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Size Matters

This is a good toy for people looking to expand their horizons and experiment with larger penetrations. The texture is second only to glass, and those that find they can take the girth will discover the pleasures in being a size queen. If it had more functionality, either vibration or a suction base, it might be more fun, but if you don't mind doing all the work, this toy can fulfill a lot of size fantasies.
Smooth, wide, firm, weight and girth provide a great "full" feeling.
May be too big for some.
Rating by reviewer:
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This is the kind of toy that requires your full attention. For some, it really might be too big, but if you are a size queen (or king), you are in for a real treat.

The first thing you need to consider before purchasing it are your own limitations. One reviewer here already couldn't actually use it. Luckily, my girlfriend is one of those size queens. Our best experience with the toy so far started with a relaxing massage. Any woman can tell you, length doesn't matter as much as girth, and the toy is wide. We used a silicone based lube, I.D. Glide, to get her warmed up. If you've never had something this big, you should really take your time and work up to it. If size is your thing, go for it. One of the nicer aspects of this toy is its smooth design, so once you get it in, that's it. Now, my partner likes it big, but she's a little shallow, so we tried to keep our thrusts angled toward her G-Spot. That, and the fact that the toy can't help but rub there anyway, had her squirting in no time. The best positions we found were her on her side, or on her knees.

Though we didn't experiment with anal play (she's working up to it), we both imagine that the same positions will probably be best. The ring at the base makes it seem ideal for that. The ring also makes for a good grip, so even if you go crazy with the lubricant, you can still get a grip on this toy. My girlfriend said it was also good for her solo because the smoothness of the toy, despite the size, allowed her to still slide a second toy in her ass while masturbating in the morning. Finally, for those couples who are expecting, this toy is a good tool to use for stretching and perineal massage. You can really avoid tearing if your body is already used to stretching.

Material / Texture

The outside of this toy is basically a really smooth vinyl, but it feels like glass from the inside. It doesn't have the heat/cold retention properties of glass, but the smoothness is certainly on par. It is also very firm and the weight might surprise you. The material used to fill the outer vinyl doesn't have a lot of bend or give to it, making it even more glass-like. Given the size, the firmness may be a turn-off for some, but if you have been looking to try a larger toy, the lack of ridges and veins may make this the best starting point in accomplishing your large penetration fantasies.

Design / Shape / Size

Like the title of this review says, size does matter. Anyone who has worked their way up to larger penetrations can tell you that the width matters more than the length. Toy makers typically make a large range of lengths available, but the width of most toys is under two inches. The Moulin Rouge has a width over two inches, and Doc Johnson labels it as a "novelty" item.

The plain design here is a benefit to the toy's utility as there is nothing to snag skin on, and if a generous amount of lubricant is used, the toy should slide in and out of any orifice that has been stretched to receive it with ease. That said, I know plenty of women who couldn't, or wouldn't want to, use this toy. If this is your first "big" toy, the size can be intimidating; almost comical. My girlfriend is a petite woman, and this toy is about the size and width of her forearm. The last thing you want to do is scare your partners, especially when you want them as relaxed as possible to attempt a toy this big. On the other hand, if you're one of those that likes to see how many fingers you can use at once, this toy is a great next step. For a large dildo, the Moulin Rouge is great, and the only suggestion we'd have for the designers is to consider making one with a bullet vibe inside.


The combination of girth and weight provide a really full feeling, and the smooth texture provides less resistance at insertion. That said, the toy does require your full attention. The lack of suction cup or vibration means that this toy completely depends on the user. My partner, for example, wished she could suction cup it to the bathtub so she could go down on me at the same time in the shower. Still, if you have the stamina to penetrate yourself or a partner with the Moulin Rouge for a few orgasms, you'll be fine. Though not sold as a g-spot stimulator, the girth of this toy means you can't help but stimulate it, so if you've got a squirter on your hands, be ready for it.

Care and Maintenance

This toy was insanely easy to clean. A little antibacterial soap and warm water, and it was clean, dried, and put away in no time. We used both silicone and water-based lubes with this toy without issue. Because of the material, Thermo-Plastic Rubber, it won't break down with a silicone lubricant, and you can really get the most out of this toy with a higher quality lube. This also means it is an exceptionally sturdy toy. It has the smoothness of glass, but when we were done with the toy, we weren't worried that it would fall off the bed and crack or chip hitting the floor. Finally, unlike a lot of other materials, this hasn't picked up lint or dust over time. We left it sitting in her panty drawer for a few days, and it was still clean and ready to use right when we wanted it.


Overall, this is a good toy, but not great. The smooth texture was a plus, especially with the price of glass toys, but for some, the size is going to be a deal breaker. Personally, we loved it, and had a lot of fun mounting the challenge. This is a toy that is going to get a lot of use for a while. We have used a secondary toy in her ass or on her clit as great additions, but that only illustrates how much better this toy could be.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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