi. Yeah wish I would have known that before hand but after 2 weeks it is starting to somewhat go away.
  • ToyingCouple
    Hmmm, nobody likes a floppy dick! Angel
    And the smell of grapes wouldn't be a turn on either. Good thorough review!
  • Jen&Clint
    Very true...floppy dick bad...grape smell worse. It was a fun ride. Now if I can just get my hands on the Vamp I'll be very happy Big smile Thank you Toying couple
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    Great review!!
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    I love the purple color but I hate artificial grape... too bad... but thanks for the nice review
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