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Not as thin as I was expecting.

The Thinny Minnie is a platinum grade silicone dildo that is very flexible that has many uses. It can be used for stimulating the g-spot, has a flared base for anal play, and is also o-ring compatible. It's a great toy that can be used with or without a partner.
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The Thinny Minnie by Doc Johnson is a pretty versatile dildo that can be used for many different things. It is primarily designed with a flat head for hitting and massaging a woman's g-spot. You can do this easily either alone while thrusting or with a partner inserting it for you.

It is also o-ring compatible so it can be used hands free with a harness for pegging as well. The Thinny Minnie also has a round base making it perfectly safe for anal insertion without having to worry about it getting lost.

The wonderful thing about non-vibrating dildos is they do not require batteries so you can take this into any water setting that you wish such as the bath, shower, hottub, or pool.

I find this best suited for those who prefer smaller toys. I find this perfectly suitable for beginners or those who prefer slimmer toys since this is not incredibly large. Beginners can appreciate the small size and the fact that it isn't completely realistic looking.

Material / Texture

The Thinnie Minnie is made out of platinum grade silicone which rates a ten on the safety scale. Silicone is a wonderful material that warms up quickly to your body temperature and retains heat quite nicely. It is also considered to be a durable food grade material that is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.

The silicone is soft and smooth to the touch and very flexible. Compared to Gigi which has no give to it at all, this is considered to be one very flexible toy.

Doc Johnson states on their package insert that it has an amazingly life-like feel, but that's just not the case because it is completely smooth with no veins, bumps, or ridges to it at all. It does not feel anything like a real penis.

There is some drag to this so I highly recommend using lubricant with this. Without lubricant, either natural or otherwise, you may find it hard to get past the somewhat larger head of the dildo for full insertion. However with lubricant once you get past the head things should be fine because it becomes completely straight.

There is no texture to this at all so this is best for those who prefer toys without bumps, ridges, or areas that offer stimulation.

There is a slight odor when opening it out of the package, but I believe that has more to do with the plastic packaging and not the toy itself. After taken out of the package, I cannot distinguish any odor. I had the same issue with The One when I first opened it, but both toys are packaged the same.

Design / Shape / Size

The Thinny Minnie comes in two available color options purple and pink. I have the pink and find it to be a medium shade of pink that isn't neon colored or too light.

The design of The Thinny Minnie isn't a new concept as far as designs go. It has a larger somewhat flat head and a thin straight shaft. The head is very similar in design to the Ella and Gigi. It also has a round base with Doc Johnson stamped into it. I find the base to be perfect handle when used for thrusting and to help me apply some pressure to my g-spot.

The total length of Thinny Minnie is 7" with an insertable length of 6 1/2". The head is 1 3/4" long by a little over 1 1/2" wide. It measures 4" around. The base is a 8" circle. The shaft measures 3 1/2" around all the way down.

Here are some comparison photos of it against the Rock Star Stevie also by Doc Johnson and Lelo’s Gigi. As you can see, the design of the heads are very similar. The size of the head on the Thinnie Minnie is in between the two other toys. It is larger than Gigi, but smaller than Stevie.

Here's a comparison photo of it up against The One my first and only other non-vibrating dildo that I own.

I find this best suited for those who prefer smaller toys regardless of experience level. I consider myself to be an advanced user of toys, but I just prefer thinner toys. Those who prefer larger and thicker toys should look elsewhere.

Although it isn't completely phallic shaped and doesn't have ridges or veins like some toys have, the Thinny Minny wouldn't be considered discreet in my opinion. It has a distinct head, shaft, and base so anyone that is familiar with sex toys can determine what its purpose is just by looking at it. If it is important to you to be discreet, I suggest storing this out of sight.

It is small enough to fit inside a medium sized purse, bag, or suitcase if you plan on traveling with it.


After trying my first non-vibrating dildo a couple weeks ago I became hooked. I believe dildos may have been the answer to my issue all along. Unfortunately, my husband still isn't too keen on the idea of dildos and still is hung up on realistic looking ones for sure. That's fine, because I don't really want a realistic looking dildo either unless I have tried every dildo there is and still haven't found success. Anyway, I was very glad to see this become available to review because I wanted to try some more dildos.

If you're unfamiliar with my situation, I use all my toys alone, usually after my husband and I have had our time together, but you could use it with a partner thrusting it in and out for you. Again, my husband is uncomfortable playing with toys with me so he generally leaves me alone to finish the job on my own. While thrusting, I did not have any issues with it slipping from my lubricant covered hands so that is wonderful.

Something I really liked is I didn't have to worry about where I placed my hands because again this is a non-vibrating dildo. I'm used to insertable vibrating toys and having to be aware of where I place my hands while playing so this is something that I'm loving with non-vibrating dildos.

As mentioned earlier, this is harness compatible, but my husband and I do not have a harness and there hasn't been any mention that that would ever be considered so I cannot give you any experience in that regard.

Also it can be be used anally, but we rarely play anally so I cannot comment on how it performs that way either. I do like that it has a flared base for those who are into anal play because this has a nice smaller size to it.

Care and Maintenance

This did not come with any storage pouch so you can either store it in its enclosed plastic package or you can store it out of its package in a cool dry place that doesn't have a lot of debris preferably away from other silicone toys.

Again, I'm loving non-vibrating dildos because they are wonderful to clean since they are considered to be completely waterproof. You can use soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or wipe it down with a toy wipe. You can also sterilize it by placing it in a pot of boiling water for about 3-5 minutes or in a dishwasher on the top rack. I love how silicone is a wonderful material to care for because users have a variety of options to clean it.

It does collect dirt, debris, and hair so I suggest cleaning it with any of the above methods before and after each use to ensure that it is properly cleaned.

Water based lubricants are preferred when using with a silicone toy because silicone lubricants can degrade the toy if used. If you must use silicone based lubricants I suggest spot testing first.


The Thinny Minnie came in an easy to open and shut plastic package that is not considered to be discreet because you can see the dildo through it. The packaging is a few inches longer than needed to properly hold the dildo in and isn't really an effective means of keeping the toy stored in if you're tight on storage space. On the front of the insert is a very decorative background for The Thinny Minnie with purples, blues, and greens with swirls on it. The back features information regarding the product detailing the materials, care, design, and company information for Doc Johnson.

Personal comments

With a name like Thinny Minnie I was expecting something very small like the TantusSplish, but that wasn't the case. This is a fairly small toy which I prefer, but not as small as the name implies.
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