Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" g-spot dildo - sex toy by Pipedream - review by ScottA

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Quite the stiffie

The Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" G-spot dildo is a toy that could be promising, but unfortunately some design decisions cause problems. The 7" G-spot starts with the tested G-spot configuration, made of a stiff silicone, but with a hollow shaft and a hole near the base. The suction cup sticks well to non-porous surfaces, but is glued in, and the extremely stiff silicone can be uncomfortable during use for some people.
Silicone, suction cup, strong G-spot or prostate stimulation. Bulgy design nice.
Hollow, hole near base. Very stiff silicone. Suction cup glued on.
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The Fetish Fantasy Elite 7-inch G-spot dildo offers a full 7" of insertable silicone dildo, with the classic G-spot hook at the tip. Made from a very stiff silicone, the 7" G-spot is good for strong stimulation of the G-spot or prostate, but because it's so stiff a slow "wand-type" method is probably going to be more comfortable and satisfactory than a thrusting movement. The stiff base is strong enough to prevent full insertion, allowing safe use anally. Because of the G-spot hook and stiff material this is best used for G-spot or prostate stimulation rather than as a general-purpose dildo.

It comes with a suction cup so you can stick it to a nonporous surface for handsfree thrusting or gyrating, and the base is stiff enough to work with a harness should you want to try it that way.

Material / Texture

The 7-inch G-spot dildo is made from pink 100% silicone, as is the accompanying mask. The silicone is finished in a matte texture, and has two bumps (one at the tip and one at the base) as well as a few rounded angular edges. There was no perceivable mold ridge on the dildo.

The silicone is odorless and without any noticeable taste, and is extremely stiff. The hollow core allowed the dildo to be pressed slightly, but it did not feel at all squishy during use. The stiff silicone allows for strong pressure to be placed on the G-spot or prostate, and because of the protruding "nose" this dildo is definitely suited for more advanced users whether they choose to use it anally or vaginally.
    • Harness compatible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Fetish Factory 7-inch G-spot dildo is based on the time-tested G-spot design, with a "nose" at the top that protrudes forward for G-spot stimulation. In the case of the 7" G-spot, the nose projects 1-3/8 inches from the body of the dildo, enabling strong G-spot or prostate stimulation if desired. The 7-inch G-spot dildo is a big dildo, with a full seven inches of insertable length and a diameter of up to 1-3/4 of an inch. The dildo gets big fast, with the first bulge measuring 1-1/2 inches across coming up a half inch down from the tip. From there the diameter shrinks between an eighth and a quarter of an inch at the curved neck, before increasing back to the inch and a half of the tip. Near the base there's another bulge, adding another quarter inch of diameter to provide the toy's maximum size of 1-3/4 inches of diameter. The bulge does give the toy a "pregnant" look, but adds a bit of stretch and stimulation during deep thrusts.

The base of the toy is narrow, but has a plastic stiffening ring that, combined with the stiff silicone, makes the base strong enough to be grabbed or used in a harness. The base also functions as a suction cup. To test the suction cup I attached the dildo (dry) to a vertical porcelain-enamel surface and measured the time it took for the dildo to fall off. The dildo held for a bit over 24 minutes under test, long enough for some fun as long as you don't press it too hard from side to side.

The 7" G-spot dildo has unusual design and construction. Pipedream makes a version that vibrates, and the vibrator is located at the tip of the dildo Because the same molds are shared with a vibrating and non vibrating model, both dildos have a hollow core (about 1/2" in diameter) that has a foam material similar to pipe insulation put inside. There is also a hole in the groove just above the base where the vibrator power wires would be, but in the non-vibrating model it is just open. In order to allow the vibrator to be inserted, the suction cup is a separate piece that is glued into place.


The Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" G-spot dildo was designed to stimulate the G-spot or prostate, and it definitely delivers. The stiff silicone material enable you to put almost as much pressure on the G-spot or prostate as is comfortable, and the slight flex of the material reduces the risk of bruising. The rapid flare of the head makes insertion a bit more difficult anally, indeed it is a good idea to spend some time warming up with another toy or two before trying the 7" G-spot dildo. The base provided secure enough support for use in a harness, and also provided a easy to grab handle, and the bulge near the base allowed the user to see which side the dildo was pointed at. Note that if you're the sole user there will be no question which side the dildo is pointed towards, because the tip is very noticeable during use. The bulge also added a pleasant additional bit of stimulation as it passed through my anus.

The suction cup held pretty well during my tests, though I tended not to ride the 7" G-spot very roughly or for very long. After a few tests I noticed the glued edges were starting to come a bit loose, but those might have been that way earlier.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" G-spot dildo is made from silicone, care is relatively easy and straightforward. After use I washed the dildo off with soap and water, but you can use the enclosed toy cleaner. Should you want to sanitize the dildo you can do it with a spray bottle and 10% bleach solution.

Care for the 7" G-spot dildo is not as simple as it is with my other silicone dildos because of Pipedream's design decisions. The manufacturing process leaves a groove near the base that may require a brush to clean, and the combination of a hollow center and a small hole in the groove allows for material to get inside the dildo during use or cleaning. Because of this I cannot recommend washing it in the dishwasher or boiling it to sanitize, and I also strongly recommend care during use to prevent body fluids from entering the dildo.

Storage is relatively straightforward. Because the surface is silicone the 7" G-spot dildo is inert and does not need special protection, though you should keep it away from jelly or other toys that may melt. While the stiff silicone will resist deformation, you probably don't want to put it in a location where it is crimped or smashed, as the hollow core does weaken the dildo somewhat.

The 100% silicone used in the 7" G-spot dildo is compatible with all water and oil-based lubes. Since it is silicone you do need to be careful about using silicone lubes with it, as they may bond with the toy and form a gummy surface.

This toy is not discreet. While not realistic, the pink silicone is quite visible and is definitely a sex toy color.


The Fetish Fantasy Elite 7-inch G-spot dildo comes in a cardboard box that has pictures of the toy and a mock-lizard leather embossed finish on some sides. Included are some extras: a pink silicone mask and sample size bottles of toy cleaner and lubricant. All of the items are in sealed plastic bags inside the box, though the box itself is not sealed. There aren't any pictures on the packaging that could be considered pornographic. The box is good enough to be used as a gift box, but probably would not last long for storage.

Instructions are not included.

Personal comments

At first, I was excited about the Fetish Factory Elite series because they were made of silicone and had some different, non-realistic designs in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately my excitement didn't last as long as I'd hoped. Shortly after taking it out of the package I noticed that it seemed to be hollow, and also noticed the glued-on suction cup and the hole near the base, both of which bring up questions about how long the toy will last during use. The stiff material also surprised me, as it was much stiffer than other silicones I had used.

The stiff silicone also caused some changes with use. Thrusting often became uncomfortable because there was too much pressure against my prostate and the tip often caught on folds of my rectum. Because of this I didn't use the suction cup feature much, nor did I ever try this as a strap-on. Instead, I tended to use it more as a probe, similar to how you would use the Pure Wand or Bent Graduate.

The enclosed mask is one-size-fits-most, with adjustment being mainly in the stretch of the material. It does press against your eyes during use, so if you dislike pressure on your eyes you'll probably not like the mask. It is silicone and easy to keep clean, and stays on well.

I didn't use the enclosed lube or toy cleaner. The lube was a bit too thin for anal use and contains both glycerin and parabens. The toy cleaner is antibacterial, and contains diazolidinyl urea, a formaldehyde releasing compound. Because I am sensitive to chemicals I didn't want to risk it. Neither of them smelled much. The lube did feel a bit sticky on my skin when it dried.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    If you want to see how it's put together there's a "dissection" video coming up soon.
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