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Unicorn horn

Strap-on dildo by Whipspider rubberworks

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My (Not So Little) Unicorn Horn

The Unicorn is an alluring dildo because of its unique appearance. It is different than anything you might have in your collection. It is also premium quality, so if you take care of it, you can pass it on down to future generations (lol). It's American made, hypoallergenic, and it certainly is surprising when you strap on, and try it on your partner! It has that "wow" effect. It's so much more than just a novelty.
Multi-functional, harness friendly, looks cool on a shelf!
Not a G spotter or a P spotter, a bit thick for some folks.
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The Unicorn Horn is another handmade quality product from Whipspider Rubberworks in Bangor Maine. What makes this appealing is the mythology surrounding unicorns. We have only seen representations, although no one has seen the real deal. Supposedly, a unicorn horn used as a cup has the power to neutralize poisons. The Unicorn also can only be captured by unfair means, and that includes being baited by virgin women, whom are the only ones who can tame a unicorn. For more on unicorn mythology, [Wikipedia| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicorn] has royal crests and international legends regarding these beautiful creatures.

Whipspider, who crafted this unique dildo chose their insignia of a Whipspider similarly. Whipspiders are tailess scorpions with an unusually long pair of first legs that act as sensory organs. The people at Whipspider believe these arachnids are "unusual, beautiful, and sensual creatures", just like their Unicorn Horns.

This Dildo can be used vaginally, rectally (it has a large, thick base), hand held or in a harness. Its circumference is 5 and a quarter inches and the diameter 1 5/8". I was able to squeeze it through the Aslan Jaguar, and also the Spare Parts Joque. It requires a larger O ring, I used a steel O ring of 2 inches in the Jaguar. It is a rather large dildo, I felt better using steel than rubber.

Material / Texture

The Unicorn Horn is made of pure, premium silicone. It is soft and squeeze-able, yet firm. It can stand up on its own base. My horn is not straight like the one in the photo, it leans like the Tower of Pisa! The silicone is colored and opalescent, creamy white with iridescent silver streaks marbleized through it. There is no inner spine like some of the Tantus or Vixen dildos (or Vibratex's Silky). Still, it is firm, with deep grooves spiraling down from the tip to the pewter colored base it rests on. The grooves add corkscrew sensations in your inner walls, and they are not abrasive in the least. Texture here on the shaft is a very nice feature!

Design / Shape / Size

Designed to look like a Unicorn Horn, it successfully achieves this form. I imagine a baby unicorn would have a horn not dissimilar to this one, minus the Celtic inspired base in a marbleized pewter color with its intricate swirling pattern of knot designs. The base which is not only gorgeous, is also thick enough to be held ergonomically and comfortably in the hand, used as a stopper for anal insertion, or as nice padding against a harness for strappin' it on.

At seven and a half inches total height, and all but one inch insertable, this is sizable. It's also thick, at five and a quarter inches in around its thickest area. I needed a larger condom to cover it comfortable. I did try a standard, but it looked like enough friction on its stretched surface would burst it.

The Unicorn does not make a good G spotter, nor a good P spotter. It will, however, give you a feeling of "fullness".

Here is a look at other Whipspider deigns, including their new Horn, which is the Unicorn horn with a less elaborate base.


This toy comes in two versions, the one we see here which is non vibrational and has a Whipspider seal on its base, and a vibrating one (the Whipspider seal is replaced by a bullet hole). It is easy to insert, because of its tapered design. It also looks really cool protruding out of a harness. It also really offers no clitoral stimulation. It's also not too hard on your cervix, but I would not suggest wild thrusting against the cervix, as it can bruise.

It makes a horrible packing dildo. You just can't. Look elsewhere...

Anally, I have never attempted the Unicorn horn. I got the tip in, down to groove three, and I felt a bit stretched. The silicone is a good material to contract against, because it isn't too hard and its ply-able.

Care and Maintenance

It is so easy to care for! It can be boiled for three minutes. Pure silicone is safe to a temperature of about 600 F, give or take a few degrees. So it can be boiled for 3 minutes, it can be treated with 10 percent bleach as a soak, spritzed with toy cleaner, or my favorite, antibacterial liquid soap with scalding water and a test tube brush. (or a soft toothbrush).

Use water based lubes to maintain the integrity of the product. I would suggest that if you have a collection of silicone dildos you wrap each separately in a lint free cloth, or a bounty paper towel, and then put them in individual plastic bags so that they do not all meld together like some crazy dildo orgy in your drawer. Silicone likes to bond, and change the shape of other silicone products. It won't effect performance, but the dildo or toy will be permanently deformed. They can withstand great heat, but thrown in a heap all together naked is their kryptonite.

I suggest washing toys before and after use.


Packaged in a Ziploc bag with the company's adorable (I happen to like spiders, and used to keep Black Widows as pets) logo, on a card thanking you for choosing their handmade interactive sculpture. For me, package wise, less is more. Nothing to put in the land fill. 100 percent view of the product, and sealed with the assurance of not being tampered with.

Personal comments

If you don't enjoy this as a dildo, it looks great on a bookshelf next to your Harry Potter collection.


Not the best nor the worst. It was comfortable, filling, but no fireworks. However, the ingenuity gets extra points. For what it was designed to look like, it is in its optimal appearance and texture.
Follow-up commentary
It's a bit pointy, but it's fabulous to look at, and the texture is great. You need to have a partner with a sense of humor for strap-on sex with a Unicorn Horn. I wished it glowed in the dark.
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  • deceased
  • deceased
    An for easier use Wikipedia:

  • Minxy
    I adore whipspider silicone, but this design is not so enticing to me. I would like to try the Ghost. Nice review.
  • Epiphora
    I'm drawn to this based on the design, but I bet I would feel the same about the sensations. I'm going for the Tentacle first.
  • deceased
    The Tentacle feels better actually.
  • imp
    Awesome review thanks. I want to try the tentacle too but this one has been on my radar. Really we just want one so we can plonk it in a head harness and pretend to be unicorns hehe.
  • deceased
    Someone has to play the virgin who tames the unicorn!!!

    I would like to them add Ghost and the little Easter Island Butt Plug as well.
  • Trashley
    Guyz. It's a uni- guys GUYS wait ITS A FUCKING UNICORN! OMG so jealous you got to try this out! It's such a must have.
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    Awesome review! Too bad this one isn't as good as some their other designs.
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  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
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    Awesome, Thanks for the review!
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    Thank you for the review!
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