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Lifelike ribbed G-spot

Glass wands by Pyrexions

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My Curved Double Header

This baby has all the features I could want in a glass toy; spiral texture, two different sized ends, both ends sport bulbous heads and a well defined curve! The only thing the company failed to come through on is the length. It's not overly short, but I would have preferred a little more to hold onto while in use.
~ Pyrex glass
~ Double ended
~ Fantastic curve
~ Far better looking in person
~ Could be a little longer
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extremely useful review

I can’t say the product page image did a great deal for me; it wasn’t love at first sight. But I have finally learnt what does and doesn't work for me in the way of glass and this one just seemed to have the features I require. Going by some of the comments on the item page, I wasn't the only one who wasn't aroused by this toys look. I'm very glad I took the plunge and got it. It is one of my top favorite glass toys.
Note to self: Don't judge a toy by looks alone!

Lifelike Ribbed G-spot


The stunning Lifelike Ribbed G-spot is a Pyrexions recreation made using Pyrex glass. Being a high quality material, it earns a safety rating of 10 because it's non-porous, hypo-allergenic, food grade and naturally doesn't feature latex or phthalates. There was no odor what so ever and is happy to take on any kind of lubricant you can throw at it. If you plan on sharing this beauty with anyone you're not fluid bonded with make sure to sterilize it between uses or use a condom.


My Lifelike is different in color to the one on the item page, but that tends to be expected with glass toys. I'm certainly not disappointed at all. Instead of a blue ‘lifelike' head, I received one which features swirls of color that all vertically meet at the very tip. My image doesn't do it much justice, but in person it is a pretty rainbow of blues, pinks, purple, green, yellow and a hint of orange. I actually prefer mine to the product page image. The rest of the toy is totally clear.
On the ‘lifelike' end are five rings of spirals that strangle the shaft between the beginning of the curve and the head. To meet the start of the spirals is a bulge before a small section of straight shaft and then a bulbous ball end.




Unlike Eden's image, mine has more of a definite curve which is much closer to the penis shaped head than in the middle. There is a significant groove where the spirals end up the shaft and the head starts. This groove surrounds the head and meets up on the back to form a frenulum. The other end is straight with slight bulge where it meets the spirals and finishes the end off with a nice size ball.
The ball end is larger with a circumference of 4 ½”, the straight shaft 3 ¼” and the bulge coming in at almost 4”. The other end measures 4” around the head and just under 3 ½” in girth on the spiralled shaft.
If measuring the length on the outside of the curve, it is 8 ½”. For those who like an inside curve measurement, it is 7” long.


size in hand

Compared with Bumpy Spiral:



I believe glass toys are the easiest of all to clean. The main reason is because they don't attract hair or any other types of lint and if they do happen to collect some dust it's very simple to use a wipe before using. I just use anti-bacterial soap with warm water to wash mine, but they can deal with being placed in the top shelf of a dishwasher (without soap), boiled for a few minutes or wiped over with a 10% bleach solution for sterilizing.
Mine arrived fully wrapped in dense grey foam which was held together by US shipping tape. It wasn't the most pleasing of packaging, but it did the job very successfully. Unfortunately, there was no pouch at all. I found this rather disappointing considering it's a high priced piece.

Glass really can be used by anyone as it's not going to cause any kind of allergic reaction. I recommend this more for the girls to use vaginally as it doesn't have a flared base at all. Unfortunately it isn't all that long, so it doesn't really allow for a decent length for holding onto for even the advanced anal players. For this reason alone, I haven't tried it anally. The full on curve allows for the ‘lifelike' bulbous head to rub perfectly against the g-spot while the spiral effect works its magic at the entrance of the vagina. Naturally, this will depend on how deep in your g-stop is. If you prefer a straight shaft, simply turn the toy around and use the curve as the handle. This also gives you a slightly larger girth and bulbous ball end to hit your g-spot. It can also be used to rub against external body parts; such as the clitoris.


As some people know, I wasn't a glass fan until I tried the Colourful Spiral Wrapped G-Spot just last month. Now that I have worked out what I need from a glass toy, there is no stopping me!

I absolutely love the full on curve, as it allows the ‘lifelike' full access to my g-spot. IF it had some more length, on what I refer to the handle (straight) end, I would use it anally. But I wouldn't at all recommend this is to anal newbies, as it does come with some risk of losing it.

The spirals aren't very pronounced on the outer side of the curve, so I didn't notice them much while in use. But I did notice the inner curve spirals rubbing against the top entrance of my vagina, as they are raised more and closer together.

I love my new glass g-spot toy - 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
Even though I think this one could be a little longer, I love it and it more than satisfies me every time.
I never realised what I was missing out on and to think I was going to give up on glass! If you have tried glass and found it didn't do much for you don't give up on it totally. Once you find the right piece you'll be head over heels in love with this rigid material. Trick for me was finding ones with the perfect curve. I haven't looked back since.
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  • Shellz31
    Thanks both

    They sure are - ya can never have too much variety in one toy...hehehe!
    Sure is a shame that the half price sale is finished now. It was the best way to snap up a pretty glass toy!
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    I think that's interesting that your toy is slightly different with the curve as it shows on Eden, but perhaps it's the angle of their picture, or just a variation? Either way, always good to know when someone enjoys a toy like this! The colors on the head of this toy are beautiful! Thanks for reviewing it for us!
  • Shellz31

    Yeah, I kinda thought maybe it is the angle the toy is taken on. Either way, I'm totally thrilled with what I got. And I was over joyed at the chance to review a higher priced glass toy. I can't wait to purchase (if possible) some of the $200 glass ones. They are just so pretty!

    I'm looking forward to seeing other review this one to see if theirs is the same as mine. Perhaps being glass the colours in the head area will all be very different - which isn't a bad thing at all.
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