Organix thin - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Stacey_Place

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Plays rough, but covered in oily stuff.

It is my opinion that this toy should be taken off the market. It needs to be redesigned, and cleaned prior to arriving to the consumer. This item is not worth the money and cannot be used without a condom for simple cleaning reasons. Not to mention solo play is extremely difficult due to the floppy base.
the color is a perfect shade of pink
nearly impossible to clean, arrived oily from the factory, design difficult to use for solo play
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Well as always the item arrived in record timing in an unmarked priority mail box! In fact it was so inconspicuous; I honestly thought it was something I purchased from an online auction for my kid, so when I got it I popped it into the top shelf of the closet to look into when he wasn't around. The next day I got the box from the auction and confused I went to investigate my package in the closet. Imagine my surprise and delight to receive this interesting bright pink jelly toy!

Now where to start? When I opened the blister package the first thing I noticed was that the Organix Thin dildo was coated in a thick oily substance. I figure it was some industrial lubricate to help it pop out of the molding since it is so intricately designed. So I headed to the bathroom to wash it up. As I washed it the potent scent of rubber hit me, as if the oil had held the scent in. I tried to move past the smell, which I personally do not find pleasant, and moved into checking out the toy fully.

I measured the toy and all measurements on the web site proved accurate. I always try to test my toys in a variety of ways, so first was my mouth. As soon as I slipped it in, I just didn't enjoy the rough texture. It has a thick girth but the tip is tapered so I didn't get a very pleasant oral stimulation from it. Then, a weird tingling kicked in on my lips. I removed the dildo and went to wash my mouth. I thought maybe I didn't wash it well enough, so I washed my lips well and washed the toy again with hot water and soap.

Back to the cool leather couch I perched myself for solo play. I noticed right away that this might be a difficult task. The base of the toy is floppy, very similar to your guy just after ejaculation. It is firm through the shaft, but the knob base is pretty floppy so getting intense friction with it is very difficult. I started by trying to stimulate my clit. I could not press firmly into my clit with the wobbly base so I had to hold it more flatly that provided a nice stimulation however I apparently did not get all the oil off because a burning sensation erupted immediately. I washed myself and finally eased the irritation. I scrubbed the toy again with dish liquid this time. I had to set the toy aside as the burning sensation on my lips and clit were a bit more than I could handle.

A couple days later I took a deep breath and attempted to insert the toy vaginally. The extreme texture made insertion difficult, i felt a very slight burning irritation, but I pushed through that and went and got the lubricant. After a liberal application I was able to use the toy however it was not what I would have preferred. Once again the floppy base and the spiky texture made it difficult for solo play. After pure frustration I gave up on this toy.

I needed to clean it so I popped it in the dishwasher. When finished, the entire dishwasher and all the plastics inside smelled like the stench of this toy. I do not suggest you dishwasher this toy unless it is alone. In addition, you should only use it on the top rack with no heat.

It took me a few more days to get up the nerve to try this toy again, but with the generous help of my husband, I finally got off with this floppy toy. However cleaning it became the job of death. I simply can not get it clean. Please imagine with me. A larger sized toy covered in asymmetrical mountains and valleys of spikes nubs and divots. Now imagine all the crevices filling with the fluids of passion. Should I continue? Let's just say even with soaking for a day and scrubbing with a toothbrush, there is still white dried fluid in the deepest nooks and crevices that I cannot reach without a toothpick and a few hours of tedious work. This gives another level of impracticality to this toy.
This is by far my least favorite toy I have ever attempted to use. They had a good idea; however this toy is impractical to clean, not angled or sturdy enough for solo play, and has a strong scent that screams toxic. Not to mention the oily irritant that seems to be packed standard with. The color of the toy is the only plus it has that I can find. The color is a beautiful shade of pink that I absolutely love! However I would not suggest this item to be purchased based on the color alone. the only way I would suggest anyone to use this toy is covered with a condom.
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  • Victoria
    I'm sorry to hear that you had a terrible experience - it sounds like this toy isn't very well made or packaged. I will mention it to our Product Manager. Thank you for being honest. It is a positive reflection on you as a reviewer that you tried this toy numerous times and were very thorough in your description of all its attributes. I appreciate the time you put into sharing this information.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Oh no. This sounds awful. Thanks for the honest review.
  • Tuesday
    Wow. I had thought that the rough looking surface of this toy would feel good. It sounds like its just very poorly designed.
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I do not think it is recommended to wash jelly in the dishwasher ever. It can melt and absorb stuff, especially oil from food. All jelly toys should be used with a condom every time to keep it from absorbing bacteria and to prevent phthalates from entering your body. Other wise, good review.
  • Stacey_Place
    Hi Cinnamon! Your right and I agree totally. It was a last resort on cleaning this toy as the industrial oils was such that I could NOT wash them off. each time I washed and played I would end up burning as if I had spread a handful of icy hot on my girly parts. The dishwasher finally got it clean, but it definately did not remove the smell! as for the condom thing. Honest to goodness, who wants to have to buy condoms for their toys? they really shouldn't make toys that cannot be used without. condoms are expensive, and I am an old married girl. I haven't owned condoms for 12 years! I'm 31 years old, but your absolutely right! like I said, if you were to use the dishwasher, it should be top rack, no heat and totally alone in the machine. but you may need that harsh dishwasher type cleaning chemicals to get this toy clean.
  • jedent
    Good for you for not grinding this thing up in the garbage disposal or something, I cant say I wouldn't have. Thanks for the heads up on this way questionable and scary toy.
  • lexical
    Yuck! I find this toy kind of disturbing to begin with...I also find it amusing that this is listed under "Traditional dildos"...This toy is anything but traditional, lol!
  • Mommy2
    Great review
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