Realistic vibrator with suction cup

One touch is all it takes.

One Touch is an amazing realistic dildo that brings everything to the table for a variety users. It offers 10 different vibrating settings with varying intensity. Its suction cup base allows for hands-free playing. It's 100% waterproof so you can enjoy it anywhere. It is a girthier toy so users can feel full. Overall, you get the best of everything with the One Touch.
Great suction
Variety of settings
May be bigger than some prefer
Rating by reviewer:
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The One Touch is a realistic vibrating dildo with a suction cup that can be used in any setting due to its waterproof capabilities.

Its best use is for vaginal penetration either hands-free using the suction cup, thrusting it yourself, or handing the dildo over to a partner. It can be paired with your favorite clit vibe if you enjoy dual stimulation.

It can be used for external stimulation of erogenous zones, but the strong vibrations transfer to your hand so internal stimulation is best.

For more experienced users, it can be used anally. Inexperienced users should hold off due to the large size.

This is best suited for intermediate to advanced users who prefer girthier toys.

Material / Texture

The One Touch is made out of silicone and ABS plastic. The outer covering that you touch is silicone and the inside of the dildo is ABS plastic. Both materials are nonporous and hypoallergenic, as well as latex- and phthalates-free.

It has a very light silicone smell to it, but it isn't overwhelming and has no taste to it at all. It does not collect lint and debris as badly as some silicone toys do.

The One Touch is designed to look like a realistic penis with a distinct head and veins running the length of the shaft.

It does have a visible vertical seam running the length of the toy, but it is smooth to the touch and can't be felt during use.

The toy does not have any flexibility at all but instead is very firm. It is best suited for those who prefer slightly textured toys with no give.

Design / Shape / Size

Its design is to give the user the look and feel of a real penis. With its realistic color, defined foreskin, opening tip of the penis, and veins down the shaft it does not disappoint in that regard.

Considering One Touch is 5" around and 7" long, the size is not for beginners but instead for those who prefer girthier toys. For size comparison, this is what it looks like compared to the dildo in Eden's strap on kit and a Dish remote.

The suction cup measured 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".

Due to its realistic design and large size, it's definitely not discreet. If discretion is important to you I would keep this hidden.

Traveling with this big boy wouldn't be advisable unless you are not easily embarrassed.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The One Touch Silicone dildo has ten functions that are controlled by one push button located at the bottom of the shaft on the side. There is an audible click when pressed. To use, simply hold the button down for a few seconds to turn it on and continue pressing through the ten settings. To turn off, hold the button for a few seconds and it will turn off. It remembers which setting you turned it off at and starts up at the next setting. The ten functions are as follows:

1: High steady vibration These vibrations are a 4 Vroom.
2: Medium steady vibration These vibrations are a 3 Vroom.
3: Low steady vibration These vibrations are a 2 Vroom.
4: Gradient Burst These vibrations start off at a 3 Vroom and increase to a 4 Vroom.
5: Intermittent These vibrations are a solid 3 vroom that go from a medium 3 to a high 3 back and forth.
6: Surge These vibrations are a 3/4 Vroom. They go up-up-up and remind me of keeping the tempo in the club.
7: Inta-Surge These vibrations are 4 Vroom.
8: Even Step These vibrations go from 3 to 4 Vroom up-down-up-down.
9: Roller Coaster Spurt These vibrations are 2-3 Vroom and are similar to a deep pulsate.
10:Pulsate These pulsations are a low 2 Vroom.

At every setting, the vibrations transfer evenly throughout the entire shaft of the toy but are focused toward the top of the toy. The vibrations are more buzzy than rumbly when inserted, and the vibrations can be felt in your hand while in use. With 10 settings, there's something for a variety of users.

It requires 2 AA batteries that were not included. The batteries are inserted at the bottom of the toy under the suction cup.

It is completely waterproof and has a seal around the suction cup and I did not have any issues with it in the water.

The suction cup performed wonderfully. It is the best suction I have encountered thus far. It stayed in place on my bathtub while I bounced my 130-pound self up and down on it without slipping. When suctioned to the floor, the only issue I had was when rocking back and forth it tried to come off. As long as I'm bouncing up and down there are no issues.

At the highest settings, it can be vaguely heard through a closed door when not inserted.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is very easy to care for, and should be cleaned before and after each use. Due to its waterproof nature, you can easily wash this with soap and warm water. You can also use your favorite toy cleaner or toy wipes if you wish.

It is best to use water-based lubricants with the One Touch to ensure longevity of the toy. Store this in a cool dry place.


One Touch came in a sturdy cardboard box with the dildo visible through plastic at the front. This isn't a great box for gift giving and quite large for storage so I would recommend recycling accordingly. The back and sides give a little information about the dildo.


I tested One Touch in a variety of settings, but my favorite was turning the vibration on high, inserting, and applying a plug-in clitoral vibe at the same time. The combination gives me the best orgasms ever. I love the larger girth of One Touch, it is great for anyone wanting to experience fullness. I love this dildo and feel it is a good addition to anyone's toy box who enjoys girthier toys.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Great detailed review. Love the pics !
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Great detailed review. Love the pics !
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Great detailed review. Love the pics !
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