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Dai-Do #3

Steel dildo by Big Teaze Toys

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Red decadence

Dai-Do #3 is big and beautiful. No doubt. If you're looking for a luxurious, large toy with a quite a bit of amount of textural sensation that feels like no other, this may just be the toy for you. It may take awhile to bring it to the right temperature before use however.
beautiful, well designed
texture and size may be too much for some users
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Dai-Do #3 is gorgeous and luxurious. No doubt about it. But be sure you want large, mountainous ridges before you choose this toy. This big, heavy boy may be just the ticket for those looking for a large luxury toy with deep texture.

This toy is also a good choice for those looking for a larger toy for temperature play. It starts out cold, but will warm up quickly.

Material / Texture

Number 3 is made mostly of anodized aluminum. It has a silicone strip on the non-ridged end to give you something to hold onto as you use it. It also has stainless steel trim, including a label on top of the silicone grip.

The ridges are deep, but the surface of Number 3 is quite slick and smooth. The silicone strip is the only part that isn't luxuriously smooth.

Design / Shape / Size

The packaging states that the color of this toy is 'Red Devotion.' When I first read it I thought it said 'Red Decadence.' I like the mis-read name better.

Number 3 is a whopping 1.6 pounds. Its so heavy. It has three prominent, deep ridges surrounded by a ball-like end on one side and a cylindrical handle on the other. Wrapped around the handle is a black silicone band to provide something to grip. On top of this is a metal tag advertising the manufacturer. At the very tip of the handle end the name of the product is etched. You will never forget this toy's name.

The surface is beautiful and very shiny.

It comes with a storage pouch made from two layers of satin with a drawstring closure. Its not padded, but the double layers of satin will keep it from being scratched by nearby toys. While Big Tease uses the same pouch for multiple toys in this line, Number 3 is the one that fits inside it perfectly.


This is quite the big boy. I wasn't entirely sure I could handle it. But it slips in more easily than I expected.

But it feels strange rather than wonderful. If you thrust normally, it makes an odd noise on the outward thrust. Keep thrusting like this and it sounds a bit like the regular clacking noise a train wheels make as they move along tracks.

Thrusting with tiny movements feels better and avoids the squishy train wheel noise. But still its not quite enough for me most of the time. I've only had a couple of successes with it.

Rascal has the same 5 1/2 inch circumference and is quite firm, but Rascal feels incredible. So Dai-Do #3's metallic beauty and large ridges are not an improvement over Rascal's tiny waves, at least for me.

When you first insert it, Number 3 will feel very cold unless you have pre-warmed it. To do this, run warm water over if for a few minutes. You'll need to test its temperature every few seconds because it warms up incredibly quickly. Allow something to distract you for 30 seconds and it may well be scorching hot.

If you like cold toys, this one can meet that need out of the box. Just be careful as you warm it up or you could have to cool it down before use. Bringing it to the right temperature for use can be a bit of a hassle with this toy.

Care and Maintenance

Number 3 is made from non-porous, easy care materials. Simply wash and towel dry after use. Then store it in the included pouch.

Any lube is safe to use with Number 3 but be careful not to allow silicone lube to touch the silicone grip section. Its safest to use a water based lubricant, although I haven't had trouble keeping lube off the silicone band.


Dai-Do #3 arrived in a glossy box with beautiful photography of the toy on the outside, along with product descriptions. Plastic wrap around this box was securely taped in place. Under the plastic wrap was thin white cardboard surrounding all sides of the box except the ends.

Inside the box is a black velvety formed structure holding the plastic-wrapped toy in place. Under this is the storage pouch.

Personal comments

I expected Dai-Do #3 to be even better than Dai-Do #4, but that hasn't turned out to be the case. The extra size didn't translate into better sensation. At least for me, narrow closely-spaced ridges work much better than larger, wider ridges.

So this one has all the temperature control issues of Dai-Do #4, without as much sensation.

This may be a young woman's toy. I say that because I felt very aware of how close my vagina was to my pubic bones when I used this toy. During menopause, tissues thin. I suspect that this has happened to me. Number 3 probably feels better for younger women, although I never used a toy like this as a young woman so I can't say for sure that it wouldn't have felt the same years ago.

I wouldn't say that it feels too big for me. Rather it may just be too heavily textured and hard for a toy this size, at least for me. I've had a slight sense from other toys about the closeness of my vagina to pubic bones. No toy gives me that sensation more than this one.
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  • Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
    Do you still prefer the Rascal over this one? This one is GORGEOUS in looks anyway.
  • Tuesday
    TexasMama, I totally prefer Rascal over this. Rascal is awesome and this one feels too big. The wide ridges don't feel as good as Rascal's small ridges.
  • Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
    Thanks. I've never used steel or glass and am hesitant to do so - but I love ridged and bumpy items and I loved the red in this. Your reviews (especially the video ones) are my favorites and whenever I see a video review is by you I sorta give off a little squee of happiness.
  • Tuesday
    TexasMama, You are so kind! Thank you.
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