Pretty pink double dong - double ended dildo by Doc Johnson - review by J. J. J. Haimer-Schmidt

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Pinky and the Dong

"Gee Dong, what are we going to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to have amazing sex." This "cartoony" looking toy is priced just right for our economy. It may not smell too pleasant, but with all the different ways you can use this double ended dildo it sure is a great toy. Invest in some scented condoms and you'll be all set to have amazing sex too.
Versatility, size and shape, price.
"Bubblegum skunk" smell, chemical taste.
Rating by reviewer:
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Like many other toys I have reviewed in the past, this double dong can be used by just about anyone. Whether you use it solo or with a partner this double header is super fun. The important thing to remember when using this toy with a partner is communicating and working together is the key. Also, whatever you do on your side your partner is going to feel. If you thrust harder they get it harder too. You can negate what your partner does to some extent by holding your end with your hand like a brake. If you are using lots of lubricant it might be slightly more difficult to use this braking technique. It is also a great solo toy because of the length it makes it very easy to use. You don't have to strain or do any crunches in order to get a good thrusting. Part of the fun of this toy is finding out what you like to do with it.

Material / Texture

The material used to make this toy is very similar to cyberskin with a little extra firmness. If you don't know already, toys made of this type of material really have a "skunky" strange odor to them due to the chemicals they use to soften them. In this toy's case the manufacturer tries to mask this odor with a bubblegum scent. I guess because anything pink has to smell like bubblegum. That's an international rule. So basically it smells like you have a bubblegum eating skunk in your bedroom, or where ever you keep this toy. However, it does not taste like bubblegum and I would not suggest putting it in your mouth without a condom on it anyway. All that being said the firmness added to the cyberskin feel is nice. Also, the veiny texture is very good. The veins are pronounced but also soft so you get the ribbed feeling without the ribs digging in. If that makes any sense to anybody but me?!

Design / Shape / Size

To me this is a somewhat funny (in a good way) looking toy because it kind of contradicts itself. First of all the veins and shape remind me of a comic book (graphic novel) dick. Kind of like the Incredible Hulk's muscles all veiny, huge, and completely unrealistic. At the same time the pink reminds me of the most "girlie" color that could ever be. Which is good because you get the best of both worlds but every time I see it I just picture She-Hulk designing it and saying, "Well can I just mold the Hulk's dick, but then make it a little more feminine?" Then again, I have some strange thoughts, so if you like pink and veiny dicks you'll like this toy.

Moving on, I think the size is great for anal or vaginal at 1.5" in diameter it's not too big, not too small. The toy is also about 12" long so with a partner you both get about 6 inches or a little less. Of course one person could always have more or less on their side. You do the math. Obviously it is not very discreet unless you happen to be a giant pink comic book character then people might not notice too much.


All joking about the smell and looks of this double header aside, it is really fun and works great for just about anything you want to do with it. I myself am a male and found it great for anal play. It is soft and flexible so it really goes with the curves of your body. I'm sure this is applicable for any females as well. When I used this toy with a female partner it was very fun, but some positions were somewhat difficult to master. The most difficult for us was laying on our backs which was disappointing because in this position you can see your partner and you are both in a comfortable co-submissive position. The problem we had with this position is getting a good thrust is difficult because you can't really push your hips forward unless you have really slick sheets or you use a slip n' slide. We found for us the easiest position was both of us on all fours and facing opposite directions. The downfall of that position is neither person can really see what's going on too well. It is still a very fun position and again you both get that submissive feeling from it. There are many other fun positions to try though it just depends on what you like.

Care and Maintenance

For the care and maintenance of this toy you are going to want to do the same thing you do with any cyberskin product. First of all, use condoms because it is a porous material. Then after you use it wash it with some anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Finally, I recommended putting some cornstarch on your hands and then rubbing the toy down. Some people do the shake n' bake method with the cornstarch but sometimes this will get too much cornstarch on there and it can clump up. So just rub a little on their with your hands. When I store it I put it back in the box it came in so it stays nice and straight and doesn't touch anything else. Cyberskin and material like it will degrade if it is touching certain other materials so make sure you keep them separated.
Follow-up commentary
Nothing has changed much about this toy for me. It is a pretty simple design and idea obviously. It does still smell slightly like a skunk chewing bubblegum but not as much as it used to. Still a great buy in my book.
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