Couture compagnia - double ended dildo by Cal Exotics - review by Miss Cinnamon

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The Couture Compagnia is pretty hefty and very girthy, so beginners and fans of slim to average toys beware! The bulges surprised me by providing unexpected G-spot stimulation, but I was also surprised by the toy's squeaks when I twisted it in a certain way. It doesn't look particularly well-made, especially around the middle. However, if you can overlook that and seek a girthier toy, this could be your match.
Medical grade silicone, nice texture.
Kinks in the middle, makes weird noises when twisted, looks "cheap".
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CalExotic's Couture Compagnia is a girthy double dildo for solo or partner use. It can be used alone as a plain, textured dildo. It does not bend smoothly or easily enough to be used for double penetration on the same person. When used with a partner, it can be used to penetrate both parties simultaneously. While the Compagnia is long enough to provide an adequate grip on the shaft while using it for penetration, it is not recommended for anal use because it lacks a flared base.

The Compagnia is bulged with a swirled texture, which adds to the sensation of girthiness. For this reason, I would not recommend this toy for those who prefer slimmer to average girth dildos or beginners. You don't have to be a size queen to enjoy it, but this dildo can be rather overwhelming if you're not prepared for it.

Material / Texture

The Compagnia is made of premium Japanese medical grade silicone, one of the safest materials that a dildo can be made out of. It is tasteless and scentless.

Running my hand down the Compagnia, I can feel the silky but matte texture of the material combining with the ridges that swirl around the entire shaft of the toy. I'm not crazy about textured toys, especially not nubs, but swirls are my favorite texture. They provide extra stimulation without being too overwhelming to the point of discomfort or a "scraping" feeling as I have sometimes experienced with other types of textures.

If I hold one end of the Compagnia and shake it, it wobbles back and forth, but retains a level of rigidity. Squeezing the shaft produces similar results: The material gives a little, but it does not deform much in the way of girth.

Design / Shape / Size

A slightly raised band clearly distinguishes the two halves of the double probe. Each half sports two prominent bulges; one at the end and one between the end and the middle of the dildo. These bulges feel more rigid than other parts of the dildo, as though they are stuffed with some kind of filling. If I hold the dildo in both hands and twist it, I can sometimes hear the material inside squeaking against itself. This has led me to guess that the center of the dildo is actually hollow, and that the bulges are formed in part by extra filling. The band in the middle also has the appearance of having been added after the formation of the two halves of the shaft. This leads me to believe that the two halves were cast separately as hollow shells instead of one solid silicone dildo like those which I have had in the past. Please understand that these are purely speculations on my part.

Bending the dildo is only easy for the first slight bend. Forcing it into a right angle is not impossible, but it involves more strength and the dildo will also "kink" in the middle, close to where the band is. If you use this toy for shared penetration with a partner, you may want to watch out for this kink. It could snag skin or be uncomfortable, so be careful and avoid the sharper angles.

This is possibly one of the least discreet dildos that I own, if only for its sheer size. It's so long that it's hard to hide even in a conventional shower basket. To smuggle it into the bathroom, I have to stuff it down my robe and hope that no one notices the weird bulge.


This dildo is close to impossible to use in the shower due to its matte texture and silicone makeup. Water-based lube will wash away, and silicone lube may degrade the material of the toy. This leads to difficulty even inserting the bulbous head of the toy, never mind thrusting with it.

On land, the Compagnia fairs better. It's still large (for me), but slicking it up with a nice water-based lube makes the ride much more enjoyable. Even so, I was only able to insert the dildo past the first bulge when using it vaginally. However, I have a pretty weird vagina with funny angles that many dildos are not compatible with, so it probably isn't a problem that most other women would face. The bulge felt very large going in, but also had the surprising side effect of stimulating my G-Spot.

My boyfriend and I entertained the idea of trying this dildo together in a shared penetration experiment, but we could not figure out a way for it to be safe for both of us.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone toys are remarkably easy to take care of. The Compagnia can be cleaned with soap and warm water, 10% bleach solution, or throwing it in a pot of boiling water. The latter two options will actually sterilize your toy.

Silicone can be a real dust magnet, and the Compagnia is no exception. It doesn't matter how you store it after cleaning it; dust will find it and latch on! The best you can do is to clean it before as well as after each use.

Premium Japanese medical grade silicone is purportedly top of the line, to the extent that it can be used even with silicone lube. However, I have not tested this theory on the Compagnia, mostly because there is no "out of sight" area, like a base, to test on. Be assured that water-based lube will always be safe to use with your silicone toys.

Although silicone can be sterilized, make sure you use condoms with this toy if you're planning on sharing it with partners with whom you are not fluid bonded or if it's being swapped between anus and vagina, etc., without sterilization taking place in between events.


The package is similar to that of other toys in Cal Exotics' Couture line. The toy is pictured on the front and back of the box along with the name of the product and a few selling points. Not exactly what I would call "discreet", but at least there are no scantily clad humans.

Personal comments

I give the Compagnia three stars not only because it didn't work for me personally, but also because it gave off the air of a product that was cheaply made. Silicone or not, I feel like a dildo should not squeak when I squeeze it. I could peek into the little gap formed between the divider in the middle and the shaft of the toy, and that unnerved me just a bit, like the dildo could pop apart at any minute.
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