Snake of paradise - glass dildo by Topco Sales - review by Rockin'

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Paradise Found!

This glass dildo is great as a first glass toy or as an addition to your collection. The beautiful construction and appearance will impress you almost as much as its ability to deliver where it counts. This a sweet deal for a great, long-lasting toy.
Looks great, feels heavy and sturdy, and delivers tons of pleasure.
The thin bag provided for the toy does not provide adequate breakage protection.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
The Snake of Paradise is my first glass toy. While shopping, I was surprised by the low price for such a gorgeous glass dildo. When I previewed at it in the “View Actual Size” window, I’ll admit I wasn’t that impressed. My larger silicone dildo has a far more bulbous head and thicker shaft. I was worried that this dildo wouldn’t have what it takes to make me howl with pleasure.

I was so wrong.

When the Snake of Paradise arrived in the mail, I tore it out of the package, eager to hold this smooth, undulating creature in my hands for the first time. It was heavy, cold, and bumpy in a good way. I noticed tiny bubbles in the bumps, and admired its design. I figured if it didn’t please me, at least it would make me happy to look at it.

Upon first using the Snake, I discovered that glass dildos are an entirely different breed than those made of silicone. It didn’t need as much lube to feel slick on my skin. It felt pleasantly cool on the outside of my labia, and even colder as I eased it in for the first time. I tried sliding it further inside myself, as I would with my silicone dildo, and immediately discovered (not surprisingly!) that glass doesn’t bend. I brought myself to a decent, but not incredible, orgasm, and was a little sore afterward. If you’re worried about it being too big, use the smaller end until you feel comfortable inserting the head.

Subsequent uses were much easier, much more fun, and gave me hard, amazing orgasms. I used the unyielding material to my advantage, “stirring” the Snake around in myself and probing areas very directly and precisely that I could only nudge or bump with my more flexible toys. I could attain more angles than with flexible toys, while still feeling very pleasantly full. I especially enjoy rotating the toy while it’s in me – those curves and nubs stimulate many different parts of me at the same time! The glass toy got hot inside me, and felt great sliding around. I’ve had problems with toys “sticking” or rubbing uncomfortably on the outside of my lips when I play, so I loved that the Snake of Paradise felt smooth and slippery.

That brings me to my one criticism of this toy: It slips out of my hand a little too much to ignore. It’s not that big of a deal, but it was new to me, and it might be annoying to you. The orgasms this awesome toy gives me are well worth a little slipping here and there.

As far as partner use is concerned, if you and your partner haven’t used unyielding toys before, I recommend you proceed with caution. My guy, while well-meaning, jabbed me with the toy only a few times before I had to stop him and take over. I wasn’t so much in pain as I was surprised at just how hard the toy felt against my tender tissues. Since then, with some communication and practice, we have had some very good times with the Snake of Paradise. So, if it’s difficult at first, keep trying! It’ll be worth the effort!

The Snake of Paradise cleans up easily with soap and water. Be careful when washing it, as it gets a little more slippery than some other toys and might slip out of your hands more easily because of its weight. If you’re into temperature play, you can set the toy in warm or cool water before using it, but don’t put it in the freezer or the microwave. I only use water based lubes, but glass is also compatible with silicone and oil based lubes.

I needed a little time to get used to this toy, but people who have experience with rigid dildos shouldn’t have a problem with it. The nubs are an enjoyable texture addition to an already beautifully designed dildo. This toy feels like it means business, and in this instance, you should mix business with pleasure, because the Snake of Paradise has tons of pleasure to offer.
Follow-up commentary
08/21/09 - The Snake is still seeing a good bit of action these days. I love this toy even more than when I first got it, because now I can use it without worrying about hurting myself. Great g-spotting fun, and still wonderful overall for that firm full feeling.

The slipping issues (when the toy has lube on it) have decreased, which I should have expected. With more experience, I've gotten used to how to control the toy, even when it's slick. The Snake is still worth a solid five out of five.
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  • Sammi
    I think this is such a cute toy.

    Does this feel uncomfortable at all with the bends in it when you insert it or do you notice them much?
  • LikeSunshineDust
    This one has been on my wish list since Eden started carrying it.

    Do you get any g-spot stimulation from the head?
  • Carrie Ann
    I want this to keep on my desk. Right there, on my desk, like a knick knack!
  • Rockin'
    @Sammi - It felt uncomfortable at first, but now I love the bends and nubs. I certainly notice them and they are awesome.

    @LikeSunshineDust - Get it! It's great! Yes, I did get g-spot stimulation. Those nubs feel so good and you can turn it so the head pokes you however you want.

    @Carrie Ann - You can! Just make sure it doesn't fall off... Tongue out
  • PurpleReign
    The number of beautiful, affordable, and enticing borosilicate glass products is a real boon right now.

    Nice review!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Great review! This toy also caught my eye when it first arrived on the site. Are the curves extreme enough to be felt distinctly, or are they more subtle? My boyfriend needs a tutorial or two before he can use our glass toys on me, too.
  • TexasFire
    Your review has me wanting this toy! I think my partner would love it. She loves "stirring" and I think this snake would increase the sensations. Thanks!
  • Oggins
    I've been eyeing this one for awhile now. Your review has made me want it even more! I'm glad you decided to give glass a try. It's one of my favorite materials. It's non porous and sterilizable too! Smile
  • Rockin'
    @PurpleReign - Thanks! It's a great toy.

    @Miss Cinnamon - Thank you! After some additional research (woohoo), I can assure you that I distinctly feel the curves, so much that I have to kind of use trial-and-error to get the toy inside me unless I'm really excited (i.e. I don't curve the same way the toy does, so it feels better going in (and moving around) some ways than others. Yay, glad my guy isn't the only one who needed a lesson about that. ^_^

    @TexasFire - Awesome! Stirring is one of those things I didn't know I'd like until I happened to try it. I hope you and your partner have a great time with the Snake if you get it. Big smile

    @Oggins - It's great. Glass sounded a little intimidating, but I was usually most intimidated by the prices I'd seen elsewhere. This one totally fit my budget. Smile Thanks for your comment.
  • Mamastoys
    This one is on my wish list....moving up with this review...nice review...welcome
  • Rockin'
    @Mamastoys - Thanks! I've felt quite welcome here so far and am just trying to take it all in (ha! not intended Tongue out ).
  • Hotflashes & Wetdreams
    I have two slightly different versions of this toy, and both are great. You're right about the rigidity taking some getting used to! Try cooling it down in the refrigerator (not the freezer) or in ice water before playing -- the cold glass is surprising and fun -- and it will heat up very quickly once in use...
  • Hotflashes & Wetdreams
    P.S. -- great review title!
  • Rockin'
    @H&W - Thank you for your comments and the compliment on title. Smile The Snake is pretty chilly at first anyway because I usually pre-wash it in cool water. I don't know how I could enjoy it any colder than that...but maybe I'll give it a try sometime. *wink*
  • Ms.Medusa
    Earlier you said you really liked the twists a nubs. I really want to try a glass toy but have not really had a very good experience with silicon toys containing nubs.I feel like they press to hard against my pubic bone. Do you feel like the material being glass would somehow make insertion easier or harder? Should I just buy a smooth product?
  • Rockin'
    @Ms.Medusa - The Snake was my first experience with a nubbed toy. I could feel the nubs as I inserted the toy, but I definitely felt them more toward the opening of my vagina than I did toward the back of it. Glass is a wonderful material, but I did have a little more trouble inserting it than I do with my silicone toys because I wasn't used to glass yet. With a little practice, it is neither difficult nor painful to insert.

    I recommend you start with a smooth glass product if you're wary of all textures, including nubs. If you want one with a little texture but without the nubs of the Snake, check out the Crystal Pacifier or the Sparkle Scepter. If you'd like something nub-free but with more shape, maybe the Sapphire Waterfall would be a toy to consider. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. Smile
  • Trashley
    I'm not a fan of glass, but this toy is just so beautiful! Thanks for the review.
  • Ladygaga
    Nice review.
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Great review.
  • redhead1977
    it's beautiful! thanks for your review
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